Honorary Advisors

Sunita Gandhi

Dr Sunita Gandhi
Hon. Chief Academic Advisor, CMS.
PhD, Cambridge University, UK.
President, Council for Global Education,
USA and EducationWeWant.Org, India

An Education We Want

CMS education strives towards a holistic programme that helps children love learning and want to serve the world.. The school aims to provide a broader and bolder education of body, mind, heart and spirit. Such an education produces:

  • Self-Directed Learners
  • Quality Producers
  • Effective Communicators
  • Collaborative Workers
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Community Contributors

Such an integrated approach ensures every child's development with confidence.

A Broader and Bolder Education

Education in the 21st century must be both broader and bolder. A modern school needs to do much more than ensure good marks on a sheet. Helping children get good marks is the minimum responsibility of a school. Indeed, a ‘good’ education must produce much more; a 'good' human being a self-motivated agent of social transformation.

Sunita Gandhi

Mr Vinay Gandhi
Honorary Chief Technical Advisor
BSc Honours (Engg.)
Queen Mary College,
University of London

Integration of Technology

Computer hardware across CMS is mainained by the Computer Department's dedicated team of specialists, engineers and technicians overseeing the smooth functioning of our computer labs, IT Training Centres, Interactive White Boards, servers, networking, and Internet functionality. Should a technical difficulty arise anywhere in CMS, the team is always on hand to ensure that it is fixed immediately. In addition, our LED screens and sound systems continue to support events for children in our state-of-the-art auditoria and across all CMS campuses.

As engineering graduate, Mr Vinay Gandhi advices on the technical quality of construction projects as well as a variety of IT development issues.