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December 2018

From the President's Pen...

Prof. Geeta Kingdon President
Dear Parents,

It has been the striving of CMS to nurture the noble inner selves of the staff-body – through exhortation, good counsel, positive reinforcement and through training of their social consciousness. It is ultimately these ennobled and refined inner-selves of school leaders and teachers that lead to their effort (going beyond the call of duty), attitude of service, sacrifice and an outpouring of love for their students. Education imparted by such praiseworthy educators is what yields CMS’s rich harvest of high-achieving and empowered youth. So, in this message, I want to pay tribute to the educators of CMS – school leaders (Principals, Vice Principals, Headmistresses, Section Incharges, Class Coordinators), teachers and other staff – for their ennobled selves, which has taken the CMS students to great heights.

Last month’s activities illustrate the rationale for such a tribute. Three events arranged in November by CMS staff provided our students enormous opportunities for their growth. About 10,000 CMS students of classes 8 to 11 attended sessions at the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World, which this year attracted judges and dignitaries from 71 countries, giving students an unparalleled platform for interacting with some of the world’s most preeminent leaders. The students surprised and impressed everyone with their knowledge, challenging questions and thoughtful perspectives. The staff of Rajendranagar IIIrd and Chowk campuses of CMS also provided big platforms – at the COFAS and QUANTA international events – for their students to pit their talents against, and make friends with, students from 12 countries including Brazil, Russia, Germany, Lebanon, Finland, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and also from across the Indian states. Were CMS teachers and leaders not straining every nerve and not going beyond the call of duty, such enriching and potentially life-transforming opportunities for children would simply not happen. So, here’s to the campus leaders, teachers and support staff of CMS !

19th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World
ushers in new hope for the safe future of children

Over 370 Heads of State and Chief Justices from 71 countries fully support
formation of World Government, World Parliament and World Court of Justice

Chief Guest Yogi Adityanath, Hon'ble Chief Minister, U.P., lighting the lamp to inaugurate the 19th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World with Shri Hriday Narain Dixit, Speaker, Legislative Assembly, CMS Founders Dr Jagdish Gandhi & Dr Bharti Gandhi

At the 19th Conference of Chief Justices of the World organised by CMS from 14 to 20 November 2018, Chief Justices and Judges of Supreme Courts gave their whole-hearted massive support to the theme of the Conference “Uniting the World through Enforceable World Law and Effective Global Governance” and Article 51 of the Constitution of India, which formed the focus of this significant World Judiciary Meet. Article 51 states that the State shall endeavour to promote international peace and security, maintain just and honourable relations between nations, foster respect for international law and encourage the settlement of international disputes through arbitration, not by war. CMS organises this conference annually to create an international climate of opinion in favour of the creation of a world governance structure that is capable of addressing international disputes and of taking concrete steps for the welfare and safety of the world’s 2.5 billion children and the generations yet unborn. This inter-generational responsibility taken up by CMS, and an education for World Unity, Peace and Justice it imparts, is what sets it apart from other schools and makes it a lighthouse of society.

Chief Minister of U.P., Yogi Adityanath rightly said in his inaugural address that the spirit of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam is inherent in Article 51 of the Constitution of India and it is our moral responsibility as citizens of India to work for World Unity and World Peace to safeguard the future of the world’s children by building a New World Order and effective World Laws. Earlier, the Defence Minister, India, Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurated the first session of the ICCJW 2018 in New Delhi on 15th November and encouraged us with the words, ”Equality of men and women is important in all spheres of society. Safety of women must be ensured in public places as well as in cyber space,” she said. The presence of over 370 Heads of States, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governor Generals, Speakers of Parliaments and Chief Justices, Judges, educationists and peace promoters representing 71 countries of the world added to the gravity of the Conference.

Hon’ble Chief Justices and Judges paying floral tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at his Samadhi in Rajghat
Hon’ble Smt Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister for Defence, Govt. of India, inaugurated the first session of ICCJW 2018 in New Delhi
Hon’ble Shri Brajesh Pathak, Minister for Law and Justice, was the Chief Guest on 18th November at the CJ Conference

Hon'ble Shri J. P. Nadda, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India presented the 'Mahatma Gandhi Award for promoting World Peace' to Dr Hong Tao-Tze, President, Federation of World Peace and Love, USA.
H.E. Ms Ameenah Gurib Fukim, Former President of Mauritius and other dignitaries of the CJ Conference at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi
Hon'ble Shri J. P. Nadda, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India and Mayor of Lucknow, Mrs Sanyukta Bhatia presenting 'Key to the City of Lucknow' to the Chief Justice of South Sudan, Hon'ble Mr Justice Chan Reec Madut for his relentless work for the world unity, peace and justice over the years.

Hon'ble Shri J. P. Nadda, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, Mayor of Lucknow, Mrs Sanyukta Bhatia, Her Royal Excellency Dr Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura, Princess of Thailand; Labour member of the House of Lords, British Parliament, Baroness Helena Ann Kennedy and participants of the 19th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World