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International Festival of Music, Art & Dance ‘Celesta 2018’

organized by CMS Aliganj Campus I overflows with talents of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India

All for One, One for All Music Unites

Music increases power of concentration

The four-day International Festival of Music 'Celesta International-2018' organized by CMS Aliganj Campus I was replete with choreography, folk dance, instrumental music and collage competitions in which students from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and different states of India gave full vent to their hidden talents. While on one hand, participating students stirred the audience to tap tap to the beat of the vibrating music in choreography and orchestra contests, on the other hand the meaningful collages on the 'Divine Music & Rhythm of the Universe' vied for attention of the viewers. Curtains came down with a grand prize-giving ceremony held on 12 August at CMS Kanpur Road wherein the Chief Guest, Mr Shiba Prasad Kar, DGM, Union Bank of India gave away prizes to the winners. ODM Public Schook, Bhubaneswar, Odisha bagged the Overall Championship Trophy of Celesta International-2018.

Expressions in Choreography
The evergreen Radha Krishna dance
Young Artist at work

Junior Youth Empowerment Programme in CMS

Mrs. Farida Vahedi, Head, Character Education & Youth Empowerment

CMS has integrated the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Programme, into its school curriculum. This has provided a unique opportunity to nurture the capacities of thousands of junior youth to transform themselves and contribute to the transformation of their society starting with their family, school, and community.

The program consists of three parts, namely: the study of the junior youth books, artistic activities to enhance power of expression and service projects. Integral to the programme is the training of student volunteers from classes 9, 10, 11, 12 to serve as “animators” and to facilitate the programme for groups of 10 of their younger peers from classes 6, 7 and 8.

JYEP is not an extra-curricular activity; the program falls within the school curriculum and time table. It takes place only during assembly and zero periods and the animators do not miss any regular class. Animators are able to balance academic level and service to their fellow school mates considering both as part of their preparation for the future. This goes to show that as students, they can live an integrated life- they can balance intellectual and spiritual growth through service, help in changing society for the better. We have 926 animators in 9 campuses of CMS today. A 10th campus, Chowk, has just begun the journey. Following are the Campus JYEP Coordinators and Volunteers.

Anupriya Bajaj

Aliganj Campus I:

Teaching support staff, nukkad natak on social topics, Kakori rural school service project, radio plays recorded by students on student related issues, passion club being run by children, are among the service projects carried out by the animators and junior youth of CMS Aliganj I over the past few years. Junior youth are involved in primary teaching projects as well. JYEP has provided spaces for reflection and learning together.

Manju Rawat
Himanshu Prakash
Lavin Banerjee
Nishtha Singh
Riya Kishore
Shashank Pundhir

Gomti Nagar Campus II:

Students are encouraged to contribute to the betterment of their community through service projects and different activities such as, Neighbourhood teaching project, Primary Moral teaching, Save Electricity and stop using aluminum foil, Charity projects like ‘soles for souls”,”Donate a Saree” and different creative activities related to the concept of JYEP books such as chanting prayers, songs, skit, Block painting, Warli painting, Cloth painting, etc.

Bita Sahu
Venus Enayati

Indira Nagar Campus:

CMS Indira Nagar JYEP team consists of a coordinator and two volunteers. The team works together with the animators and junior youth on nukkad nataks and plays to be performed in assembly on social issues. Service projects are also taken up by the volunteers during moral education classes and animators during JYEP classes related to the chapters of the book they teach.

Anamika Sharma
Sriya Kishore
Vartika Mishra

Kanpur Road Campus:

JYEP integrates youth and junior youth within school curriculum, to empower and nurture their inherent capability for social transformation. In our campus, objectives of the Programme are being fructified in Animators and Junior Youth by different acts of Service and social awareness in the form of Nukkad Nataks, in Assembly and Model Class on relevant issues.

Mosa Matlapeng
Ritu Agarwal
Shobani Suppiah
Vidya Yadav

Mahanagar Campus:

There are around 56 students serving in Mahanagar every week as animators. We feel that as the programme is growing in the branch, the zeal and enthusiasm of the animators is increasing each year. Like some animators of class 11 expressed their willingness to give their year of service in class 12, while class 9 animators plan an exhibition within few months of starting their groups. This is what real Empowerment is and still a lot to learn!

Ayaan Ali
Noora Shafiee
Monisha Salooja

Rajajipuram Campus I:

JYEP team of CMS Rajajipuram I with the help of school management and teachers from different sections have managed to lay down a strong foundation for animators and junior youth to walk the path of service. Animators are undertaking various steps for empowering their junior youth. Now the programme has reached to such a level that everyone is keen to be a part of the programme.

Harsh Shukla
Purnima Pradhan
Sibashis Barik

Rajendra Nagar Campus I:

The programme nurtures the junior youth in the sensitive age-group of 12-15 who look up to the animators as their role models. They admire and adore them. Service projects like creative expressions, primary moral teaching, assembly presentations and educational trips on various themes allow them to explore the concepts they have learnt in their JYEP books in real life situations and experiences. Currently, there are 157 animators in Rajendra Nagar Campus I.

Amin Ashnaei
Dr. Sangeeta Devi
Mohit Arun
Suman Giri

Chowk Campus:

Each day is a great learning experience with these beautiful souls and the energy that they have to serve in their own communities takes the program into the next level. We already have a list of 70 volunteers of class IX for undergoing JYEP training.


Station Road Campus:

JYEP started in Station Road from March 2015. It has been a wonderful experience of walking the path of service along with the animators. The whole hearted collaboration and guidance of the Principal, Vice-principal and incharges has contributed greatly to the smooth running of the programme in the campus.

Gertrude Adome
Tarannom Motallebi

Gomti Nagar Campus I :

It was around eight years back that the management decided to begin with a new endeavour called the Junior Youth Empowerment Programme in GN I. Since then the initiative has not only been helping the junior youth but also the animators in developing their power of expression. Team work is the key note. The program creates for the junior youth, space for thoughtful reflection. At present, the animators and the junior youth are busy with a number of acts of service like the primary teaching, tutorials, accompaniment program, the radio program called “the Confusion Junction” and many more.

Akanshi Pal
Niruda Sharma
Rubina Mohajer