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August 2019

Prize Winning Entries (Juniors) Power of Pen contest - 2018

Imagine that you are an animal in the zoo. What types of animal are you? How do you feel about being caged? How do you feel about the people that visit and watch you?

It was a fresh morning, I woke up, yawned and stretched my arms. It was my daily routine to get out of the bed and take a walk in my backyard. However, that morning, to my surprise, I was in a different place which was not my room for sure. I turned my head and looked around. I found myself lying in a dark cave. It had rocks all around. When I moved a bit, I could see a ray of light coming from a distance. I jumped up at once and rushed toward it. As I went closer the light flashed into my eyes. It blinded me for a moment and I almost bumped into a rock. When I opened my eyes, a whole mob of strangers were leaning over a wall which was fenced with wires. Some parts of it were even rusted. People had cameras and mobile phones in their hands and were clicking my pictures. I just couldn't make out what was going on and where I was.

I rushed here and there to find help but heard people's laughter. I finally sat down on some grass. As soon as I sat down I noticed something strange, my hands … they looked like the paws of some animal with long pointed nails and covered with fur. I glanced at my body. I gave a yell of dismay, for a moment, my face was pale. To my horror, I did not look like a human being, instead more like a lioness. It did not take me much time to realize that I was no more a human and that the strange place I was at, was a zoo. I looked hopelessly at the onlookers throwing a piece of bread for me. Meanwhile some children threw some pebbles and stones from between the wires. I was frightened and darted back to a safe distance. In a few moments, the crowd disappeared and I was left alone all by myself. By then I had accepted the fact I was a lioness and would have to stay in the zoo for the rest of my life.

I looked at myself but this time I admired my look. My fur coat was spectacular. It was thick, shiny and had different shades of yellow and brown. My arms and legs were stout and how can I forget my tail? It was long and sleek. I wriggled it around and that was fun. By that time, I was starving and couldn't control my hunger any more. I suddenly heard someone's footsteps coming towards me. I jumped out of my place. When I turned, I saw that it was the zookeeper. At first I was afraid of him and roared loudly but then realized that he had my meal. I sat down and waited for him to serve. He patted me lovingly on my forehead and went away and soon his sight disappeared. I enjoyed my food and even wriggled my tail around with pleasure.

Though I was happy to be a lioness but somewhere down my heart, I had the fear of being caged. After a while another lot of folks gathered around my cage. I roared out to them for help but no one heard my cry. People came and went away. I could do nothing except beg for help. It is truly said that you can not understand one's situation unless you step into their shoes. Many a time I thought of having a pet but now my mind had changed for I knew how it felt after being caged. I wanted to tell the people how it felt when you lose your freedom and when you are put inside the cage from where you cannot see the world. The ocean's blue, the nature's green and all moonlit stars... nothing was visible.

I always thought it would be great feeling to be a lion. No one to stop me, no restrictions and also people admiring you so much. But I was sadly mistaken and I knew how they felt lonely, dependent and helpless. So many eyes to admire but no hands to help. As I was pondering over this, all of a sudden I heard a deep voice calling my name, 'Shreya. Get up! Girl". I opened my eyes and the sight of my class teacher appeared before my eyes. She had a scornful look on her face. I realized that I had fallen asleep in the classroom and that it was just a dream.

I thanked God that this was just a dream, otherwise I would have had to stay in that cage for many long years until I died. It was not just a dream but an eye opener for me - about what freedom actually means. We are so busy in our lives that we don't respect our independence!

Shreya Yadav, VIII A9, Mahanagar

If you could travel back in time to any moment what would it be and why? Would you change history or just observe?

Time travel used to be thought of as just science fiction, but Einstein's general theory of relativity allows for possibility that we could warp space time so much that we could go off in a rocket and return before we set out. Imagination makes us aware of limitless possibilities. Around the world, millions of people would like to time travel. Some to closely observe their history, some to change it while some to change a part of their lives which they regret today. Time is like a river. It does not stop for anyone. Everyone would enjoy if they ever got a chance to travel back in time. If I would be one of them, I would cherish it.

If I could travel back in time to any moment, firstly, it would be the time when Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was travelling in a train. He sat between two Englishmen. One of them said that, 'Who is this pig? while the other said that, 'Who is this donkey?' A third Englishman asked Vidyasagar, 'Who are you?' and he smartly replied, ' I am a human beign sitting between a pig and a donkey. "I would love to see him in front of my eyes and answer the Englishman's question smartly. Secondly, I would travel back to 1915 when Mahatma Gandhi returned to India. I would observe how he managed to make India an independent country. I would ask him many questions regarding his plans and his dreams. I would sit next to him and observe him weaving clothes of Khadi with the charkha. I would also take part in the 1930 Dandi March and talk to the people about their motivations, their dreams and their movement towards an Independent India. After all, I know that they will achieve success and India would soon be Independent. On 30th January, 1948, I would rescue Gandhiji from his assassination so that he could continue his great work and thus, I would change history. Thirdly, I would love to go back in time when Harry Potter and the Philosophier's Stone was shot at the Universal studies. I would be overwhelmed to play Hermione Granger's character. I would talk to Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, J.K Rowling and whole cast of the movie. I would like to fly on my broom and help Harry and Ron in the movie.

Travelling back in time is a great experience. Soon the time will come when a person can travel back in time and experience the happiness, joy and love of ages. From the time of dinosaurs till the unseen future. Technologies can help a person find his lost hopes and peace. Time travel is an imagination that almost every human wishes once in his life. It is an experience filled with adventure, joy and dreams. Like Doraemon has a time machine, similarly humans will very soon enjoy their time travel.

Yamini Mishra, VIII, Rajendra Nagar (II)

If only I had listened…

It was a dark, gloomy and rainy day when I first tasted the flavour of regret. It was one of the most bitter and painful feelings I had ever felt. I was watching television when my mother stepped in front of the television and blocked the screen. A frown spread across her face. It immediately hit my head. She was angry because I had ignored every word she said even though she repeated it several times, 'I am telling you for the last time. It is going to rain tomorrow just like today. Look outside it is raining cats and dogs. Seriously, the drops are enormous. They are like water creatures in a fairy tale, falling …'

'Ok, OK Mom! I get it! promise I will cover my bag, but only after my favourite show. Please, just let me be!' I interrupted. Mom left without a single word. Of course, being the typical me, I left it to be done in the morning, but then I forgot. All my books were soaking and that was when I understood why my mother had told me to do it instantly!

If only I had listened!

Another day, I was happy to model my new swimsuit, the one with pockets. I felt that I rocked it better than anyone else did. It was perfect, not only because of the looks but also because I was also luggage-free. But when all my friends kept their phones in a basket so that they didn't have to rummage through their bags everytime they wanted to take a picture, I thought, 'What would be the use of my pockets then?' so I kept it there. But being the typical me, I forgot … again. So the evil sea murdered my phone even though my phone never harmed it. My friends kept on saying, 'We told you but did you listen?'

But that did not help me at all, because I was still weary.

If only I had listened!

The next week, we went on a safari trip. But it did not go as we had planned. We did not even know we were going on a safari. We thought that the resort was a picnic spot! But instead of spoiling our mood, we tried to enjoy! First, we entered the gates. There were clusters of flowers, on both sides. They were magnificent! After we met our guide, we hurried to the green lands so that we would make back on time. Back at home, before the safari, my friends had told me a million times to wear full pants and not the shorter ones. But I did not take their advice as it was too hot outside, and besides I thought that we were going to a garden. But as soon as I set my eyes upon the land which was crowded with trees, I started regretting for not having taken my friends' advice. So, while all the others returned home happy, having had a great time, I still had the taste of regret on my tongue. My forelimbs were in such a bad condition, that I felt ill only by looking at them. There were thorn scars, insect bites and scars from leaves, barks and stem.

If only I had listened!

Oh no! all my hard work has gone down the drain. I just found that we had to write a poem and not a story! Now, I really wish I had listened!

Sara Enayati, VII, Cambridge Section

Results of Creative Writing Contest 2018 Juniors (Classes VI to VIII)

  • 1st: Shreya Yadav, VIII-A9, CMS Mahanagar

  • 2nd: 1. Yamini Mishra, VIII, CMS Rajendra Nagar II, 2. Sara Enayati, VII, Cambridge Section

  • 3rd: 1. Tanisha Singh, VI-A, CMS Aliganj I, 2. Khuushi Jain, VIII-A2, CMS Mahanagar, 3. Ayushi Srivastava, VIII-A, CMS Anand Nagar, 4. Anushka Mishra, VII-A, CMS Anand Nagar, 5. Abhishek Gupta, VII-A, Anand Nagar Campus


  • 1. Mahi Jain, VIII-A5, CMS Rajajipuram I, 2. Kamzah Kausar, VIII-B, CMS Chowk, 3. Manya Mishra, VII-C, CMS Indira Nagar, 4. Trisha Banerjee, VI, CMS Indira Nagar, 5. Satyam Kumar, VI-A, CMS Anand Nagar, 6. Aditi Shukla, VIII-A, CMS Chowk, 7. Unnati Rastogi, VIII-A-I, CMS Mahanagar, 8. Juhi Saxena, VIII, CMS Gomti Nagar II, 9. Manas Sachdev, VII-A, CMS RDSO Campus, 10. Shubhanshi Srivastava, VIII-A8, CMS Mahanagar, 11. Vani Srivastava, VIII-A2, CMS Rajendra Nagar III, 12. Naba Nadeem, VII-A1, CMS Rajendra Nagar III, 13. Vaishnavi Srivastava, VIII-A2, CMS Rajendra Nagar III, 14. Lokshya Tiwari, VIII-A, CMS Aliganj II, 15. Juhi Saxena, VIII, CMS Gomti Nagar II

Special Mention

  • 1. Sadhyarshi Dubey, VI-B, CMS Gomti Nagar I, 2. Aryaman Das, VIII-F, CMS G.N. II, 3. Shrey Gupta, VIII A-1, CMS R.N. III, 4. Naina Yadav, VII-A, CMS Anand Nagar, 5. Jeevisha Satish, VIII-A, CMS Anand Nagar, 6. Saksham Chaturvedi, VI, CMS Anand Nagar, 7. Saloni Kansal, VI-A, CMS Anand Nagar, 8. Sukrit Aryan, VIII-B, CMS Anand Nagar, 9. Jhanvi Khare, VIII-B, CMS Aliganj II, 10. Akhil Srivastava, VIII-C, CMS RDSO, 11. Shivansh Jaiswal, VIII-A9, CMS Mahangar, 12. Harshvardhan, VII-B, CMS Gomti Nagar I, 13. Suhain Sehgal, VII-C, CMS Kanpur Road Campus, 14. Yatharth Vansh, VIII-A, CMS Rajendra Nagar II, 15. Misha Agarwal, VI-E, CMS Gomti Nagar I, 16. Ishita Dixit, VIII-L, CMS Kanpur Road, 17. Sudiksha Chitranshi, VIII-A, CMS Rajendra Nagar II, 18. Manyata Singh, VI, Cambridge Section, 19. Aakriti Maurya, VIII-C, CMS Gomti Nagar II, 20. Sinjini Bhattacharya, VI-C, CMS Indira Nagar, 21. Kastoori Nigam, VIII-A, CMS Rajendra Nagar II, 22. Rishi Shekhar, VIII-D, CMS Gomti Nagar I, 23. Anukriti Singh, VI-C, CMS Indira Nagar

Fire Safety Training Workshops at CMS Campuses

A series of Fire Safety Training sessions were organized at all CMS campuses in July 2019. Resource person Mr Manoj Saxena emphasized on the need on how to operate the Fire safety equipment, if any emergency take place.

Since every campus has a fire safety committee/team to take quick action for fire safety precaution, these sessions gave them a lot of confidence.

Easy Steps to operate a Fire Extinguisher- remember PASS

  • P - Pull the pin.

  • A - Aim the nozzle or hose at the base of the fire from the recommended safe distance.

  • S - Squeeze the operating lever to discharge the fire extinguishing agent.

  • S - Starting at the recommended distance, Sweep the nozzle or hose from side to side until the fire is out. Move forward or around the fire area as the fire diminishes. Watch the area in case of re-ignition.