26 - December - 2017

'Hope of Humanity Award' conferred upon Dr Jagdish Gandhi

Lucknow, December 26: CMS Founder, renowned educationist and a staunch supporter of world unity, Dr Jagdish Gandhi has been honoured with 'Hope of Humanity Award' for his untiring efforts to establish peace and unity in the world. Dr Gandhi was bestowd this honour under the joint aegis of Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) and World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education (WCTQEE) at the 5th National Convention on Students' Quality Control Circle' held in New Delhi. Dr Gandhi dedicated this award to 55000 students and 4000 teachers and workers of CMS who upon their shoulders have undertaken the responsibility to safeguard the future of over two billion children of the world by establishing unity and peace in the world. This award has brightened the hope and faith of CMS' World Unity Mission and now we are filled with fresh energy to bind the world with the thread of unity, said Dr Gandhi.