10 - December - 2017

2nd day of International Environment Olympiad (IEO-2017)

Participating students of various countries reveal beauty of nature through various contests

Lucknow, December 10: The second day of International Environment Olympiad (IEO-2017) organized by CMS, Gomti Nagar Campus II proved to be highly interesting and thought provoking. While on one hand, environmentalists and intellectuals flocked to the venue and poured out their knowledge proposing ways and means to save the environment and the earth, while on the other hand, students of Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and various states of India participated in a series of competitions like Environment Quiz, Imaginering my future, Declamation, Choreography, Clay Modelling etc. These contests revealed their hidden talents as well as their urge to do something for Mother Earth and create harmony among the five elements - Air, Sky, Water, Earth and Fire. It may be mentioned that CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II is organizing the International Environment Olympiad (IEO-2017) from 9 to 12 December at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium in which over 500 students from various countries are participating. The Olympiad is effectively spreading the message of Green Earth, Clean Earth in all sections of society.The 2nd day of IEO-2017 began with Environment Workshop wherein renowned environmentalist from Gujarat, Mr Deepak Godia spoke on solar energy and renewable energy in detail. Describing the importance of plants and natural resources, he said, that life style has increased our life but it has drifted us away from natural resources.