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20 - 30 December 2017

'Happy People' Children's International Summer Village (CISV) Camp begins at CMS

Young delegates of 13 countries showcase amazing view of global culture

The month‐long 25th Children's International Summer Village (CISV) Camp hosted by CMS from 28 December 2017 to 24 January 2018 began at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium with a formal inauguration on 30 December by the Chief Guest, Mr Siddharth Nath Singh, Health Minister, U.P. On this occasion, the gathering of young delegates arrived from Italy, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, America, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Thailand and India, presented a splendid view of 'global culture' spreading the message of World Peace and World Unity all around. Children from 13 countries have come together for participation in this camp based on the idea that when children of different nationalities live together as a family under one roof, when they sing together songs of unity and friendship, dance on the same tunes, eat together on the same table and spend time talking to each other, then they are bound to imbibe qualities of brotherhood, world unity and world peace, develop global understanding and dream of a world without borders in the years to come. The Camp aims at building cross‐cultural friendships in multi‐lingual setting, ending wars and conflicts by nurturing young peace ambassadors and in general, making the world safe and secure for present and future generations. Delegations of four children each‐two boys and two girls‐ from Italy, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Geramany, USA, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Thailand and India, aged 11‐12 years, are participating in this camp along with their adult leaders. Besides, the junior counsellors, aged 16‐17 years are also there to act as intermediaries between the children and the adults. The Camp is named ‘Happy People.’


CMS delegation for CISV Camp in Brazil

The CMS delegation to Brazil with the Principal, Mrs Abha Anant

A 3‐member delegation of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I left for Brazil to participate in the month long Children’s International Summer Village Camp (CISV). Prior to their departure, the members of delegation were bid an emotional sent off wished a enjoyable learning experience by their parents and teachers at Amausi Airport. The delegation comprised two students, Somil Singh and Manan Agarwal led by the teacher Ms Neelu Katiyar. This month‐long camp is being held in the Sao Paulo city of Brazil.

Open Day at CMS Rajajipuram Campus I

Students showcasing their talents at the Open Day celebrations

'Open Day' was organised by CMS Rajajipuram Campus I on 23 December at the school's beautifully decorated premises. On this occasion, students put up their artistic and multifaceted talents on display mesmerizing one and all. Puppet show, painting, pottery, chikankari, mehndi, dance, drama, jewellery making, food stalls, carols and many more activities engaged the students and parents alike. Students had decorated their classrooms very beautifully so that parents and guests get acquainted with their talents and skills and understand the unique teaching methdology of CMS as well.

Annual Sports Day of CMS Anand Nagar Campus held

A view of the march at Annual Sports Day

CMS Anand Nagar Campus organized its Annual Sports Day celebrations on 22 December in a grand way at UP Home Guards Ground, Anand Nagar, Lucknow. Chief Guest of the function, Dr Surya Kumar, Director‐General, Home Guards, UP, unfurled the sports flag to inaugurate the sports while Mr Sanjeev Kumar Shukla, Commandent, Central Training Institute, UP Home Guards Head Quarters, Lucknow, graced the occasion as Special Guest of Honour. The programme began with All Religion and World Peace Prayer through which the students called for World Unity and World Peace. The students enjoyed the tough tussle for winning the largest number of medals in different contests. Obstacle Race, Ready to School Race, Ladder Jump Race, Table Tower Race, Rabbit Carrot Race, Glass on Head with Ball Race, Lozana Ball Race, Coin Race, Ball Balance Race, Torch Lighting Race, Cup Race etc. Besides, 100m races for boy and girls, 100m and 200m races for mothers and fathers, Lazium Drill, Step Aerobics, Free Hand Aerobics etc were held. Winners were honoured with certificates, medals and shields.

Annual Mothers and Grandparents Day celebrated

Kanpur Road Campus

Annual Mothers' and Grandparents' Day was celebrated over the week by four CMS campuses namely, CMS Kanpur Road, Gomti Nagar Campus I & II and CMS Mahanagar Campus. Students put up a grand show of talents mesmerising their parents and giving them reasons to rejoice in the achievements of their wards. They were thrilled to watch the educational‐cultural programmes of students which not only showcased their multi‐sided talents in music and dance but also their innovative and creative skills. The parents and grandparents' participation in the programme was a special attraction and it greatly boosted the efforts of the students.

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