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December 2018

19th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World-Empowering Thoughts for a Golden Future

Mr Kgalema Motlanthe, former President of South Africa

We need to remind ourselves of our responsibilities towards the rising population of children who will become full participants in the affairs of the world. Let us live simply so that others may live simply.

Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, Defence Minister, India

Women space is not just your family home. The public spaces which are available for men like parks, public transport or theatre are spaces where women should feel safe, not just be safe but also feel safe. There is a need to ensure safety of women in cyber space. The cyber space is increasingly becoming the instrument through which women work or give productive time.

Ms Ameenah Gurib-Fakim former President of Mauritius

A society that invests in education is actually building a new future. Inequality is greater global risk than poverty and people should not be denied fundamental freedoms. It is false economy not to invest in girls' rights.

Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister, U.P.

International Chief Justices Conference is a blessing for World Unity which for sure will be a great success in its mission. I welcome all the participants on behalf of the 23 crore citizens of Uttar Pradesh in this city of culture and tradition. Article 51 of the Indian Constitution has significant provisions for the world peace and therefore to provide a safe and secured future to young generations is our responsibility. We believe that to safeguard the children is our foremost priority and One World Order is necessary for it.

Mr Stjepan Mesic, former President of Croatia

Children must not be discriminated against on the basis of nationalities or economic status. They must be allowed to participate in activities that promote freedom of speech so that their voices can be heard.

Mr J P Nadda, Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India

Our Constitution inspires not only our own countrymen but the entire world population to live in justice, unity, peace and harmony. This effort of CMS to raise the voice of children for establishing unity and peace in the world is commendable.

Mr Pakaletha B. Mosilili, former Prime Minister, Lesotho

Children can only be empowered through education. The most expensive peace is still cheaper than the cheapest war.

Mr Hriday Narain Dixit, Speaker of UP Legislative Assembly

We are really honoured that the makers of our constitution made Article 51 which has significant provisions for world peace and unity. The concept of peace has always been a prominent agenda for us Indians because the idea of peace is inbuilt in our minds and this conference will further strengthen it.

Sir Iakoba T. Italeli, Governor-General of Tuvalu

Contemporary international challenges of starvation, poverty, illiteracy, terrorism etc. are fiercer than ever before. Still, the world is spending more on accumulation of weapons of mass destruction than on elimination of poverty.

Mr Pankaj Singh, MLA and General Secretary, Bhartiya Janta Party, UP

The aim of this conference is wellbeing of world’s children. Respect for Human Rights is of utmost need to establish unity and peace and Article 51 of our Constitution ensures it.

Mr Justice Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona O.R.T.T S.C. LLD (HON) Fifth President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (2013-2018)

Dr Jagdish Gandhi is an indomitable warrior of peace and is very right in saying that children are the common denominators, providing a safe and secure future to whom is the collective responsibility of us participating judges who represent authority, power and intelligence.

Mr Justice Menkerios Beraki, Chief Justice, Eritrea

Eritrea has faced loss of hundreds of dollars and suffered tens of thousands of casualties as direct consequence of its conflict with Ethiopia and is in favour of taking steps for safeguarding the future of the children. Eritrea therefore supports CMS students in their call for the formation of the World Government and global judiciary.

Mrs Santi Bai Hanoomanjee, Speaker of the Parliament, Republic of Mauritius

I tell you about the tiny drops my small country has dropped into the ocean to bring peace in the world, since my participation in the conference last year and hope that other participants have also initiated actions in their respective countries. If we mean business, we would have to be result oriented.

Ms Justice Yonette Cummings Edwards, Acting Chancellor, Judiciary of Guyana

We cannot change the world with a clinched fist. Let the world leaders join hands to take action for creating a world where there is peace and unity and the future of our children is safe.

Prof. Aaron Michael Oquaye, Speaker of the Parliament, Ghana

Children all over the world are the same and so are their needs. We adults are responsible for giving them a secured and happy atmosphere, because they themselves cannot have it. If systems of society crumble down, children are the worst sufferers. It is therefore, the responsibility of us all to keep it all in place.

Mr Justice Said Yousuf Halim, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Afghanistan

The time is ripe now to establish ‘International Law and Order’ because it is the only way to find solutions for the global issues. This conference is apt to the aspirations of children of the world in a scenario when the cloud of dangers has engulfed the safety, hopes and lives of children of the world.

Ms Helena Ann Kennedy, Labour member of the House of Lords, Great Britain

Future belongs to today's children and their idealism would change the world. If we want international law, we need to cultivate respect for international law and global governance in young minds.

Mr Justice Prof. Narey Oumarou, Vice-President, Constitutional Court, Niger

World Parliament is possible but the rules of international law must be sanctioned as social norms and must be applicable to all states, individuals and legal persons making up the social body.

Dr Abdul Baseer Anwar, Minister of Justice, Afghanistan

International law should be so strong that it does not leave scope for any political interference.

Mr Justice Dr Ousmane Batoko, President, Supreme Court, Benin

The priority of all institutions should be the welfare of the children, as the welfare of the world lies in the safe future of the world's children.

Mr Brajesh Pathak, Minister for Law and Justice, U.P.

Today the world is plagued with innumerable problems like poverty, illiteracy, terrorism and global warming. War and threat of nuclear weapons loom large upon our heads, jeopardizing the future of 2.5 billion children of the world and the generations yet unborn. These problems are so widespread and so grave that they cannot be solved by any one country on its own. They can only be solved by a central governing authority like a World Parliament elected by representatives of all the countries of the world.

Dr Hong Tao-Tze, President, Federation of World Peace and Love, USA

We learn from history and will become a part of history. Children are the hope of the future. Without Human Rights there is no love and peace. We should unlock the power of our conscience and open the door to a peaceful world.

Mr Hanan Melcer, Deputy President, Supreme Court, Israel

Israeli Constitution has similar provisions as Article 51 of the Constitution of India as it calls for freedom and equality and entreats us to stay away from all kinds of evils and work for the benefit of all.

Ms Justice Mirsada Dzindo, Judge, Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

I hope each of us participants of this conference does something substantial in our respective country to bring change and make a better world, specially for children.

Mr Justice Adel Omar Sherif, Deputy Chief Justice, Supreme Constitutional Court, Egypt

The rules of the International Court of Justice should be applicable equally upon all nations of the world irrespective of all differences, especially in the cases of crimes against humanity, like use and stockpiling of nuclear weapons and terrorism.

Mr Justice Mvondo Evezo'o Jean Pierre, Judge, Supreme Court, Cameroon

We learn from history and will become a part of history. Children are the hope of the future. Without Human Rights there is no love and peace. We should unlock the power of our conscience and open the door to a peaceful world.

Mr Justice A. P. Mishra, former judge of Supreme Court of India

CMS is most sacred place on earth to talk of peace. If we cannot modify UN Charter, each of the country's leadership will have to take it upon himself to discuss and come out with a solution to bring peace in the world.

Mr Justice Eldad Mwangusya, Judge, Supreme Court, Uganda

Every individual in the world has some rights but rights go with some obligations and protecting children's rights is everybody's obligation. Nobody has any right to trample over children's rights.