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  • Biotechnology Lab work
  • Watching Microbes
The school works to prepare confident young adults by providing our senior students a wide variety of opportunities beyond music, dance and sports. These include Career Fairs, guidance on Study Abroad, lectures by eminent experts on topics of current relevance and unparalleled global exposure through our international events. CMS shapes mindsets to face the challenges of the modern world.
CMS sets extremely high standards of academic scholarship. There is an emphasis on learning by doing, especially in science and computing.
Students are provided with strategies and the keys to success in Board Examinations that help them to plan better and study smarter, not just harder. A strong remedial teaching program help weaker students to become secure in their knowledge.
Board Exam Results place the CMS ISC Campuses among the top schools of Lucknow.

Events for Seniors

  • Commonwealth Youth Conference
  • International School Cricket Premier League (ISCPL)
  • QUEST International Festival of Biotechnology
  • GEOFEST Geography Olympiad
  • International Youth Convention on Commerce and Economics
  • QUANTA Science Olympiad
  • ICSQCC International Convention on Students' Quality Control Circles
  • MACFAIR Mathematics and Computer Fair
  • COFAS Computers and Technology
  • Participation in Conferences of Chief Justices of the World
  • CELESTA International
  • ODYSSEY International
  • EXSPO Sports
  • International Youth Festival
  • IYMC International Young Mathematicians Convention