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August 2018

POWER OF PEN 2017-2018

Environmental Activity at CMS Campuses

In its drive to enhance the sense of moral purpose of its students in protecting the environment, CMS takes multiple approaches to involve young minds in ecological projects in the course of their study. There are Eco clubs established in all campuses of CMS, and teachers who are appointed as environment coordinators. CMS campuses collaborate with the Centre for Environment Education (CEE), UP NEDA, SAVEUS and Prithvi Foundation among others for engaging students in projects on water, beating plastic pollution, biodiversity, tree plantations, organic farming, composting, saving electricity, etc. CMS hosts biannually the International Environment Olympiad engaging students from overseas and within India in exploration of innovative ideas to protect the environment. CMS has won prestigious awards and accolades including the Wipro Earthian Award and the Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar awards. It believes that environmental protection is part and parcel of its emphasis on character and civic education.

1. CMS Rajajipuram Campus I

Saloni Pahuja

Multiple approaches are used to involve students in Environment projects like the Swachhagraha project. The campus has installed solar panels and is utilizing solar energy for productive purposes. In the current session, it has joined the International Eco-School Programme which is an International Certification Programme that helps schools develop environmental consciousness and practices.

2. Gomti Nagar II

Shalini Shrivastva

An initiative is taken to control air pollution and sustain natural resources by plantation drives taken out by students. Paper bags are made by students and distributed in nearby localities. Students have made compost pit in the campus and organic vegetable gardening is done by the manure prepared in compost pit.

3. Jopling Road

Anupama Johari

We have an integrated approach whereby we sensitize students and also carry out Action Projects to make our students Green Foot Soldiers. They made newspaper packets and gave them to the authorities at the Lucknow Zoo. Street Plays based on environmental degradation due to human induced activities have been performed at several strategic locations.

4. Rajendra Nagar I (juniors)

Students are encouraged to discuss about the global environmental problems. Competitions are held like slogan writing, speech, poster making, collage-making to spread awareness about environmental issues like deforestation, global warming etc. Students actively participate in activities like planting saplings, saving water and electricity and reducing the wastage of paper, etc.

5. Rajendra Nagar I (primary)


We try and motivate the entire staff and the students of the Primary Section of Rajendra Nagar Campus I to take an initiative and save our environment and Mother Earth. Various activities including special assemblies, celebration of International Environment related days and best out of waste are conducted throughout the session.


Azeem Khan

Our main focus is to make the campus and its surroundings cleaner, greener and pollution free. We also keep a check on usage of electricity and water. No one is allowed to waste it. We make our children more aware about the environment and tell them the ways to protect it.

7. CMS Gomti Nagar I (seniors)

Era Singh

We have decorated our classes and corridors with different plants. Under the ‘Go Green Initiative,’ students have made newspaper bags. We have Energy Incharges who look after the conservation of energy. Through the ‘Save Water Campaign’, we have encouraged the society to utilize the residual RO and AC water.

8. CMS Kanpur Road (juniors)

Shiksha Tripathi

A cleanliness drive was conducted around our campus. To stress on the issue of "Say No to Plastic" earthen pots are kept in the staff rooms. Students are doing awareness drives and telling others about bio-degradable and bio non-degradable materials. Paper bags were made and distributed to the shops around.

9. CMS Anand Nagar

Lovey Khan

We have held various drives including plantation drives, SAVE- GOMTI WATER drive, and cleanliness drive, to reduce pollution and stop the usage of polythene bags. We have spread awareness through rallies, poster making competitions, extempore and special assemblies about healthy food, air pollution, conserving wild life, stop littering, conservation of water and saving trees.

10. CMS Mahanagar

Archana Deo

Students have planted saplings to spread greenery all around. They have performed skits in the assembly to spread awareness for environment and anti polythene drive. Water usage is regularly monitored and checked in the campus. Cleanliness incharges have been appointed to monitor that cleanliness is maintained in the campus.

11. CMS Station Road

Sonia Nag

A tree plantation drive was undertaken by the students. They brought a variety of saplings and planted them in pots. Children made paper bags from old newspapers which they gifted to the school canteen for use. Floor mats are being made from old towels to teach children to make best out of waste.

12. CMS Mahanagar (seniors)

Eram Siddiqui

We try to sensitize students towards environmental issues through various activities in school assembly like extempore, debates and group discussions on environment sensitive issues. Students are also involved in various campaigns like paper bag distribution, anti cracker drive, tree plantation drives, signature campaigns for controlling air pollution and water conservation.

13. CMS Chowk


As “Best out of waste activity”, students made flower pots from plastic bottles. Handmade paper bags were distributed at the zoo, a rally was taken out on ‘Say No to Plastic Bags’. World Tiger Day was celebrated. On Van Mahotsav Day, we planted saplings at the Gulab Vatika.

14. CMS Gomti Nagar I (juniors)

Sharmila Das Gupta

Our ‘Eco Warriors’ put up a "Nukkad Natak" regarding "Save Trees", and after this, they decided to make their corridors "Green" and started bringing small plants in pots from their houses and started putting them up in their class corridors by showing an outstanding example of "Unity is strength".

15. CMS Indira Nagar

Swati Sharma

Van Mahotsav and Ground Water Week were celebrated making the children aware of the importance of planting trees and conserving water. I would like to especially mention a short film NURTURE NATURE , NURTURE ENVIRONMENT based on Sparrows made by our ex-student Rashi Srivastava which got an overwhelming response worldwide.

16. CMS Rajajipuram II

Ankita Sahu

All the important days related to environment are celebrated with enthusiasm to enhance knowledge regarding the facts of how we are destroying our earth. Activities such as waste management, making paper bags and distributing to the shopkeepers nearby, saving water and electricity by conserving it, planting saplings etc, help students in developing traits of kindness and gratitude.

17. CMS Station Road

Praveen Bhatnagar

We celebrated raksha parv spreading the message to save trees. We spread awareness for non use of polythene and crackers, save water and save energy. We have also organized many competitions like poster making, slogan writing on the topics like "Swachh Bharat", "Save Earth" etc. We have "E - Manage" competition in the international function of our campus IYCCE.

18. CMS Rajendra Nagar II

Sukhwant Kaur

Overflow of water and leakage of taps is being checked and monitored. As environment coordinator I take frequent rounds to check any wastage of water and electricity. Food and water for the sparrows is kept on the terrace. Blue and green dustbins are kept for disposal of wet and dry garbage respectively.

19. CMS Mahanagar (juniors)

Pragati Raizada

Celebration of important environment days, best of waste activities and plantation drives are carried out. A campaign on anti polythene use is being carried out with great fervor. Children are making cloth bags and using them in day to day activities. Use of reusable plates and spoons in place of plastic ones is encouraged.

Results of Creative Writing Contest

Primary (Class I and II)

  1. Vishakha Sagar, I-F, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I
  2. Arhan Adil, I-B, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I

  1. Aadhya Bisht, II-B, CMS Anand Nagar Campus
  2. Rida Javed I-D, CMS Station Road Campus
  3. Abdullah Khan, Aliganj Campus II

  1. Ayush Parashan, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  2. Arsh Khan- I-G, Rajendra Nagar Campus I
  3. Rayan Ahmad Khan, II-A, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  4. Butool Zaidi, I-B, Rajendra Nagar Campus I

  1. Om Kumar Bind, I-B, CMS Anand Nagar Campus
  2. Krishna Agarwal, II-A-3, CMS Mahanagar Campus
  3. Gauri, II, Aliganj Campus I

  1. Rudra Pratap Singh, I-A, Gomti Nagar Campus I
  2. Akshat Verma, II, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  3. Samridh Agarwal, I-A, Anand Nagar Campus
  4. Ridas Fatima Khan, I-A, Mahanagar Campus
  5. Aastha Kanojia, I-B, Anand Nagar Campus
  6. Aumna Misra, II-B, Anand Nagar Campus
  7. Agrima Patel, II-I, Aliganj Campus I
  8. Parineeti Pandey, I-A, Anand Nagar Campus
  9. Kritika Dubey, I-A, Anand Nagar Campus
  10. Meshach Srivastava, I-J, Aliganj Campus I
  11. Manadl Khan, I-A, Aliganj Campus I

Primary (Classes III-V)

  1. Anvita Singh, IV-A-4, Mahanagar Campus
  2. Prapti Singh, IV-C, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  3. Prisha Rai, V-A, Gomti Nagar Campus II

  1. Bhumika Punjabi, IV-A, Rajendra Nagar Campus I
  2. Shalvika Raj Tomar, V, Jopling Road Campus
  3. Maryam Alvi, V-C, Rajendra Nagar Campus I

  1. Aleem Khan, IV-A5, Rajajipuram Campus I
  2. Sushma Bhardwaj Pathak, V-A6, Rajajipuram Campus I
  3. Rudraksh Saxena, IV-A3, Mahanagar Campus
  4. Shaurya Chilwal, III-B, RDSO Campus
  5. Swastik Saxena, III-M, Kanpur Road Campus

  1. Hisham Sabir, III-B, Asharfabad Campus
  2. Ishreen Kaur, IV, Rajendra Nagar Campus II
  3. Soumya Dhal, IV-B, Gomti Nagar Campus I
  4. Vishrut Arya, V, Jopling Road Campus

  1. Bhumika Purohit, V-C, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  2. Mohd Fuzail Tariq, III-C, Rajendra Nagar Campus I
  3. Aditya Singh, IV-D, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  4. Kayna Raj, IV, Jopling Road Campus
  5. Alankrita, V, Jopling Road Campus
  6. Shivesh Kumar Chaurasia, IV-B, RDSO Campus
  7. Sanjeevani Komal, IV-H, Aliganj Campus I
  8. Angel Jain, IV-A, Gomti Nagar Campus II
  9. Vatsalya Gupta, III-A, Anand Nagar Campus
  10. Shaurya Agarwal, IV-D, Station Road Campus
  11. Gaurang Misra, V, Gomti Nagar Campus I (Cambridge)
  12. Aadrika Katiyar, IV-A, RDSO Campus

Training Programme for Teachers

A training on ‘Raising Capability for Social Action’ was held on 22-23 and 25-26 June 2018 for teachers of classes XI-XII & IX-X respectively at WUCC, CMS Kanpur Road Campus. Around 136 teachers of XI & XII and 190 teachers of IX & X participated with the help of seven facilitators. Some of the main issues discussed were: Aggression Management, Stress Management, How to progress towards non-violent communication, How to address competitive tendencies, How to enhance self-esteem, Constructive use of social-networking sites etc.