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May 2018

Organic Gardening at CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II

Contributing their bit to the cause of environment conservation, the students of junior section at CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II have ventured into the field of Organic Gardening. They have keenly observed and learnt various techniques of organic vegetable gardening in environment-friendly way.

In the proper guidance of the school gardener, the students have sown the seeds of different vegetables like spinach, beetroot, coriander, mint, cabbage, chenopodium (bathuwa), tomato, in plastic tubs. Each student has adopted one plant and takes care of it on daily basis. In this way, they have been able to yield organic vegetables which are fertilizers and pesticides free because as manure they have used compost made in the campus compost pit. The basket used for storing these vegetables is also environment friendly made out of old used towel and plaster of paris.

Open Day at CMS Asharfabad (New Campus)

CMS Asharfabad (New Campus) organized its 'Open Day Celebrations' on April 14 at its beautifully decorated premises with great joy and enthusiasm. A large number of students participated in these celebrations to showcase their talents that left the parents and guardians mesmerized with their skills. Melodious rendition of songs, music and several creative activities brought the students' talents on fore. The parents eagerly took a round of the campus appreciating CMS' broader and bolder education policy and its efforts to impart quality education. Principal, Mrs Trapti Dwivedi welcomed the parents and invited them to see the modern facilities like modern computer lab, large airy classrooms, play area for tiny-tots, interactive whiteboards in each classroom and a well-maintained lobby for the parents and visitors. CMS Founder Dr Jagdish Gnadhi and Director of Strategy, Mr Roshan Gandhi, addressed the parents.

Educationists from abroad visit CMS

Ms Dawn Tayor and Ms Natalie Chapman, Educationists from Kingsdale Foundation School, Dulwich, London, visited the campus on 9 April and interacted with the students at a special assembly conducted by the students of junior section in the memory of the great physicist Stephan William Hawking. The students presented self-made eco-friendly gifts like cards, paper bags and vases made from waste material.

Gold medals in International English Olympiad

Ananya Srivastava and Anushka Jha

Two brilliant students of CMS Aliganj Campus I namely Ananya Srivastava of Class VIII and Anushka Jha of Class VII, bagged the gold medals at International English Olympiad organized under the aegis of Science Olympiad Foundation, New Delhi.

CMS Official visits Russia

Mr Shishir Srivastava presenting the World Citizen Award to Dr Katerina L. Kabakhidge

Mr Shishir Srivastava, Head, International Relations Department, CMS, was invited to deliver Keynote Address at the First International Scientific Conference "Lifelong Learning: Effective Approaches and Outlooks," held on 6 and 7 April 2018 at the University Campus, Moscow, Russia.

On behalf of the CMS Founder Manager Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Mr Shishir Srivastava presented an award of Excellence in Education to Dr Igor M. Remorenko, Rector of Moscow City University (MCU). He also presented the World Citizen Award to Dr Katerina L. Kabakhidge, PhD, Head of Laboratory of International Projects, Dept. of Strategic Developments, Moscow City University, Moscow.

Pranay wins Rs. 15000 cash prize in Environment Olympiad

Pranay Singh, a Class VI student of CMS Aliganj Campus I has been awarded gold medal and a cash prize of ₹ 15000 in the Natural Capital Olympiad on environment and wildlife organized nationally under the aegis of Saevus Wildlife India, a leading organization promoting wildlife and nature conservation, wherein this brilliant CMS student secured second rank nationally making CMS students' obvious concern, awareness and commitment to conserve environment and protect wildlife.

Road Safety Awareness Programme at CMS

Shri Swatantra Dev Singh, Minister of State with Independent Charge, Transport, U.P. giving tips to commuters on road safety

CMS welcomed Shri Swatantra Dev Singh, Minister of State with Independent Charge, Transport, U.P., on April 4, 2018 at CMS Gomti Nagar I. The Minister showed concern for children’s safety and appreciated measures taken by the institution towards ensuring the same. CMS President Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon and Director of Strategy, Mr Roshan Gandhi, were present on this occasion and reiterated the school’s commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for the students which include good transport facilities, well-trained and experienced drivers and conductors, good buses etc.

Rs. 25,000 cash prize in GOI's Essay Writing Contest

Anushka Trivedi of Class IX of CMS Rajajipuram Campus I, won a cash prize of 25,000/- rupees for standing second at the zonal level in National Essay Competition organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation. The competition was organized on water conservation and pollution.

Turning things Upside Down: Flipped Classrooms

Sushama Rajkumar
Coordinator, Cambridge Section

Everyone has noticed the change in the classrooms. Markers and IWB’s have replaced the chalk and blackboard. Students are sitting in crews and on nicer furniture. Yet very often, the role of the teacher is limited to a disseminator of information and a lot of class time is allocated to just listening to the teacher. Research indicates that there is an increase in learning when active learning is employed.

Flipped Classroom is an instructional strategy that reverses traditional learning environment, by delivering content outside the classroom and increasing teacher contact time in classrooms.

What does a Flipped Classroom look like? Physically, the same. But instead of passively listening to someone, you can see them actively engaged in applying their new knowledge after watching/ listening or reading content at home or before the class starts. Essentially, the homework that is typically done at home is done in the classroom, while the lectures that are usually done in the classroom are viewed at home.

Flipped classrooms allow class time to be used to master skills through collaborative projects and discussions. This encourages students to teach and learn from each other with the guidance of their teachers. A teacher flipping a classroom emphasises on higher order thinking skills and application to complex problems.

These collaborative activities and conversations inevitably allow for exploring subjects and concepts deeply.

—Sushama Rajkumar
Coordinator, Cambridge Section

Teacher with a Purpose, Samvida Adhikari

Mrs Samvida Adhikari

Mrs Samvida Adhikari is the name that spells success for the tiny tots. She provides a loving environment for the kids to grow up healthy and strong, Mrs Sushama Rajkumar, Coordinator of Cambridge Section, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II, says, “The pre-primary section of CMS Gomti Nagar II is a beautiful world. The atmosphere here is happy and inviting. Beautiful displays on every possible surface tell you a story. There is engagement and learning in all those displays. It is evident that a lot of thought and plan has gone into creating this. As you move in, you can see the bubbly children of the section- happy and well turned out. And if you listened closely you can hear them speak-in English– comfortably and confidently. So, who is behind all this effort?

Samvida Adhikari, the Pre Primary Incharge is a meticulous planner. A lot of her success can be credited to this. She is always in control ensuring proper coordination between all her teachers. Creative and artistic, she has the Midas touch that turns all she touches, into smiles. Her passion for children and teaching is evident. Always on the move, she is never the one to look for rewards. She is a shining example for her amazing commitment and dedication to children and the institution.”

We asked Mrs Samvida Adhikari a few questions and she replied promptly and effortlessly.

Q. Are you passionate about teaching small children?
Ans. There is happiness always in the company of children. I love it. I love children and their continuing ability to amaze me. I feel connected with them and see overwhelming number of possibilities to make the best use of my time to mentor and nurture them. It is an honour to be in this role.

Q. Any special contribution to education or any new idea you have implemented at your campus ?
Ans. I represented my campus at the 8th International Conference of Pre Primary and Primary Principals and won the 2nd prize in Paper Presentation on Innovative Ideas, New Strategies and Novel Methods imparted in the classrooms to make our children ‘21st Century Learners’ and how it visibly impacted our school community. My students have won laurels at various school level and inter campus competitions in events as varied as street play, elocution, tip tap, folded glory, fancy speech with fancy dress and clay art. We are nurturing Parent-Children-School Connection through events for parents like, Guided Reading Workshop, The Secret To the Magical Tiffin Box-Cooking competition, Protecting Healthy Smiles-Dental Camp, Smart Moms Taking Control of Technology-Computer Workshop and Workshop on Child Safety and Security. I thank my mentors Senior Principal, Ms Manjit Batra and Principal, Ms Sangeeta Banerjee for their support and my reliable team members, full of ideas, many of which have already been realized by combined efforts, some are in process and many more yet to come.

Q. Any change you would like to bring about in the pattern of education in India?
Ans. I would like teachers from all over the nation to contribute to a National Curriculum for an excellent, efficient and equitable system of education.