11 - December - 2017

3rd day of International Environment Olympiad (IEO-2017)

Students of India and abroad give message of Green Revolution

Lucknow, December 11: The 3rd day of International Environment Olympiad (IEO-2017) organized by CMS, Gomti Nagar Campus II at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium was both interesting and highly useful for students. While on the one hand, environmentalists and social workers poured out their knowledge much to the benefit of the students, on the other hand, competitions between the students of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India covering various aspects of a Green Revolution on earth added to the zest and flavour of the Green Fest.The third day of IEO-2017 began with highly interesting 'Quiz' contest of junior category students. There were eight teams to compete in final round which were selected from the written round. The participants were very enthusiastic to answer all the questions and those sitting in the auditorium seemed no less eager to answer the questions asked by the Quiz Master Mr Kartikeya Batra of Brainwiz, New Delhi.