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June 2018

Prize Winning Articles of Power of Pen Contest

If I were given three wishes

I would make the world a better place to live in. If I were given three wishes. My first wish would be to free the world of old age homes because every old person is a family member, and at the old age, he/she is the responsibility of his/her children. In old age homes, old people miss their families and children. They are deprived of the love and affection they deserve. So, it is like a mental torture to them to keep them in old age home.

My second wish would be to ban the hunting and slaughter of animals. Hunting of wild life or killing of animals in the name of religious sacrifices, rituals, or just for fun, is a very uncivilized practice. It should be abolished. Every living being is created by god and is a part of nature. Nobody has the right to kill. Animals are killed by human beings for their pleasure. This is inhuman.

My third wish would be to remove poverty from the world. Poverty is a curse. It is the root of crime, disease and despair. Everybody has the right to a dignified, comfortable and fun-filled life. So, nobody should be poor.

If my wishes come true, I will thank God with all my heart and take even more steps to make our society better.

Shalvica Raj Singh Tomar, V
Joping Road Campus

My favourite season

Every season has its own charms and attraction. I love monsoon season the most. In fact after the scorching heat during summer, the only thing I look for is the rain. I love the sound of the rain, the scent of the Earth and even the terrific sounds of dark clouds and huge lightning. I just love getting wet by natural showers, making paper boats and floating them along the stream of water.

It is a great friend of the farmers. The earth which becomes dry get cool and soft and wears green colour. The trees and creepers are filled with new leaves. Flowers appear on them.

The beautiful rainbow falls in the sky. The sun plays hide & seek with the clouds. The sun shines through them and grey cloud get multicoloured. The boatmen ply their boats across the river. Peacocks dance in the woodland.

Aleem Khan, IV-A5,

If I were granted three wishes

All of us, a child or an old, has some wishes to fulfill. We children have imaginations and wishes which we want to be fulfilled. If I were granted three wishes I would ask those wishes which I eagerly want to be fulfilled.

My first wish is to unite the world. I want this wish to be fulfilled as if people are not united they fight against each other. And one day they will destroy the whole world. If people are united they will make the world a better place.

My second wish is to protect the world from pollution. I want so because due to pollution many diseases develop and are harmful for everyone.

My third wish is to save wild life. I want so because plants and animals are very useful to us. We get food from them and fibers like flax, leather etc from them. Especially from plants we get many things like medicines, raw materials etc.

I would be very happy if my three wishes will turn true.

Shaurya Chilwal, III-B,
RDSO Campus

The oldest person I know

People in the world of today might think that old people cannot do anything. They might think that old people are of no use, they just lie down in one corner and we have to be their slaves for our whole life. Some people even, due to this thinking, leave their parents at old age home. But the situation is different with me.

The oldest person I know is my granny. She is more than a granny, she is a 4G network, superfast. She is even a great cook. Although, she cooks the dishes of the ninetees, but still we do not rest until the whole plate is finished. Sometimes when our mother is engaged in work she helps us in our studies and takes care of us. She tells us some of the very interesting stories which we are always eager to hear at bedtime. Every Friday she sits with us and tells us some mythological stories. Whenever, mamma is angry with me or my younger sister, she always takes our side.

So, at last I would like to say that if my granny is so helpful to me and to my family then other grandparents must be too. So why do children leave them at old age home? Do they forget how they helped them at every step of life. So we should take care of them as God has bestowed upon us such a wonderful gift.

Maryam Alvi, V-C
Rajendra Nagar Campus I

My favourite season

My favourite season My favourite
My season has come,
It's time for fun, Oh yeah!
It's winter, it's winter, My favourite season.
The water is snowy,
But we aren't drowsy
We want the snowy snowflakes to play Out all over the pathway.
And do you know,
In this season of snow,
We love to make a snowman
With a long nose,
A black hat at the top,
To make it look smart and tall,
And at last its ebony hands fixed to its body,
Are just like a clamp.
In this season of snow,
My favourite food do you know,
Are those,
Hot and spicy Aloo-Tikki,
Sweet and crispy gazak chikki
They make a tasty treat for me.
I love winter as it's cold
As cold that are cannot hold
Its fun skating on freezing lakes
When the air is filled with snow,

Sushma Bhardwaj Pathak, V-A6
Rajajipuram Campus I

If I were given three wishes

Every human on this earth has unlimited desires, so do I. If some day the Almighty God gave me the splendid opportunity to grant me any three wishes, here is my wish-list.

Firstly, I would wish to become a successful and renowned computer engineer as I really want to create some useful software for the sake of people around the world!

Secondly, I would ask God to keep my parents healthy and happy forever and grant me the ability to take good care of them in their old age because they are the most important people in my life. So I wish I could treasure happy moments with them and share their pains, if any, howsoever busy I may be!

My third wish is like an open-eyed dream in today's era… 'The world free from wars, weapons, warriors and wounds!... To make it a better place to live!

Although wishes have 'No End', these three are sufficient enough to be 'Happy' in life for me; if fulfilled….!

Swastik Saxena, III-M
CMS Kanpur Road Campus

My favourite season

India is a land of seasons which is associated with its typical characteristics. Every season has its own joys and sorrow. Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore said about this beautiful season – Monsoon," Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky."

My favourite season is the rainy season or monsoon. 'Rain' when we hear this word in summer, it brings cheer and gives relaxation to our mind and heart. It refreshes us but also reminds us of the problems that we face during rainy seasons. The cool, wet and pleasant days have finally arrived. The continuous, non-stop heavy rain outside, is amazing. What fun it is raining! And when it rains, my heart is filled with joy. Even a peacock dances, when it rains. Small children make paper boats and play in muddy water. A rainbow in the sky, after all the raining, adds to the thrill and excitement.

For me, it is the most colourful season as one can see a lot of greenery all around oneself. There are frequent roars of thunder in the sky. I like to get wet in rain. But, my parents do not like me to get wet in rain as they are scared that I would fall ill. To avoid getting wet in rain, the school going children and other people can be seen running with umbrellas and wearing raincoats.

There are some major things that I dislike about Monsoon. The street is full with vehicles and a lot of honking noises. Agriculture also depends upon rain. The worst effect about monsoon is that some areas get very badly flooded. Many farmers lose their earnings as their crops are destroyed. Many insects and mosquitoes start breeding in muddy and dirty water of the rain causing various diseases like malaria, dengue etc.

Many kinds of other problems are also caused due to rain but on the whole my favourite season is rainy season. Despite these problems, I like Monsoons the most. Once someone said: "Everybody wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow, without any rain".

Srishti, V-A
RDSO Campus

My favourite season

My favourite season is 'Summer'. I love this season very much due to the summer vacations in which I could visit my grandparents and other relatives and tourist places. I would play freely in the evenings without any worry of school or homework. My parents also take me to parks and movies quite often.

I can take out more time for my hobby, Taekwondo, which gives me pleasure. These vacations also give me time for improving my weak points in studies.

The other thing I love about summer is mango. It is my favoure fruit and is only available in summers. Also I can eat ice-cream and cold drinks during summers which I could not during winters due to health problem.

Thus these are the reasons why I love summers.

Rudraksh Saxena, IV-A3
Mahanagar Campus

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— Chief Editor

Topics of the contest for primary section (Classes III-V)

  1. Describe the oldest/youngest person you know.
  2. Describe your favourite season. Tell what kind of things you like to do during that season.
  3. If you were given three wishes what would they be and why?
  4. An exciting match.