Here at City Montessori School children not only learn but also explore the world and discover themselves. We adhere to the play way method which allows children to do things themselves, got innovative with problems and learn the nuances of life their way so that learning becomes a joyful experience for the child and instills in him the love for learning and the quest to know more.


The various life forms on earth are facing an existential crisis as the earth is being engulfed by a monster called pollution. To counter this crisis several places and institutions have been declaring Green Day, so as to maximize the usage of green products i.e. products that won't harm the environment. The students in CMS celebrated Green Day by planting trees, doing gardening and other activities like hand printing to underline the importance of saving the Earth. In this way they indulged in merry making while also learning that there remains a delicate balance between us and the environment which should be maintained or could spell doom for us.




The Campus organized 'Open Dayh Ceremony - Mini Galaxy 2014' on 17 February at the beautifully festooned school premises. Students of the school as well as non-CMS children participated in great number and showcased their utmost talents in Fancy Dress, Drawing Competition, Paper Tearing & Colouring, Singing, Dancing and many other contests.


Annual Funtgion of CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I held on 20 December, 2014

Yoga Day

"Yog- the scientific way of living healthy"

21st of June was a very special day for the teachers and the students at Rajendra Nagar Campus I. The students and the teachers practiced Yoga for 1 hour to celebrate the International Yoga Day which was initiated, pioneered, emphasized and advocated by our Honorable PM Sri Narendra Modi in 2015 just to tell nations about the benefits of Yoga.

The yoga practice started at 8:30 a.m. and continued till 9:30 a.m. at Rajendra Nagar I on 21st June 2016 where the Yoga teacher discussed and demonstrated some ways and dimensions of different types of pranayam. He reckoned many benefits of early rising and practicing yoga. Teachers also pointed out the contribution of yoga in maintaining fitness and good health and how it helps students to memorize something.

The children were very happy as they got a chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind and body.


City Montessori School Rajendra Nagar I was abuzz with activities on Saturday the 9th of July 2016 to celebrate VAN MAHOTSAV.The advent of July was marked as the green revolution to celebrate Van Mahotsav week at Rajendra Nagar I. Everyday the students were told about the importance of trees and forests, benefits of tree plantation, harmful effects of deforestation during the assembly time. The celebration ended on Saturday with a number of activities performed by the little kids of primary section.

A special assembly was organized by the students of Class V where the students took a pledge to plant atleast one sapling every year. They initiated this drive from the school assembly itself by planting the saplings. The students of class III and IV made collage and wrote beautiful slogan on the Importance of trees.

The students of class III also made beautiful head gears and took out a procession in the campus requesting everyone to save trees. The students of classes I and II made trees using finger printing and collage by paper tearing.The students enjoyed the activities and also understood the importance of trees.


The City Montessori School Rajendra Nagar Campus 1 was abuzz with activities on Friday 22nd April and celebrated the International Mother Earth Day. Banners and colourful charts were put up reading "GO GREEN" and "PLANT A TREE TODAY" .Children learnt the importance of preserving planet earth. A tree plantation drive was organized by the students of classes 1 and 2. An Inter house drawing competition was also organized wherein the students of primary section painted their thoughts on "NATURE CONSERVATION".

The students of class 4 made a booklet named "My fact book on earth" where they wrote interesting facts about Mother Earth. Moreover the students of class 5 gave fantastic ideas on "Saving Energy". Last but not the least the students of class 3 made crafts from the recycled materials and hence explained the importance of recycling.The day ended with a special assembly where the students were informed about the importance of Earth Day. A play "The Earth Story" was enacted in the assembly which motivated everyone to keep the planet beautiful as ever. In the end the students took a pledge to keep their earth cleaner, greener and better.