Study Abroad

City Montessori School provides excellent overseas university counselling


CMS students are compelling applicants and successfully matriculate to universities worldwide.

Study Abroad Counseling at CMS encompasses complete planning for university throughout the Senior School experience. Students have weekly meetings and receive personal attention in advisor groups and in individual appointments with the Study Abroad Counselor. Workshops, college fairs, and visits from universities are all arranged, preparing students intensively in Grades 11 and 12, with topics ranging from college research, comparison and financial aid, and information about higher-education admissions. CMS is also the centre to conduct AP, SAT and PSAT exams which are a very important aspect of Study Abroad. Now the students are not required to travel anywhere to take these exams.


Key Guidance Areas:

  • Working towards developing clarity of purpose in the student's mind about their academic goals and professional choices.
  • Facilitating and motivating the student to shortlist good - fit colleges, universities and institutions for higher studies in countries like USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia etc.
  • Providing an update and latest information on changes in International Application process, SAT, AP and PSAT  exams, application deadlines, all dos and don'ts of college applications are provided.
  • Guiding students with the nuances of writing effective College Essays, Personal Statements and also coordinates with the teachers and students for the letter of teacher recommendations as per the desired criteria.
  • School is also a YES Centre to run the Duke of Edinburgh Program which helps the students to build their extracurricular profile.
  • Organizing Student Development Workshops, University Fairs, University Visits and talks by eminent persons so as to expand the horizon of the student mind.
  • Reviewing all college applications and personal resume and achieve the strongest possible application


The CMS students have gained admissions to leading colleges, which include:

  1. Cornell University (An Ivy League US University)
  2. University of Pennsylvania (An Ivy League US University)
  3. University of Massachusetts, USA
  4. Florida Institute of Technology, USA
  5. University of Colorado Boulder, USA
  6. University of Cincinnati, USA
  7. Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
  8. Seton Hall, USA
  9. University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
  10. Xavier’s University, Ohio, USA
  11. New School of Drama, New York, USA
  12. New York University, New York Campus, USA
  13. Drexel University, USA
  14. State University of New York,Albany, USA
  15. Ohio Wesleyn University,Ohio, USA
  16. Hofstra University ,USA
  17. Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
  18. Michigan State University, USA
  19. Pace University, USA
  20. Oxford University, UK
  21. University College London, UK
  22. University of Leeds and Lancaster University, UK
  23. Tudias, University in Dresden, Germany
  24. Bochum University, Germany
  25. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  26. University College Dublin, Ireland
  27. University of British Columbia, Canada
  28. University of Waterloo, Canada
  29. University of Melbourne, Australia
  30. Australia National University, Australia
  31. Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
  32. Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
  33. Ritsumeiken Asia Pacific University, Japan
  34. Yale-NUS College, Singapore