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June 2019

1st Prize winning articles (Senior) of Power of Pen Contest 2018

Together Forever

'Smash!' The windows were moving vigorously and hitting against the wall. The cold winds roared at their peak and it was raining heavily. The sound 'SMASH!' came once again. Noor sluggishly tossed in her bed. She knew she had to get up from the bed and close the windows tightly if she wanted to sleep peacefully. So, without further delay she got up and went out of her bedroom to close every open window of the house.

She noticed some dark shadows moving around the front door of her house. It was bitterly cold outside, snow was falling and darkness was gathering. She wondered, 'Who can roam outside at this time and in such a freezing weather! 'She was curious to know the reality so she went out to check.

Noor was dumbfound when she saw that three little puppies were sitting close to each other and trying to warm themselves. They were shivering. Some good soul gave them a cardboard box to be inside it but it was also wet because of the rain. The cold wind slashed across her face and she shivered. The three little newborn puppies were also feeling cold and looked hungry. Their eyes reflected all that they had went through. They were ignored and they were the victims of the inhumane activities. She decided to give them shelter from the rain and the cold winds.

Noor let them in. They were wet and shaking with cold. They had spots and stripes on their bodies. Their dirty paws' impression was easily noticeable on the floor but she didn't care much. She was lost in their innocent activities.

The puppies were enjoying the warmth of the room and her affection. The one with a black tail started to play with her feet by stepping on them. One was crawling on the carpet and the other was inspecting the room. Their eyes said, 'We are very grateful to you for giving us shelter. She filled a big bowl with milk and dipped some loaf of bread in it and fed them. They ate it with delight. Meanwhile, she arranged some old blankets and cushions to make a bed for them. They finished the food. She took them into her bedroom, spread the cushions and sat beside them. She was patting and pampering them. The night passed away. Edward Freeman said, 'The awful wrongs and sufferings forced upon the innocent helpless, faithful animal race form the blackast chapter in the world history.'

They were stray dogs. She could not keep them with herself. She had to part with them. Her husband, who was not at home then, disliked dogs. She did not want to push them back into the torture and suffering of the cruel world. Neither the puppies wanted to go. Although Noor tried to push them out of the house, they did not go. They were so attached to her now that they did not want to separate. Their untainted eyes said, 'Please let us be with you. We don't want to go. The cruel world will kill us.' She was in a dilemma how to tuck them away. Finally, she decided to adopt them and take care of them. The night passed away and the dawn of the day came with a musical silence, the soul hearing the melody that ears could not. Noor and the three poor stray puppies found their soulmates who will be together in every phase of their lives.

Dipti Singh
IX A, RDSO Campus

Individuals are often better than the government at solving society's problems

We assume that resolving the issues of the society is the responsibility only of the government. Thus, keeping this notion in mind we get passive towards the problems faced today. Ignorance and dependence on the government will not bear fruits now-a-days. Understanding the importance of concerned individuals in society is the necessity of the hour.

Individuals often come up with innovative solutions which the government can hardly imagine. In fact, India is a democracy where the citizens of the nation elect the government. Therefore, if we see the big picture, every individual has a role to perform and through the history, it has been proven that they perform better than a government most often.

Also, practically, the functioning hands of the government cannot reach every corner of the nation at every time. Besides, even if the government has come to the job, not always do they act appropriately, unable to accomplish up to the required mark. From a non-profit, non-government organization who decided to act up on the social problems to a group of students who decided to invest their time into improving their school facilities, are the perfect examples that should motivate an individual to act about the society's problems.

These are just for reflecting on the people who decided to act upon the problems instead of prattling about what the government is not doing for them. Individual citizens combine to make up the whole nation. They are the building blocks of the society. If each one does even one small contribution, it will end up in bringing about a huge change in society. What can be more marvelous than that?

Apparently, doctors, engineers, journalists, to name a few, are particularly able to make the greatest contribution to the nation. But in reality, we cannot imagine development without the assistance of farmers, labourers, construction workers, etc. All of them, irrespective of their professions, are the fundamental pillars of a locality, society, nation and the world as a whole. We should always step forward to take inspiration from such industrious people, toil and try to execute tasks of our level on our own, rather than relying always on the government.

Individual citizens definitely cannot resolve issues like climate change, weather inequality and conflicts throughout. Yet, the list doesn't end here. There are still several problems that seem huge though, but their roots have stuck somewhere at smaller levels. And ultimately small drops collect to make a big ocean, which is similar to making the issue look immense.

Taking a minor instance, if we see rubbish near our houses, blaming the garbage collectors is not the solution. Rather, clean it up yourself. One of the best examples is the 'Clean India' campaign. Though initiated by the government, it actually focuses to promote that irrespective of the place, whether it is school, office, college, home and so on, we should always be cautious to keep it clean and unpolluted, as an individual and not be dependent on others.

City Montessori School has also initiated and encouraged 'Each One Teach One' campaign. It has not only been popularized by a non-government organisation but also emphasizes on every individual child to teach a helpless person who is not capable of pursuing his dreams due to financial issues. Thus, highlighting the significance of role of individuals without the involvement of the government.

Everyone is anxious about the rising level of pollution. One of the very obvious tasks that an individual can undertake is planting trees. Not only is it uncomplicated, but also affordable.

A popular incident that can be taken into account is the Mumbai Terrorist Attack in November 2008. We can never forget those brave hearts who individually saved the victims at the cost of their own lives. They were the real concerned heroes.

Another recent example can be the stampede at the Elphinstone Road railway station foot over bridge in Mumbai, which led to death of nearly 20 people. Before the police could arrive, the local people around relieved the victims in the best possible ways to minimize the death toll. Had they waited for the police, more would have suffered.

Furthermore, during the sudden onset of natural disasters, the common people aid up to their highest personal level, even before the arrival of the government's help.

Recently, in 2017, taking into consideration, the international issues, Hurricane Harvey made landfall and was on its way to set a new U.S. rainfall record for any tropical storm. The damage was catastrophic for thousands of people. But many brave responders came to their aid, not caring about the status of their own homes. Many also moved on to donate their money.

On terminating the demon of our ignorance, anyone can make a difference. That's why, awareness is spread among every individual now-a-days because if they are concerned, they can do miracles to the society. 'If the mindset of today's generation passes passivity, Society can never benefit from human activity.

Instead of considering ourselves lame, And leaning on the government and blame. We should take certain actions on our own, Rather than letting things get worsen and moan.

The path of reach a high level of beauty, Goes along the need to realize our responsibility and duty.
Where's the need to wait for the government?
Aren't we enough for the society's betterment?

Harshita Pandey, XII C,
Aliganj Campus I

'Every Experience makes you grow... '

I am standing at the door stunned. I do not know what to do. Beads of perspiration trickle down my forehead. I am scared. I lack the courage to confess my fault.

Yesterday, there was a blast in our classroom. We were celebrating our class teacher's birthday when the cake turned out to be fake and blasted as soon as the knife touched its layer. The teacher was furious. Her most auspious day was converted into the most embarrasing moment. Our class teacher suspected the most notorious students to be the cause of it. Being the class representative, I was called by the Principal to narrate the incident. Standing in front of the Principal's office I recalled the incident which took place 10 years ago...

The incident, which made me realize that an understanding of the past is necessary for solving the problems of the present. I remember the time when I broke my mother's favourite vase and blamed my brother for doing so. A mother being gentle and mentor of the child knows him by heart. My mother was quick enough to figure out that it was my fault. Instead of scolding me she gave me a lesson for life. She explained, 'Everyday you waste is another day that you will never get back again. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because most of the times the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most’. I didn't understand a single word. But nodded as an obedient child.

Years have passed, but today was the day when I understood what it meant. I entered ma'am's office. And to her surprise instead of telling her about the culprits, I simply confessed my fault. Yes, it was me who had planned the prank. I thought it to be an interesting one. But it turned out to be a disaster.

I was punished for my behaviour but at the same time was appreciated for my honesty. That one incident gave me the courage to accept my fault. That day I committed a mistake and drew inspiration from my own past. Even though there are days, I wish I could change some things that happened in the past, but there is a reason why those things happened. They teach us that the rear view mirror is small while the windshield is much bigger. Where you are headed is much more important than what you've left behind, if you learn from it.

"When I look back on my life, I see pain, mistakes and ache. When I look in the mirror I see strength, learnt lessons and pride in myself'.

Aditi Singh
XI-A, Station Road Campus

Results - Senior category (Classes IX to XII)

  1. Dipti Singh, IX-A, RDSO Campus
  2. Aditi Singh, XI-A, Station Road Campus
  3. Harshita Pandey, XII-C, Aliganj Campus I
  1. Sandeep Chilwal, IX-A, RDSO Campus
  2. Mansi Verma, X-E, Rajendra Nagar, Campus I
  3. Shashwat Verma, IX-B, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  4. Yashika Saxena, X-F, Rajendra Nagar Campus I
  1. Adhishtha Srivastava, XI-A, Rajajipuram Campus I
  2. Vedanshi Tiwari, XI A-7, Mahanagar Campus
  3. Saman Waheed, XII-A, Mahanagar Campus
  4. Shreiya Agarwal, XI-C, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  1. Yusra Fatima, XI-B, Rajajipuram Campus I
  2. Irtiqua Irfan, X-C, Station Road Campus
  3. Jainendra Deshmukh, XII A, Rajendra Nagar Campus I
  4. Mallika Jahanvi, XI-C, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  5. Ipshita S. Srivastava, IX, Gomti Nagar Campus II,
  1. Shailly Pathak, XI E, Aliganj Campus I
  1. Shailly Pathak, XI E, Aliganj Campus I
  1. Jyoti Singh, XII-B, Rajajipuram Campus I
  2. Rukhsar X-A, Rajajipuram Campus I
  3. Shivam, IX-F, Rajendra Nagar Campus I
  4. Shriyanshi Srivastava, IX-F, Rajendra Nagar Campus I
  5. Khushi Verma, X-A, Station Road Campus
  6. Adya Jassal, IX-A, RDSO Campus
  7. Nishtha Shukla, XI-B, RDSO Campus
  8. Maanya Saxena, IX-A, RDSO Campus
  9. Shubhra Bajpai, XII-A, RDSO Campus
  10. Ashutosh Yadav, IX-B, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  11. Utkarsh Kumar, XII-C, Aliganj Campus I
  12. Priya Singh, XII-A, Aliganj Campus I
  13. Armaan Ausaf, XII-A, Aliganj Campus I
  14. Rishabh Thahriani, XI-C, Gomti Nagar Campus I
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