14 - May - 2018

Unprecedented victory for CMS in ISC and ICSE Board Examinations 2018

Three CMS students steal top positions in India in ISC, UP topper in ICSE also from CMS

Lucknow, May 14: CMS meritorious students recorded unprecedented victory at the ISC and ICSE Examinations, this year, breaking their own previous record of last year by winning top positions on the merit list at both national and state level.

In the ISC (Class XII) Board Examinations, the trio of Radhika Chandra and Saman Wahid of CMS Mahanagar Campus and Sakshi Pradyumn of CMS Kanpur Road Campus, secured first position individually, at the national level, with 99.50% marks in the aggregate, while two students Sanjeevani Hazra of CMS Kanpur Road and Mansi Acharya of CMS Gomti Nagar I were placed second, nationally, securing 99.25% marks in the aggregate. As many as 9 CMS students, scored 99% aggregate marks and won the third position, nationally adding many a feather to the CMS cap of glory. These worthy students are Muskan Tandon and Ibrahim Kamal both of CMS Mahanagar; Shashwat Kumar of CMS Aliganj Campus I; Ashutosh Synghal and Swasti Arya, both of CMS Gomti Nagar I; Saumya Shikhar Mishra and Utkarsh Nigam of CMS Kanpur Road; Bhagyashree of CMS Chowk and Shreshtha Gupta of CMS RDSO Campus. A total of 2682 students of CMS appeared in ISC (Class XII) Board Examination this year, out of which 1059 students (i.e. 40% students) secured 90% and above marks and as many as 362 CMS students (i.e. 13.5% students) secured a whopping 95% and above marks.

In the ICSE (Class X) Board Examinations, Shreya Bhagat of CMS Gomti Nagar I topped in U.P. and was placed fourth in India, securing the enviable aggregate of 98.80% marks followed by Khushi Verma of CMS Station Road, on second spot in U.P. with 98.60% marks. Besides these, three CMS students grabbed the third position in the state securing 98.20% marks in aggregate. These are Mimansha Ranjan and Anushka Singh of CMS Aliganj I and Komal Haswani of CMS RDSO Campus. A total of 3117 CMS students took ICSE (Class X) Board Examinations, of which, 1204 students (i.e. 39% students) secured 90% and above marks with 313 students (i.e. 10% students) getting a whopping 95% and above marks.

It is further notable that out of the 5779 CMS students who took the ISC and ICSE Board Examinations in 2018, 2263 secured marks between 90% to 99.50%. Thus, 39% CMS students (2 out of 5 students) secured marks averaging 90% and 99.50% with 12% students being placed in the coveted 95% and above bracket, a percentage that surely speaks very highly of the quality education being imparted at CMS. The city of Lucknow is once again sparkling with the light of educational excellence emanated by the achievers in the Board Exams.