Mrs Sonia Awasthi
Mother of Priyanka Awasthi

“Yes, the Conference of the Chief Justices of the world have made a great impact on my ward and she has developed respect for all religions, caste and creed. She has gained lot of knowledge about the international court of justice and article 51 of the constitution of India. She has learned to take initiative and take up responsibilities.

Class XII, Mahanagar (NB) Campus

Mrs Malti Singh
Mother of Diksha Singh

“Yes, the Chief Justices Conferences organized by CMS is very helpful for my ward because he has come to know about the power and role of judiciary in bringing peace in the world. Today the people do not hesitate to go to any extent to fulfill their own needs, they are totally enmeshed into corruption. As we all know children are future of this world and to make the future bright we will have to teach them truthfulness and justice which can be very well done by chief justices conference.”

— Class XI, Station Road Campus

Sarvesh Dubey
Father of Subhankar Mishra

“Yes, participating in the Conference of the Chief Justices is always helpful to the personality development of my child. These conferences provide a moral and social education the kids need. Now my child understand that brotherhood and unity among nations is about. Jai Jagat, Love to all children.”

— Class VIII-C, Mahanagar Campus (OB)

S P Pandey
Father of Jai Krishna Pandey

“Yes, Conference of Chief Justices has been an innovative effort in the direction of establishing world peace. At a time when the whole world is sitting on the tip of a volcano which can erupt any time and bring the dooms day, the conference of chief justices is a ray of hope for all of us. The conference has inculcated a sense of belongingness, compassion, concern for the whole humanity in my child. The conference has taught us that we all are the part of cosmos or a world society and we all are responsible for world peace in our own humble way.

Class XI, Aliganj Campus (Sector ‘O’)
MMS-2/51, Jan apman Lucknow

R P Dixit
Father of Kshipra Trivedi

“The Conferences of Chief Justices organized by CMS have undoubtedly helped children to become the citizens of one world. Regionalism, Nationalism and other forms of narrowness have got back seat in the tender hearts of our children.”

— Class VIII-C, Station Road Campus
51/57 K- Veernagar, Mdaiganj Road, Lucknow

Mrs Seema Das
Mother of Harsh Das

“Yes, I think that participation in the chief justices conference has left an everlasting impact on my ward, and his personality developed on the right lines. This conference has helped my child to become disciplined and law abiding.”

— Class X-D, Rajendra Nagar Campus (UPIL)
223/54, Rastogi Tola, Raja Bazar, Lucknow

Alok Kumar Dutt
Guardian of Yashlok Dutt

“The most visible difference which I have noted is the immense increase in the confidence of my ward. He is more confident of his abilities and is now a better public speaker.

Class XII, Mahanagar Campus (NB)
C-48, Rajiv Nagar, Kalyanpur, Lucknow

Mrs Sandhya Rastogi
Mother of Naman Deep Dixit

“When my child was studying in a different school he was suffering from an identity crisis. Then I admitted him in CMS. The moral/doctrine of Mr Jagdish Gandhi that 'Every child is potentially the light of the world' has given confidence to my child.”

—Class VIII-A, RDSO Campus
C-1225, Rajajipuram, Lucknow

Mr Pradeep Kumar Jaitly
Father of Prashant Kumat Jaitly

“Mr. Gandhi gives spiritual guidance and preaches world unity and world peace. In today's era when the world is running into darkness, the society needs a person him with love in the heart.”

— Class VIII-A, Chowk Campus
57, Khun Khn Ji Road, Chowk, Lucknow

Javed Badar

“I am firmly of the view that participation in the chief justices conference had helped in all round personality development of my ward. He has become aware of the fact that respect for international law is enshrined in article 51© of our constitution. This conference has enlightened him in many respects. He has become interested in the study of law and more so he has become at law abiding person. He has started enforcing law into himself. Now he always wear a helmet and carries his license while driving his motorcycle. He wants to carry Jagdish Gandhi's vision in life to make world a better place.”

Calss XII-B, Chowk Campus
544/D/307, Mubarak Manzil, Hardoi Raod, Lucknow

Mrs Sunita Srivastava
Mother of Janvi Raj Anand

“Mad rush for materialism, stony hearts, merciless killings, polluted air is what the 21st century has given us. The situation of the world today is dismal. In this darkened world, the only voice that gives a ray of hope is that of Mr. Jagdish Gandhi as is evident in his talks on the television. The man has taken the task of saving the world and inspiring spiritual presence in humanity and is doing that brilliantly. Our students have developed a sense of righteousness by listening to him both on TV and in school.”

—Class Nursery, Anand Nagar Campus
C-3/7, Vivek Vihar Colony, Cantt, Lucknow

Mrs Radhika Kharibanda
Mother of Karishma Kharibanda

“Mr. Gandhi's talks are inspirational. When I ask my daughter what she wants to become when she grows up, she says: I want to be a good human being. Inspired by the talks of Mr. Gandhi, my daughter has started participating in co-curricular activities. This has resulted not only in recognition of her talents, but she has also become good in her studies too.”

— Class VII-C, Kanpur Road Campus
Sector K1-50, Ansol Nest Aashiana, Lucknow