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October 2019

International Media Conference on “Curbing Gender-based Violence”

Rishi Khanna
Organizing Secretary

Whether it is domestic violence, dowry related issue, deprivation of girls in education or discrimination in the job market, the fairer sex has always been on the receiving end of violence. Realizing the depth and gravity of the issue, CMS took it upon itself to create an awareness in society and on 15 September, the CMS World Unity Education Department and CMS Media Department convened a one day International Media Conference at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium in which top bureau chiefs and Heads of renowned media houses, senior journalists, social workers and educationists participated and put forth their views on the burning topic of the day, “Curbing Gender based violence.” Chief Guest Mrs Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Member of Parliament, not only inaugurated the conference, she lit a lamp in every heart by vociferously speaking for the women in India and the urgent need to change the mindset of society by including women in all spheres of activity, urging the women to realize their potential as individuals apart from their traditional role as mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. CMS President, Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon welcomed the dignitaries and said that depriving girls of education and employment is also a kind of violence. The mission of CMS is to provide academic excellence along with imparting knowledge of social issues like women empowerment. We must be concrete and specific in raising the standard of girls’ education all over the country. Some of the top journalists and editors who addressed the conference included Mr Prabhu Chawla, Editorial Director, New Indian Express, New Delhi; Mr Rahul Mahajan, Editor-in-Chief, Rajya Sabha TV, New Delhi; Mr Ajit Anjum, Senior Journalist, New Delhi; Mr Brajesh Mishra, Editor-in-Chief, Bharat Samachar, Lucknow. CMS Founder-Director, Dr Bharti Gandhi made a concluding statement, that women had immense potential or “Shakti” and just as a woman binds the family together, it is their combined positive energy which can bring about World Unity and World Peace. They must be protected and empowered and their rights preserved for the benefit of all humanity.

Anirudh Singh

Chief Guest, Mrs Rita Bahuguna Joshi, M.P., arrives at the Conference
Cultural Item to show the plight of women in society
Acid attack victims and social workers at the conference

Mr Prabhu Chawala
Editorial Director, NIE, New Delhi
Mr Ajit Anjum
Senior Journalist, New Delhi
Mr Rahul Mahajan
Editor-in-Chief, Rajya Sabha TV, New Delhi
Mr Rana Yashwant
Senior Journalist, New Delhi
Mr Rahul Dev
Senior Journalist, New Delhi
Ms Kshipra Mathur
Senior Journalist, Rajasthan

Ms Neha Dixit
Independent Journalist and Women’s Rights Activist, New Delhi
Ms Naish Hasan
Women’s Rights Activist, Lucknow
Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon
President, CMS, Lucknow
Mr Ratan Chandra Gupta
General Sectreary, CMS, Lucknow

Nine CMS students selected for NTS Scholarship

Aditya Madhukar
Gomti Nagar Extn.
Amandeep Upadhyay
LDA Kanpur Road
Amogh Pawar
Gomti Nagar I
Arya Vardhan Singh
Gomti Nagar I
Divyansh Verma
Aliganj I
Ravija Chandel
Gomti Nagar I

Shashwat Verma
Gomti Nagar Extn.
Shubhanshi Tyagi
Gomti Nagar I
Vansh Sinha
Gomti Nagar I

Nine CMS students have been selected for the prestigious National Talent Search (NTS) Scholarship of Government of India. Now these students will be getting scholarship upto research level studies. National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship programme in India to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent. It is one of the most prestigious exams in India in which thousands of students participate every year from across the country. The selected students are Amogh Pawar, Arya Vardhan Singh, Ravija Chandel, Shubhanshi Tyagi, Vansh Sinha, Aditya Madhukar, Shashwat Verma, Amandeep Upadhyay and Divyansh Verma.

IPR Awareness Session at CMS

CIPAM initiated a collaboration with CMS for organizing Intellectual Property Rights awareness sessions, Rights awareness sessions for Classes XI and XII (Commerce) across 10 CMS Campuses. The aim of the programme was to sensitize the students about IPRs, equip them with requisite knowledge on Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Designs as well as initiate a dialogue among them about the same. The first session of this awareness programme took place on 27-28 August while the second session took place on 1-13 September 2019. Nearly 1100 students were reached through the sessions. The speakers for the sessions were Ms Simran Sachdeva, Assistant Manager, CIPAM and Ms Deeksha Arora, Management Trainee, CIPAM.

Fitzroy Reading programe in CMS

During the past few years, a variety of teaching tools have been introduced in CMS to make the teaching-learning process more effective. Fitzroy Reading Programme is one such program introduced in the pre primary section of CMS in the year 2016 for early building reading confidence in students.

The Fitzroy Readers and support material use the phonic approach to literacy. It is a complete program that includes fully integrated books, work books, computer software, audio materials and educational games. Each book builds on words that a child already knows. It does this by including a familiar word list, and the special words a child may need to know at the beginning of each lesson. Each text has clear, easy to read print and well-illustrated pictures to match.

The parents have applauded the positive impact of the Fitzroy program on their children’s reading and comprehension, which they feel has improved greatly. In the words of one of the mothers, “My daughter who is now in grade 1 had been struggling with learning to read. It is so nice for her to have something to read that she can comprehend and work through without being overwhelmed and giving up or guessing everything. ” Overall the parents are of the view that the logical and step-by-step phonics create confidence and mastery, while the stories are engaging and interesting.

The teachers believe that the Fitzroy program has proved greatly beneficial for students as well as for them. When it was first introduced, some teachers felt that it was complicated but once implemented they found it easy to follow as the program was logical in its approach. The lessons were student friendly and easy to deliver. To quote one of the teachers, “Fitzroy Readers has been a great encouragement that has allowed us to be successful in the area of reading. The combination of story, comprehension, spelling, grammar and vocabulary makes Fitzroy Readers one of the best all round literacy tools available. The Fitzroy Reading Program allows students to work at their own pace.”

The result of the program is that most students gained a greater love for reading which ultimately will extend well beyond their formative years. Looking at the success of this program in pre primary classes, it was introduced and successfully implemented in classes 1 and 2 in the year 2017. The teachers are provided regular Fitzroy training to keep them updated and abreast with the new teaching strategies in order to boost their confidence and achievement in the execution of the program.