Principal: Dr Kalpana Tripathi     Classes:  Montessori to ISC-XII   Address: 90-A, Mahanagar, Lucknow, India    
Telephones : +91 522 - 2330024, 2330005"

Principal's Desk

Dr Kalpana Tripathi is a visionary who knows that every child is special and endowed with unique talents. She is always encouraging and showers praise whenever due. She has been instrumental in organizing the International History Festival "Reflections" at CMS Rajendra Nagar III earlier and now she brings the same experience to CMS Mahanagar. Without compromising in academics she nurtures the fine arts of music, dance and painting and students shine with all round personalities displaying their very best. Further, Dr Tripathi inspires the staff members to become real role models for students and maintain high standards of conduct in school as well as outside. We wish Dr Kalpana Tripathi all success in making CMS Mahanagar a haven for students where lessons of life are learnt and bright futures are built.

The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that of a little extra. --Anonymous

As the golden rule goes, it takes roughly over 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. The top musicians of any era are those who had begun to play instruments at a very young age. People whose first book becomes a suprising success, have a notable experience of years of extensive reading behind them. While people merely observe the successful moment of a personality, they fail to take into account the years spent working for achieving the expertise...

Dr Kalpana Tripathi

Principal, CMS Mahanagar Campus

Campus History

CMS Mahanagar Campus, blossoming and blooming under its caring Principal, Dr. Kalpana Tripathi, is the very epitome of perfection. The high standard of spoken English, excellent academic results, large tally of medals and prizes won by the students in various contests speak volumes of the high standard of academics and co-curricular activities maintained here.

CMS Mahanagar Campus has given excellent results throughout. Two of our students Radhika Chandra and Saman Waheed topped the All India ISC Merit list 2018 (AIR 1) with a record 99.5% marks along with Ibrahim Kamal and Muskan Tandon who scored a whopping 99.0% marks breaking all the previous records.

CMS Mahanagar Campus successfully organised Reflections International from 19th - 22nd August, 2017. The event was designed to give students an opportunity to compete, learn, and be guided in their decisions, and understand the world in a meaningful context - because 'The supreme purpose of History is a better world, touching every sphere of Life.'...


Office Bearers

Staff members of CMS Mahanagar with the Principal, Dr Kalpana Tripathi

ISC Student Council of CMS Mahanagar with the Principal, Dr Kalpana Tripathi

ICSE Student Council of CMS Mahanagar with the Principal, Dr Kalpana Tripathi

Student Council of CMS Mahanagar with the Principal, Dr Kalpana Tripathi

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Dr Kalpana Tripathi

International Event

REFLECTIONS International

Organized by: Mahanagar Campus

International Macfair

Organized by: CMS, Mahanagar Campus

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Dr Kalpana Tripathi

Campus : Mahanagar Campus  
Classes : Montessori to ISC-XII  
Address : 90-A, Mahanagar, Lucknow, India 
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