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February 2020

CMS Tableau imparts lessons of World Unity and ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’ at this year’s Republic Day Parade

CMS Republic Day Tableau inspired by Indian ideal of 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam'
(The whole earth is one family)

The 150th anniversary year of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, was made even more special at the Republic Day Parade with the CMS Republic Day Tableau focussing on the teachings of the Mahatma based upon Sarvadharma Sambhav (equality of all religions), Jai Jagat (Victory of the World), Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam (the whole earth is but one family). Mahatma Gandhi taught us tyag (self-sacrifice), tapasya (penance), ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truth) and showed us the importance of simple living and high thinking. It was with these weapons that he was able to inspire the masses of India and lead them towards freedom and spiritual progress. Today, when there is so much of discord and disharmony in the world, the only way to end this is through love and self-sacrifice. The CMS Tableau aims at wiping out hatred from human hearts and show them that mankind needs to unite under one banner setting aside differences of caste, creed, race, colour and religion. The CMS motto of Jai Jagat or Victory to the World, motivates every individual to work for the common good of all and serve all humanity, for the progress of the human race is possible only when all are happy, all are at peace with each other and within themselves.

This unique tableau has been conceptualized by the CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi. Several engineers and architects have contributed to making it a magnificent piece of architecture. After the Republic Day Parade, it will be placed at CMS Kanpur Road Campus and students of several schools and colleges will be able to study it closely and imbibe its valuable teachings. Highlighting the main features of the tableau, Dr Jagdish Gandhi informed that a child holding the globe at this tableau is spreading message of 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam' in the world and on the other hand a temple, mosque, church, gurudwara, baudh vihar, Baha'i temple etc. are shown under one roof showcasing that all these religions come from one Almighty God. CMS children are dancing on the song 'Jai Jagat, Jai Jagat, Jai Jagat Purkare Ja, Doosre Ke Sukh Ke Vaste Apna Sukh Bisare Ja...' under this roof. A child representing Mahatma Gandhi is spreading the message of 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam' and 'Jai Jagat' to the masses and on the other hand a life-size statue of Mahatma Gandhi is placed on it with the message of forming a 'World Parliament' for establishing peace, security and order in the world. CMS believes that this tableau is extremely relevant for the modern age because unity and peace in the world can be established only by treading the path of self-sacrifice, truth and ahimsa shown by Mahatma Gandhi.

Students seek CMS Founder-Director Dr Bharti Gandhi’s blessings before the exams

Wishing all students the very best of luck for the annual/Board exams, and invoking God's blessing for every child's good performance in the exams.

Dr. Bharti Gandhi, Founder-Director

CISV Camp ends on a glorious note of peace, friendship and goodwill

The month long 27th Children's Summer Village Camp, 'Peace Has a 100 Names' came to an end on 24 January 2020. The camp began on 28th December 2019 when young delegates from various parts of the world arrived here at Lucknow, eager to participate in a month-long Children's Camp. There were 13 participating countries viz USA, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Thailand and India. On 30 December, Chief Guest, Dr Indramani Tripathi, Nagar Ayukta, Lucknow inaugurated the Camp. On 17 January was the Open Day of the Camp whence each delegation presented its cultural song or dance item on stage and interacted with the public. Camp life afforded the children to interact closely despite differences in race, language, culture and religion and form far-reaching permanent friendships in a multilingual and multicultural setting. Peace activities were especially organized for the children, planned by the adult leaders. Camp life included Flag time, peace games, energizers, activities, shopping sprees, outings, national nights, bonfires, songs and lullabies etc. On the National Nights, each delegation cooked its traditional meal one by one for the rest of the campers.

The days just flew past till it was time to leave. Tears welled up in the eyes of the participants as the bonds of friendship had taken deep roots inside. 'We meet but to part,' and so the day of farewells arrived on 24 January. Emails and addresses were exchanged and there was firm resolve to maintain the spirit of unity and peace built up at the camp for the rest of life.

Participants of Children's International Camp 'Peace has a Hundred Names'

263 CMS students selected in the 2020 JEE Mains examination

Nandini Daruka is city topper in girls' category with 99.84 percentile; 20 students secure above 99th percentile

In keeping with our historical strength in maths, physics and chemistry, a whopping 263 CMS students passed the IIT Mains exam in January 2020. Out of these, 20 students secured above the 99th percentile, 52 students above the 98th percentile, 104 students above 95th percentile and 199 are above the 90th percentile.

The 20 best performers were: Aryan Srivastava (99.92); Shreyansh Singh (99.86); Ayush Kumar Dwivedi (99.85); Nandini Daruka (99.84); Parth Bansal (99.73); Adarsh Goel (99.71); Khushi Verma (99.66); Vivan Maitreya (99.66); Aryan Agarwal (99.59); Kanad Pandey (99.55); Anubha Tripathi (99.54); Abu Sahid (99.51); Yash Pant (99.50); Adarsh (99.48); Satwik Chandra Shukla (99.42); Amritansh Narain Yadav (99.26); Piyush Kumar (99.25); Jyotiraditya Misra (99.22); Manvendra Pratap Singh (99.08); Shreya Bhagat (99.07).

Aryan Srivastava
Shreyansh Singh
Ayush K. Dwivedi
Nandini Daruka
Parth Bansal
Adarsh Goel

Khushi Verma
Vivan Maitreya
Aryan Agarwal
Kanad Pandey
Anubha Tripathi
Abu Shahid

Yash Pant
Satwik C. Shukla
Amritansh N. Yadav
Piyush Kumar
Jyotiraditya Misra

Manvendra P. Singh
Shreya Bhagat

The list of 104 CMS pupils from 95th to 99.92th percentile

  1. Aryan Srivastava

  2. Shreyansh Singh

  3. Ayush Kumar Dwivedi

  4. Nandini Daruka

  5. Parth Bansal

  6. Adarsh Goel

  7. Khushi Verma

  8. Vivan Maitreya

  9. Aryan Agarwal

  10. Kanad Pandey

  11. Anubha Tripathi

  12. Abu Shahid

  13. Yash Pant

  14. Adarsh

  15. Satwik Chandra Shukla

  16. Amritansh Narain Yadav

  17. Piyush Kumar

  18. Jyotiraditya Misra

  19. Manvendra Pratap Singh

  20. Shreya Bhagat

  21. Yuraj

  22. Siddharth Pandey

  23. Siddarth

  24. Abhinav Singh

  25. Yatharth Mannik

  26. Shashank Mathania

  1. Divyansh Bhadouria

  2. Areeb Islam

  3. Areeb

  4. Rishabh Jain

  5. Utkarsh Srivastava

  6. Dhruv Rohira

  7. Pratul Singh

  8. Alok Dhar Dubey

  9. Vijay Rakshit

  10. Prakhar Mani Tripathi

  11. Aryan Maurya

  12. Abhinav Singh

  13. Sanskar Modi

  14. Aman Srivastava

  15. Yuvraj Singh 1

  16. Pranav Manu

  17. Vardan

  18. Prakhar Seth

  19. Khitij Tandon

  20. Puru Agarwal

  21. Vardhan Mittal

  22. Jayant Pant

  23. Arnav Mishra

  24. Tejas Sahu

  25. Kaustubh

  26. Shreya Kundu

  1. Mohammad Aatir Nadim

  2. Tawish Singh

  3. Anzal

  4. Joydeep Saha

  5. Prekshu Pranav Singh

  6. Ajitesh Shrivastava

  7. Rudransh Goyal

  8. Aman Singh

  9. Priyanshu Trivedi

  10. Mayank

  11. Shashwat Srivastava

  12. Ritika Srivastava

  13. Mohd. Aamaan

  14. Tavish Kunwar

  15. Apoorv Srivastava

  16. Ayush Mishra

  17. Anshul Mishra

  18. Siddharth

  19. Siddharth Singh

  20. Unnati

  21. Arpit Gandhi

  22. Raj Vardhan Singh

  23. Sahashranshu

  24. Arsalan

  25. Aditi Srivastava

  26. Adm Srivastava

  1. Ayush

  2. Shashank Kumar

  3. Rakshit Gupta

  4. Ayush Srivastava

  5. Divyanshi Singh Bora

  6. Shubham Singh

  7. Shubh Manan Upadhyay

  8. Priyam Verma

  9. Akshat Suryavanshi

  10. Yash Jindal

  11. Kunwar Aridaman Singh

  12. Shardendu Shekhar Chaubey

  13. Anshuman Singh Chauhan

  14. Utpal Tiwari

  15. Rayyan Ahmed

  16. Milind Nautiyal

  17. Aman Tripathi

  18. Yuvraj Singh 2

  19. Abhishirsh Sachan

  20. Shreyansh Tripathi

  21. Parth Gupta

  22. Suyash Singh

  23. Sarthak Mathur

  24. Amogh Dubey

  25. Shikhar Tripathi

  26. Rangey Raghav