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May 2019

CMS Innovation Wing — for Research and Academic Excellence

Ms Susmita Basu joined the Innovation Wing of CMS as a Teacher Facilitator for Economics and Commerce in July 2001. Her administrative acumen and commitment to the cause of education elevated her to the position of the Head of the Innovation Wing in 2006. In July 2010, she was promoted to the post of Head, Quality Assurance and Innovations Department (QAID) of CMS to look after the academic and administrative needs of campuses. In August 2018, another feather was added to her cap when she was designated to the post of Superior Principal, CMS, in addition to being Head, QAID. Ms Basu is a dedicated and hard working leader committed to the cause of making a profound difference in the lives of the future generation. She is the motivating force behind the Innovation Wing, constantly infusing energy and new ideas, urging the team members to think, create and innovate for the benefit of the teaching-learning process at CMS.

Dr Meenu Shukla, Deputy Coordinator, Innovation Wing is an educationist par excellence. Her journey at CMS began in the year 1998 at Mahanagar Campus as a senior Geography teacher. She later joined Innovation Wing in 2001 as a Teacher Facilitator. She was elevated to the position of Deputy Coordinator in 2017. She acts as a link between the Head of the Department and the Wing members. She believes that challenges make life interesting and overcoming them makes it meaningful. Hence she always focuses on putting all energy towards mitigating the old and outdated and building upon new ideas. She facilitates the Wing members to gain strength, courage and confidence by providing them opportunities to showcase their skills and potentials. She ensures that CMS attains new heights by being instrumental in the overall progress of the department.

“Perfection is no small thing, but it is made up of small things.”- Michelangelo

The CMS Innovation Wing provides quality and support to the teachers and students from classes Montessori to XII.

It has 43 members working in unison to identify and bring in the best educational theories and practices from various countries, sourcing techniques from the Montessori method, robotics, tutorial systems and management practices.

Stepping Stones to Success - Comparative Examinations

Evaluation system in CMS is standardized by conducting Comparative Examinations for classes V, VIII, X and XII. Marking Scheme Meetings are conducted for classes VIII, X and XII in order to maintain uniformity in evaluation across campuses. The toppers of class VIII are awarded with Certificates of Merit and honoured along with their parents and teacher guardians.

Development of Communication Skills

The Fitzroy method of teaching English has been successfully implemented and it has been productive in raising the standard of Spoken English of our children. Support is also provided in conducting the Spoken English (oral) assessments.

Support for Excellence

The Innovation Wing also prepares and sends guidelines, errata, enrichment sheets, holiday homework and continuous assessment sheets to the campuses. A resource centre where model teaching environment is created and showcased is also refurbished regularly and maintained by the Innovation Wing to be used by the teachers as and when needed.

The Innovation Wing could not have functioned smoothly, had there been no support from the efficient technical and graphics team. Their constant support helps the teacher facilitators to perform multifarious activities in the best possible manner.

Building Foundation

The Innovation Wing believes in marching ahead with a well-planned course of action. Syllabus meeting is conducted before the beginning of a new academic session and the new road map is designed with the teachers' consent from the various campuses for all levels. The guidelines for various subjects, activities and competitions are set and shared with the teachers. The teachers are encouraged to stimulate interest and attention of the learners by creating and uploading the e-content which is essentially checked by the Innovation Wing team.

The Innovation Wing supervises the academics of 18 CMS campuses. Apart from class observations, notebook observations and remedial observations at all the levels - Pre primary, Primary, Junior and Senior, camp classes for danger zone students at ICSE and ISC levels are monitored. Congratulatory cards are awarded to appreciate and motivate the teachers for class teaching and excellent written work by the students. Personalized guidance is provided to the danger zone candidates appearing for the Board Examinations.

To help the high achievers to touch greater heights, the 'I Soar High' Seminar is also organized with the support of subject experts from campuses for providing essential tips to score 100 percent marks in various subjects.

Walking hand-in-hand

The teacher facilitators at Innovation Wing are involved in variety of activities to raise the standard of education and achieve excellence in the teaching - learning process. In order to achieve this, the needs of the teachers are identified and workshops are organised and conducted by the Innovation Wing members. Resource persons are also invited from all over the country as well as abroad to broaden the learning spectrum of the teachers. IT training is provided to all the teachers in collaboration with the IT department. The Innovation Wing also plays an important role in the handholding of the newly appointed teachers and in providing support to the upgraded campuses.

Professional Learning Communities

The concept of Professional Learning Communities was introduced in CMS in February 2017 where teachers share and generate new ideas through continuous inquiry and improvement for the benefit of the students. The strategy implies improvement of student learning by influencing teaching practice. This concept was initially introduced by A2Q team from Mumbai and members from Innovation Wing carried it forward to the various ICSE and ISC campuses.

International Approach to Education

To initiate unique and innovative methods of teaching right in the infant stages of a child's development and in order to enhance emotional and intellectual skills, eight International Conferences for Pre Primary and Primary Principals (ICPPP) have been successfully organised by the Innovation Wing. Its members also actively participate in the successful organization of International Conferences of Chief Justices & Judges of the world.


Adhyayan is a school improvement organization that specializes in the collaborative review of schools. The programme was introduced to the CMS campuses in 2013. The Key Performance Areas (KPAs) of display board, lesson planning and learning assessment benefitted manifold from the programme. Collaborative review and evaluation will again be conducted in 18 CMS campuses from July 2019.

Training for the Best

Adhyayan is a school improvement organization that specializes in the collaborative review of schools. The programme was introduced to the CMS campuses in 2013. The Key Performance Areas (KPAs) of display board, lesson planning and learning assessment benefitted manifold from the programme. Collaborative review and evaluation will again be conducted in 18 CMS campuses from July 2019.

Creativity at its best

With the introduction of the new curriculum by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, CMS leveraged its key resources to adopt a broad range of teaching - learning strategies. Certain key elements have been implemented across all the campuses, i.e. 'My Safe Circle', 'Spatial Awareness' for students in the Pre primary classes; while fruit break, reading log, half day on 2nd and 4th Saturdays, hobby classes, creative lesson plan binders, dignity of labour, personalised school diary, etc. have been introduced for both Pre primary and Primary students.

Broadening the horizon

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary. To give food for thought to the young minds, the textbooks and reference books are reviewed and suggested by the Innovation Wing members. Class libraries are set up at the campuses and a series of workshops are conducted to train the teachers and librarians on using the class and school library effectively.

Staff Recruitment & Orientation

Members of the Innovation Wing conduct recruitment exam followed by orientation programme for the new teachers, enriching and apprising them with the norms of the school and methodology of teaching-learning process in CMS.


The Innovation Wing members were instrumental in organizing first ever CISV MOSAIC Projects in UP Chapter namely 'Rang De' and 'Smart Chalk'. The projects were organized by Aliganj Campus II and Anand Nagar Campus respectively and were highly successful in building relations with the local communities.

Plethora of Activities

Various events like Literary Fest, GK Quiz contest, IT Wiz, etc. are organised by the Innovation Wing which provide a platform to the students to showcase their potential and develop a spirit of healthy competition amongst them.

Staff of the CMS Innovation Department

Mr Jeetendra Basneth
Ms Archana Pandey
Ms Sudipta Singh
Ms Jyoti N Kumar
Ms Jaya Agarwal
Dr Pooja Thakur

Ms Paya Dutta
Ms Rashmi Tripathi
Ms Tripti Mishra
Ms Monika Rastogi
Ms Anu Sharma
Ms Sunita Bassi

Ms Abhaya Kapoor
Ms Rakhi Mishra
Ms Geeta Tankha
Ms Savita Garg
Ms Aparna Srivastava
Ms Vani Awasthi

Ms Dipti Dogra
Ms Sufiya Khan
Dr Chhaya Singh
Ms Anita Bahadur
Ms Samta Rai
Ms Arpita C Mukherjee

Ms Andaleeb Rizvi
Ms Archana Raghuvanshi
Mr Yogesh Mishra
Ms Rajani Singh
Ms Tanu Tiwari
Ms Vanita Uberoi

Ms Sudeshna Deb
Ms Seema Biswas
Ms Shatakshi Singh
Ms Sumrah Khan
Ms Babusha Khare
Ms Pramila Verma

Ms Shalini Srivastava
Mr Joseph V T
Mr Shaji Verghese
Mr J P Sharma
Mr Anurag S Rawat