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December 2019

Hon'ble Mr Stjepan Mesic
Former President of Croatia

We need the power of will, prudence and providence to change the world. Before we run out of time, it has to be maximized and utilized for the benefit of the people of the world.

Dr Dinesh Sharma
Deputy Chief Minister of U.P.

Indian Culture is of friendship and inclusive of all the people of the world. Our country believes in Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam and we are all citizens of the world. I wish you to work together in promotion of bringing the world together.

Hon'ble Mr Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona
fifth President of Trinidad and Tobago

Power leadership has no place in the world. It must be service leadership. Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Hon’ble Shri Brijesh Pathak
Minister for Law and Justice, Government of Uttar Pradesh

I welcome all the distinguished Chief Justices, judges, from the core of my heart. As minister of law and justice of U.P., I thank Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, whose efforts have made this 20th Conference of the Chief Justices possible.

Hon'ble Mr Jean Henry Ceant
Former Prime Minister of Haiti

Everyone in the world is shouting for peace. This conference has given us an engagement with peace, an engagement with compassion and an engagement with love.

Hon'ble Ms Justice Nelly Rakotobe
Premier President, Supreme Court, Madagascar

Madagascar is an island nation where the people are extremely poor and children are the most deprived lot, mostly living in the streets. They do not attend school and people exploit them as sex workers and for doing menial jobs. I am thankful to CMS which organizes this event to protect the children of the world and to promote world peace and unity.

H.E. Dr Pakalitha B. Mosisili, MP
Prime Minister of Lesotho (1998 to 2012 and 2015 to 2017)

Peace education must be given in all schools and colleges. We need to introduce our children to the positive uses of social media. Judges and Chief Justices are seen as angels of change. Politicians need to listen them.

Hon'ble Mr Justice Ernest Njumbe
Judge, Supreme Court, Cameroon

Declaration of Human Rights states that a Child is entitled to special care and assistance and that the child ought to be offered the necessary protection and assistance so that he can fully assume his responsibilities within the community. We must all work to fulfill this aim.

Hon’ble Rt. Rebecca A. Kadaga
Speaker of the Parliament, Uganda

We are here to look at the universality of peace from different perspectives and to find ways to establish peace in the world for children's safe future.

Hon'ble Mr Justice Augustine Sebutulo Nshimye
Judge, Supreme Court, Uganda

Women should get equal opportunity in economic and political fields. Children’s education needs much to be improved. Our children in Uganda need to be educated in institutes like CMS, Lucknow to make them aware of the progress of the world around them.

Prof, Ms Renata Deskoska
Minister of Justice, North Macedonia

The role of judges is very important in protection of children's rights but judgment of ICJ is not properly enforced. Role of justice is also very important for any economic activity. More investment means a good life.

Hon'ble Madame Justice Carolyn Nichola Tie
Judge, Supreme Court of Jamaica

This kind of Conference is a wonderful start for dealing with global problems like terrorism, wars and climate change. I am particularly moved by Dr Jagdish Gandhi's speech wherein he said that in spite of our various differences we are basically the same and if we see each other as part of one family, if would be difficult for us to fight.

Hon’ble Mr Given Lubinda
Minister of Justice, Zambia

Children are the future of the world and their future must be guaranteed of safety and security. I am here to fully support this Conference on behalf of the people of Zambia.

Hon'ble Mr Justice Awad Hassan Awad
Judge, Supreme Court, Sudan

Article 51 of the Constitution of India presents a viable solution to various problems of mankind through establishment of peace.

Mr Justice Dalveer Bhandari
Judge at International Court of Justice, Netherlands

he only demand of children is that they be allowed to survive in this world. Their future is endangered by the massive pile-up of chemical and nuclear weapons, threatening and causing widespread war and destruction. I congratulate CMS students for taking up this cause. We need not only connected thinking but collective determinism. Peace and development can be ensured through law and justice and its speedy implementation.

Hon'ble Madame Justice Saitip Sukatipan
Vice-President of the Administrative Court of First Instance, Supreme Administrative Court, Thailand

Enforceable world law regarding children and their rights, is very important. Members of the judiciary have to implement this in letter and spirit.

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Antoine Kesia-Mbe Mindua
Judge, International Criminal Court (ICC), Netherlands International Court of Justice (ICJ) and International Criminal Court (ICC)

are two bodies to adjudicate cases. ICC is the principal judicial organ of UNO. ICJ has advisory jurisdiction. We should be respectful towards the law. There is a dire need of World Parliament and Global Governance. Decisions of the International Court of Justice must be binding on all the nations of the world.

Hon'ble Mr. Juma Khamis Mwalim
Minister of Justice and Law Constitutional Affairs, of Zanzibar, Tanzania

Children’s rights are the concern of the whole humankind and they are being violated in every field because of lack of knowledge. I wish all the success to the Conference to achieve peace and security for the younger generation.

Hon'ble Mr Justice Geoffrey Henderson
Judge, International Criminal Court, Netherlands

All the leaders of the world should ensure that people follow the law and live as brothers and sister. UNO should also influence the world leaders to promote unity around the world and solve problems through mutual understanding.

Hon Madame Justice Snezana Markovic
Vice President, Constitutional Court, Serbia

Article 51 promotes certain very interesting global goals. The road to 1000 miles begins with first step. So, this conference is vital for us because it’s the first step on the road of peace and unity.

Dr. Hong Tao Tze
President of FOWPAL, USA

We learn from history. We are making history and will become part of history. What can we leave behind for our offsprings? Children are the hope of the future. The actions of our generation will have an immense impact on the future generations.

Hon'ble Ms Justice Sharada Shrestha
Former Judge, Supreme Court, Nepal

Keeping the environment safe and healthy will affect present and future generations of children. In Nepal, we have taken steps to check environmental pollution. I congratulate Dr Jagdish Gandhi for organizing this Conference and raising the awareness of people regarding global issues like environmental degradation.

Hon'ble Mr Justice Mahmoud M. M. Abushaala
Judge, Supreme Court, Libya

Measures must be taken to combat terrorism and protect human rights. Members of Security Council have failed to take necessary steps against governments and armed groups that use counter terrorism against enemies to achieve their political goal.

Hon'ble Mr Justice Mogoeng Thomas Reetsang Mogoeng
Chief Justice of South Africa

We need to first find the root cause of the problem in order to be able to solve it. As long as poverty and inequality persist, we will not be able to progress. Eradicating poverty is not an act of charity, it is ensuring justice.

Hon'ble Dr Justice, Adel Omar Sheriff
Deputy Chief Justice, Supreme Constitutional Court, Egypt

The time is ripe to get together for the greater cause of World Unity and World Peace leading to happiness of all communities and races. A united world is the best way to ensure Human Rights, protection of rights of children, property and economic progress of mankind.

Hon'ble Mr Justice Said Yousuf Halem
Chief Justice of Afghanistan

I appreciate Article 51 of the Constitution of India for having a good provision that calls for a world where there would be no wars. My country has gone through hard times and seen large number of loss of lives.

Hon'ble Mr Justice Omar O. Makungu, Chief Justice
High Court of Zanzibar, Tanzania

Environment is very much a living issue. It involves environment of mountains, desert, sea and ocean. Chopping of trees removes green slopes of mountains resulting in disappearance of pure atmosphere. Children and students must be taught at very young age about nature and scenery, otherwise the environment cannot be protected.

Interview with Mrs Masami Saionji,
Chairperson, World Peace Prayer Society, Japan & USA

Q. What is the aim of GOI Peace Foundation?

Ans. My reverend father, Masahisa Goi gave the slogan "May Peace Prevail on Earth." Inspired by this, the GOI Peace Foundation aims at spreading peace and unity throughout the world through mass prayers that create a culture of peace and global consciousness.

Q. Tell us about your association with CMS.

Ans. We have a 23 year long association with CMS. I am thankful to Dr Jagdish Gandhi and Dr Bharti Gandhi for making the slogan "May Peace Prevail on Earth" a part of all their school activities. They are spreading this message to all corners of the world every day through the various programmes of CMS.

Q. Tell us about your experience at the Chief Justices' Conference.

Ans. When Dr Jagdish Gandhi, in the beginning of his speech spoke about his passion for peace, I could not stop my tears. I was extremely moved by his gesture of teaching peace to his teachers and students and bringing chief justices and judges from around the world together on a common platform to bring about peace in the world. Where else do you find such a gathering of like-minded people to connect with?