Juhi Verma
Alumnus, CMS Mahanagar Campus II

“Teachers at CMS are most cooperative and friendly. They add to the hard work put in by the students at every step of their education leading to success in their lives. This helps in building up the confidence of students, which they require for enduring the pressure of preparing for competitive exams. Dr Gandhi’s views and opinions on the philosophy of life are indeed commendable.”

Selected in IAS 2010

Arjun Sibbal
Alumnus, CMS Kanpur Road Campus of CMS

“Teachers at CMS have taught me the values of faith and confidence. Dr Gandhi’s speeches have been the guiding force in moulding my view of the world as a family. I now see the world as my country, and look forward to solve the problems faced by the world. An ace feature of CMS is that it provides a lot of exposure to its students by virtue of a host of international events.”

— Qualified IAS 2009

Manoj Kumar Mishra
Alumnus, CMS Mahanagar Campus

“The combination of academic and extra-curricular activities in CMS coupled with the wide range of international events provide an extra edge for students at CMS. Students get a chance to broaden their vision. The school motto of Jai Jagat! or “Hail the World” is something no other institution has. This means that only CMS provides education that concerns the welfare of the world. Education at CMS inculcates the values of world peace and world unity in students.”

— Qualified IAS 2009

Neha Giri
Alumnus, CMS Mahanagar Campus

“CMS owes all the credit for the position I hold today. Dr Jagdish Gandhi’s speeches have provided fodder for this success. CMS philosophy has influenced my thoughts in a positive way, and has made me strive for excellence in all walks of life. The tradition of honouring toppers at the institution by weighing their mothers in fruits and flowers is unique and commendable. The teacher-guardian scheme certainly builds a better rapport between students and teachers.”

Qualified IAS 2009 with 77th rank

Vishrut Jain
Alumnus, CMS Station Road Campus

“CMS education has helped me tremendously. I find I have a certain flexibility in world view that resists any bigotry, any attempt to create divisions on the basis of nationality, sex, religion, caste, creed or colour. This has helped me in my travels around the world, my work with people of all nationalities and in my pleasant habitat in Singapore.”

— Financial Consultant, Moracon, Singapore

Shardendu Pandey
Alumnus, CMS Station Road Campus

“My heart goes out to the wonderful environment of CMS, most of which probably I did not understand at that time, but nevertheless I was in love with it, mind, body and soul. Once again, my humble greetings and best wishes to the greatest school on earth.”

— Lucent Technologies Inc., USA

Prakash C Tewari
Alumnus, PhD, C.Chem

“I believe that my educational training at CMS prepared me for this highly competitive professional world. I would like my son Ashwin to have the same competitive edge. Currently he is attending Kent Public School at Carmel, New York, in the fourth class. I want him to have some educational experience at CMS.”

MRSC Staff Scientist, USA

Zahid Khan
Alumnus, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus

“I have realized how important CMS has been for me. I cannot stress enough how important it is to participate in extracurricular activities in addition to school academic work. When applying to universities abroad, it is these accomplishments which will help you stand out from others.”

— California, USA

Shruti Kapoor
Alumnus, CMS

“In retrospect I realize that the World Peace Prayer, the All-religion Prayer, the ‘sessions’ of the World Parliament and many other things reverberated in the motto of Jai Jagat. We saw this being put into practice action in the form of CISV camps, the international fiestas and competitions and exchange of delegations. Being a foreigner in another land can be a daunting experience. However, the values that I gained at CMS have stood me in good stead in this respect.”

— National University of Singapore

Mani Goel
Alumnus, CMS

“Looking back I can safely say that the CMS multi culture really prepares kids for a broader outlook in life.”

Cathay Pacific Airways, Malaysia

Aditya Malviya
Alumnus, CMS Mahanagar Campus

“Mr Gandhi's teachings always acted as a shield against inhibitions and fear of failure and avoidance. Many thanks to Mr Gandhi and the CMS family for his valuable contribution in giving us a new vision, showered with teachings of love, peace and humanity.”

— ACCA CIMA 69 Kipling Road Filton Bristol BS70 QP UK

Vibhas Srivastava
Alumnus, CMS RDSO Campus

“The teachings of Mr Jagdish Gandhi definitely had a salutary effect on my career. The teaching of Mr Jagdish Gandhi regarding the respect of all the religions is what has really changed my life. I am living in a Muslim country while I am a Hindu but Mr Gandhi's teaching for respecting each and every religion has made my life very easy.”

— Azai Company, Post Box, 76670,Ganzor,Tripoli, Libya

Sachin Varshney
Alumnus B. Eng. (Computer Engineering) Year 4

“It is because of CMS that I have learnt all that guides my life today. Respect for all religions and all human beings was what my teachers taught me every day. It is due to this that I have not had any problems in staying away from my country, in a place like Singapore.”

National University of Singapore, Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore

Abhishek Pandey
Alumnus, Aliganj Campus (Sector '0')

“I was in CMS for 13 years. I believe whatever I am today is because of CMS. Mr Gandhi has always been so clear in what he is trying to pass on to the students and that's what has impressed me so much. CMS has been instrumental in shaping my thoughts and thinking to a large extent.”

— Software Engineering Student at Nanyang Tech. University, Singapore

Dr Neeraj Arora
Alumnus, Rajajipuram Campus

“I feel much pride to have been a CMS student from class IV to X. CMS education is unique as it is based on universal values and virtues. The school's philosophy of "Jai Jagat" has had a deep impact on my mind that has taught me to work for the welfare and unity of mankind. I feel lucky to have been a student of CMS which laid the foundation of my destiny and illumined the path of my goal.”

— MBBS, MS F-2256 Opposite Bhuyian Devi Mandir

Manish Sharma
Alumnus, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus

“I have been a student of CMS since KG to 10th.Not only me CMS has also blessed my two younger sisters who have studied there since Montessori to 10th. CMS has given me this or that. It was because of the teachings of Mr Jagdish Gandhi that our faith in GOD has become steady.”

92 Arya Nagar, Lucknow(UP), India

Nitin Maurya
Alumnus, Station Road Campus

“Mr Gandhi spoke about 4 things, knowledge, wisdom, spiritual perception and eloquent speech. Frankly at that time some 10-12 yrs ago i dint take these things even a bit seriously but as life went on I slowly understood what he meant by each of these and the importance of each of them in our day to day life and career.”

— Ph.D. Scholar, Dept of Anthropology, Delhi University, Delhi-7, India

Alok Agarwal
Alumnus, CMS Station Road Campus

“I would like to say that Mr Gandhi's teachings have impressed me a lot and especially the one relating to oneness of religion and oneness of God have made my life, peaceful and successful.”

— Software engineer in Infosys 138,Old Mahabalipuram road, Chennai, India

Ahmad Shadab Taiyabi
Alumnus, CMS, Aliganj Campus I

“The ideals and morals of life, learnt at CMS will always be an indispensable part of my life. Hail CMS.”

President of NTU (first non-Singaporean) Students' Association, Singapore

Shweta Bhatia
Alumnus, CMS Station Road Campus

“The whole thought process changes when you inculcate precious values in life. A student might not realize the significance of moral values and moral lessons at an early stage, but when he grows older he realizes how important they are in making a person complete. Without these values, a person is like one without breath.”

— Wisdom Infotech, USA

Andre Fanthome
Alumnus, CMS, Gomti Nagar Campus

“The teachings at CMS have changed my life. The most important of all teachings was the unity of religions.”

— from the European Union

Vandita Srivastava
Alumnus, CMS Kanpur Road Campus

“Model class presentations at CMS are an excellent way to generate self-confidence in students. Dr Jagdish Gandhi and Dr Bharti Gandhi have emerged as the ideals in my life. The institution is virtually synonymous with the concepts of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, world peace and world unity. The International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World are unique to Dr Jagdish Gandhi for promoting world unity and world peace.”

— Qualified UPPCS Examinations 2006