• Interactive White Boards
  • Bagpipe band
  • Engaged in the Library
Highly qualified and experienced teachers, who are regularly given in-service training and CPD (Continuous Professional Development), ensure the use of best pedagogic techniques.
Students’ interest in academic work is excited by the use of ICTs, including the use of Interactive White Boards. One in every four classrooms in CMS has an IWB.
We set high but feasible learning goals, and support weak students so that children learn with understanding.
Students of the11-13 year age group are emerging as junior youth and curious young adolescents. They need plenty of academic stimulation and intellectually challenging material. The foundations of solid learning laid here set the stage for academic success in the senior years.

Events for Juniors

  • International Reflections
  • IID International Innovations Day
  • SAARC Youth Festival
  • Confluence - World Peace Festival
  • International Environment Olympiad
  • Children's International Summer Villages
  • ISSE International School Exchanges
  • Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative