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October 2019

CMS Career Counsellors at IC3 Conference in Mumbai

CMS Team at the IC3 Conference 2019 in Mumbai

Ten CMS Career Counsellors and 2 CMS Principals went to attend the IC3 Conference (International Career & College Counselling Conference) held on 28-29 August 2019 in Mumbai. The annual IC3 conference brings together higher education representatives with school career Counsellors for a collaborative dialogue on issues that drive sustainable and inclusive college counseling practices focused on student success. Equipped with this very enriching experience (where they interacted with world class universities), our in-house CMS Career Counsellors can guide students even better for college, subject and career choices.

CMS Career Counsellors at IC3 Conference in Mumbai

CMS Delegation at IYAP Workshop

A two-day workshop of International Award for Young People (IAYP) was organised for the CMS campus IAYP coordinators. The workshop was conducted by Mr Bivujit Mukhoty, Programme Manager, NAA Member - National Training Panel, IAYP and Ms Pallavi Gill, Programme Officer, IAYP. During the workshop coordinators were briefed about the philosophy of the award and the activities that the students have to compete for the award such as Community Service, Adventurous journey, Physical Recreation and Skills. The CMS IAYP coordinators also actively took part in various activities that were conducted during the workshop.

The programme is an exciting self-development programme equipping students with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world. The Award is a life changing experience that enables students to gain recognition for extra/co-curricular activities; improve their personal development by learning new skills such as time management, team work and problem solving; build their confidence by trying something new; make a positive impact on their community through volunteering and undertake activities that support applications for college, university or employment.

‘Power of Pen’ Contest organized by CMS Editorial Department, Primary (Classes III-V)

CMS Editorial Department organizes Creative Writing Competitions for different age groups every year. Our aim is to encourage each child to think and write in a creative way. Following are some of the best entries from Classes III to V. Marks are given for genuine expression, flow of ideas, imagination and writing ability.

A day when my mom got angry

Mothers are the most gentle and generous creations of God and my mother is the best example of this. She is the sweetest mother on this planet. Always polite, loving, caring, forgiving and filled with kindness. Not only for me but for everyone. I have never seen my mother angry.

It was a Sunday and my mother was busy in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal for us. My brother and I were playing and my father was out to meet a friend. I don't know what came over me but I went into my mother's room and started going through her stuff. I found an old photograph. I thought it was very old and that it would be of no use to anyone. I took my mother's lipstick and painted the lips of the woman in the picture. She looked so funny.

I was laughing when my mother came in. I still remember her shocked face when she saw what I had done. I thought she would strike me but she just took that picture and said that it was the only picture she had left of her mother. I felt really bad after hearing this and when I saw tears in her eyes, I felt so ashamed. I just took her hands in mine and started pleading for forgiveness. She said nothing, did not even scold me but she did not talk to me the whole day.

In the evening I made a 'sorry card' for her and father got the picture restored. I gave the card to my mother and said sorry. She hugged me and we both started crying and then laughing. I love my mother very much.

Aseel, IV G, Chowk Campus

When my mom gets angry...

Who doesn't like a smiling face and a loving gesture especially from the person nearest to our heart. But what if expressions take a U-turn?

My mother rarely gets angry and when she is angry then there is a sort of curfew in our house, with everybody trying to cool her and make her happy by doing things that please her. The dose of anger creates a military rule in the house which becomes fully disciplined and all our demands are under control.

After finishing the revision of lessons several times, I try to be near my mother helping her in the kitchen and read her changing facial expressions. I also make a card and funny faces to see her smile, and when I don’t get a positive response, I start humming those beautiful and magical lines which she quotes when we are angry or sad 'celebrate life, no one today wants to be serious. I have not seen a serious tree, a serious bird or a serious sunrise. It seems they are all laughing and dancing in their own ways'. Though she tries to resist, her smile gives her away and she finally bursts into laughter making our nest full of life and joy.

Bringing my mother back from the anger mode is a difficult task, so, we all try to make our home an anger-free zone by cordially following values like tolerance, acceptability, sharing etc. inculcated in childhood by mother herself.

Maahi Bhargava, III D, Gomti Nagar Campus I

When I fell off my bicycle

My face lit up as I cycled excitedly around the Janeshwar Mishra Park. It was refreshing after the rain. The air was cool and the breeze was most welcoming. Reaching the park, I could hear joyous chirping of the birds. I immediately then cycled into the park and down the rather steep slope.

I beamed from ear to ear as I made my way downhill. It was very reminiscent of a ski ride. The park was crowded that Saturday afternoon people were enjoying, strolling with their pet dogs. A lively chatter from a family enjoying quality time together, and having a picnic at the park, rang in the air. Without warning, I lost control of my bicycle speeding down the slope. A sickening thought flashed through my mind and I fell off my bicycle and landed on the hard stone path. Many people rushed to pick me up. My knees were badly bruised but no broken bones. My cycle was still as good as new. I will be more careful next time.

Abeda Maryam, V C, Chowk Campus

When I fell off my bicycle

It was my eighth birthday. I was very excited for it to come. I was counting months, then weeks, then days for my birthday to come. The reason for this was my long awaited birthday present which my dad had promised to me. It was a 'Hercules Bicycle' which I had been dreaming about.

The day arrived and I was all excited and joyful, I got ready and waited for my dad's command to go with him to buy the 'Black Beauty' (my bicycle). At the shop, Dad compared many bicycles and purchased the 'Black Hercules' for me. We brought it in the car. My joy knew no bounds. Oh! How could I forget that moment. Then came the time for a test ride. Immediately, I planned to take my bicycle to an open field near my house. My dad accompanied me. He helped me climb upon it and guided me how to apply the brakes for stopping it. In my excitement, I missed that part of his instruction and tried to ride it by pedalling very fast. The bicycle got out of my control and I bumped into a nearby tree and fell down. I saw my father rushing towards me, then I don't remember what happened next, for I had lost my consciousness. I regained my senses when I was at home in bed and surrounded by my family members who had come for my birthday.

I tried to get up but could not as I had a few injuries on my knees and hands. I saw my father sitting by my side, smiling at me and saying “Don't be scared of failure. Learn from them and try again. But always keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race."

Nirvighn, IV B, Aliganj Campus I

When my mom is angry...

Parents are the most precious gems gifted by God to us. It is said that Heaven resides beneath the feet of mother, but when my mother gets angry, this Heaven becomes like Hell for me.

When my mom is angry, she is in her most disastrous form. I remember once when my mother was angry on me. I can never forget that day as it was my one of the worst days. My mother does a lot of hard work so that I can achieve good marks but once, inspite of my mother's support and labour, I was not able to satisfy my mother, To my horror, I was on the last position in my class. My mother treated me like an angry ball of fire and she was right, as it was due to my carelessness that I was at the bottom. That day, I got a good amount of punishment and scolding. I too was ashamed of my result. I remember that my mother didn't talk to me for at least four days. Though my mother still gave me food, my tiffin and all the daily usage things but she didn't give me any response. She simply ignored me and the worst thing was that she refused to teach me my lessons. Those four days were very hard for me. I couldn't bear my mother's silent anger for so long but after, I had realized my mistake, I gathered a lot of courage to say sorry to my mother as I was not able to face my mother because of shame. My eyes were full of tears. My mother took me in her arms and hugged me. Her eyes were also filled with tears and she forgave me.

On that day, I promised my mother that I would study hard and shine like a bright student in my class. Those four days were enough to give me a sound lesson and now I try to prevent myself from doing anything which would make my mom angry as I don't want to see the deadliest form of my mother ever again in my life.

Abu Huraira, V A, Rajendra Nagar Campus II

Result of Power of Pen 2018-19 Primary (Classes III to V)

1st: 1. Aseel, IV G - Chowk Campus, 2. Maahi Bhargava, III D - Gomti Nagar Campus I
2nd: 1. Abeda Maryam, V C - Chowk Campus, 2. Nirvighn, IV B - Aliganj Campus I, 3. Abu Huraira, V A - Rajendra Nagar Campus II
3rd: 1. Gargie Srivastava, IV M - Kanpur Road Campus, 2. Maham Afzal, III C - Chowk Campus, 3. Vageesha,V C - Aliganj Campus II
Consolation : Jenya Jindal - III B - Gomti Nagar I; Sakshi Agarwal, V C, Indira Nagar; Arnav Mishra, IV C, Aliganj I; Abhijeet Parwan, IV, Chowk; Shrestha Saraswat, V E, Chowk; Mahim Zehra, V E, Chowk; Falak Zehra, III B, Gomti Nagar I; Aditi V. Thaldiyal, V C, Gomti Nagar I; Shubhechcha, IV I, Gomti Nagar I; Svanik Kashyap, V A, Gomti Nagar I
Special Mention: Saloni Singh, III A, Anand Nagar; Aahna Mainga, II B, Anand Nagar; Anshika Gautam, III A, Anand Nagar; Gaurvi Satish, III B, Anand Nagar; Hambaz Hassan, IV E, Gomti Nagar I; Saima Singh, IV E, Kanpur Road; Swastik Saini, IV D, Chowk; Mohd. Ali Khan, III, Chowk; Mohd. Arham Khan, V G, Chowk; Shivi Tandon, V A9, Mahanagar; Itish Yash, IV A2, Mahanagar; Arush Pandey, IV A3, Mahanagar; Aliza Siddiqui, V J, Aliganj I; Amritanjali, V C, Gomti Nagar II; Veer Prataap Singh, V C, Gomti Nagar II; Anshumaan Upadhyay, IV E, Gomti Nagar II; Farha Zehra, III A5, Rajajipuram; Riya Yadav, IV A, Rajajipuram I; Manya Gautam, IV A6, Rajajipuram I; Parth Agarwal, V C, Aliganj II; Shubhang Saxena, V B, Aliganj II; Mohd. Sadan Khan, V, Indira Nagar; Manya Sahai, V A, Asharfabad; Akshara Saxena, V B, Asharfabad; Vedansh Arya, III A, Asharfabad; Sukaina Fatima, III A, Asharfabad; Pronita Gupta, V C, Indira Nagar; Akshat Verma, V A, Rajendra Nagar II; Zaara Aarif, IV A, Rajendra Nagar II