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February 2020

Mahanagar Campus

CMS alumni on ladder of success

Ayushi Singh
selected in IAS All India Rank 86 lumna of CMS Mahanagar Campus

Daughter of Mr Jai Prakash Singh, IPS and Mrs Pushpa Singh, housewife, Ayushi Singh attributes her success to hard work and a desire to succeed as well as the best wishes of her friends and family. She tells her juniors not to get disheartened by initial losses and failures and to keep moving onward to realize one’s goal.

The values she learnt in CMS helped her to build a strong and determined personality and steered her towards her goal. A graduate from Miranda House, New Delhi, she was always a brilliant student and a positive thinker. Three points she wants an IAS aspirant to keep in mind are 1) Be mindful of your company. Be a sincere worker; 2) Be enthusiastic towards your goal. In spite of all the distractions, do not lose sight of your goals and your passion; 3). Trust your common sense. Understand your own personality and devise your own strategy for success in the exam. According to her, the more consistent and passionate you are about your aim, the more are the chances of your success. So be self-motivated and never lose hope in life.

This was her fourth attempt but she never gave up in spite of initial difficulties and failures. In the end, it was her enthusiasm, passion, persistence, self-confidence and sound common sense which paid off and led her to succeed.

Kriti Pandey, selected in IAS All India Rank 389
Alumna of CMS Aliganj Campus I

Kriti Pandey believes in hard work and time management as the key to success. She cleared the prestigious IAS Exam with flying colours in her second attempt. Her father, Mr Rajesh Pandey is an IPS officer. He has always been the source of her inspiration. When she saw her father serving society without caring for his own comfort, she was filled with enthusiasm and eagerness to tread on his footsteps.

Being an IT graduate from BHU, she had a science background but for her mains paper, she took Sociology. She outlines three conditions necessary for IAS preparation 1) Keep away from distraction. She did not use facebook and whatsapp for two years prior to her selection. 2. Advice can be taken from friends and close family members And 3) Study to become a more aware and conscientious person in society. Patience and perseverance really helped.

Kriti carries with her the values of honesty, courage, tact, hard work, simplicity and nobility of thought and expression that she has imbibed in school and from her parents. With great self-confidence and pride, she is ready to shoulder the responsibility of an administrative officer and deliver her best for the nation.

Events - February 2020


Syllabus Meeting-2020-21 for Classes IX-X organized by QAID at WUCC, CMS Kanpur Road


Inter-Campus Elementary Maths Olympiad for Class IX organized by QAID at CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I


ISC Board Examinations 2020


Syllabus Meeting -2020-21 for Pre- primary, I and II organized by QAID at WUCC, CMS Kanpur Road


Farewell Assembly of Class X, CMS Gomti Nagar (I) at the Campus auditorium


Honouring of Mrs Abha Anant organized by Brainfeed in New Delhi


Open Day for Pre- Primary and Primary Section of CMS Chowk on the school premises


Syllabus Meeting-2020-21 for Classes III to V organized by QAID at WUCC, CMS Kanpur Road


Syllabus Meeting-2020-21 for Classes VI to VIII organized by QAID at WUCC, CMS Kanpur Road


Inter-Campus Biology Olympiad for Class IX organized by QAID at CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I


Educational Seminar by CMS Alumnus, Station Road Campus, Mr Vipul Vaibhav Gaur at WUCC, Kanpur Road

11-02-2020 to 13-02-2020

Spoken English Examination of Kanpur Road Campus at CMS Kanpur Road Campus


CMS will celebrate Valentine’s Day as Family Unity Day


Family Unity Day celebration by CMS on Valentine’s Day


Mother’s Day and Divine Education Seminar of Pre-Primary and Classes I & II of CMS Mahanagar at Gomti Nagar Extension Auditorium


JYEP New Animators Training Programme of Class X at WUCC, Kanpur Road


ICSE Board Examinations


JYEP New Animators Training Programme of Class X at WUCC, Kanpur Road


JYEP New Animators Training Programme of Class X at WUCC, Kanpur Road

Kindly Note: CMS Republic Day Tableau will be shown to the students of various CMS Campuses on different dates and timings as per schedule. Model Classes will continue to be held classwise.

12th Children's Film Festival will begin on 15 April, 2020

Films Division CMS is organizing the 12th world's biggest International Children's Film Festival (ICFF-2020) from 15 to 23 April at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium. At this International Children's Film Festival, over 1898 educative film entries from 102 countries have been received for screening, out of which selected children's film will be screened absolutely free of charge during the 9 days of ICFF-2020. Apart from this, cash prizes worth Rs. 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakh) will be awarded to the best children's film under various categories. The selection of best children's film will be done by an international jury.

Lohri & Makar Sankranti Celebrations

Lohri and Makar Sankranti are winter harvest festivals, celebrated in India with great joy, music and dancing.. Children celebrated these festivals in all CMS Campuses with their teachers and Principals.


Priya Mehrotra, Psychological Counsellor of CMS Station Road and Jopling Road Campuses has a Master’s degree in Psychology from the National P.G College. Given below are a few excerpts from her interview with the CMS Bulletin team:

  1. Please tell us in brief about your job at CMS.
    In CMS, we work towards making the lives of students, parents and teachers better and meaningful, by helping them understand their behavior and emotions well.

    We, as counsellors provide the students the opportunity to express themselves, understand their environment, learn about appropriate responses and develop their personalities as a whole. By providing a warm, understanding, empathic and supportive environment, we help students grow and learn resilience. We inculcate numerous life skills in the students through various activities, individual sessions, group sessions, and allow them to connect to their inner self for a better well-being.

  2. Would you like to share some particular incident/experience you have had at CMS?
    There was a girl in class IX who came to seek help for her obsessive behavior of touching things. She was diagnosed as having OCD (her father is schizophrenic). She was not doing well in academics, had issues in going well with her classmates and was way too negative about her appearance.

    Sessions were focused on making her get rid of the negative thoughts of having any mental illness, realize self worth and perceive life from a bigger perspective. The girl performed amazingly in class X and is having a more positive perspective towards herself, people and life.

  3. What do you think are the special needs of the CMS students and in what ways are they at some advantage?
    Every student needs to be understood. The fast life of technology accompanied by expectations from not only people around but also from oneself makes a student go through a lot. The life they want to match with their peers and the kind of life their parents want them to live do not always come at the same level. Peer pressure, exam stress, identity formation, future planning, discord in family, to name only a few are the dimensions students are occupied with. These need to be handled with a lot of sensitivity and empathetic understanding.

    My work experience here in CMS makes me believe that CMS students are at an advantage as compared to others because we do not just focus on the academics, but we cover all aspects, which is actually going to help them understand life and learn from the lessons it gives. Every year, we conduct an anonymous online student survey to understand our students better and plan our strategies accordingly. We have a separate department for the same - Child well-being department which is the brain child of our Respected President Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon. Mrs Aruna Gupta is the head of the child well-being department, which works continuously in developing the skills of the staff as well in order to work better for the overall well-being of all the students.