Junior Youth Empowerment Program (JYEP)

About JYEP

JYEP (Junior Youth Empowerment Programme) is to release the power of junior youth, this is the period between the ages of 12 & 15, a special time in the life of an individual. In these years he or she leaves childhood behind and undergoes profound change, engaging in junior youth in programs that seek to enhance their spiritual & intellectual capacities & prepare them to participate effectively in the affairs of their communities in their most significant act of service.

The reality are shaped by a broad diversity of circumstances, yet a desire to bring about constructive change and a capacity for a meaningful service. This program me helps them to enhance their power of expression, as well as enabling a strong moral sensibility to take root within them, in doing so their own sense of purpose becoming more clearly defined.

No deed in the world is “nobler than service to the common good”…”The highest righteousness” is to “arise and energetically devote themselves to the service of the masses” It is essential that their lives steel themselves for a life of service to society through different activities like drama, art, art collage, acrostic poems, poetry ,talent search, memorization, music, game, service project, consultation exercises, case studies, problem solving triangles & goal setting etc.

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Teacher’s day teaches us the importance of teachers in our life.

Beautiful cards made by animators for Teachers

Block Printing

Screen printing done by Animators

Poster Making Activity on Tree Plantation

Prayer in Primary Section

Tree plantation workshop

Comic book is made on pink rabbit by the junior youth
Teaching aids by animators for primary teaching

The Junior Youth Empowerment Program (JYEP) is a community initiative that strives to equip young people between the ages of 11 and 15 with a profound understand of their own potentials. Often also referred as the junior youth spiritual empowerment program or simply junior youth groups. This educational program typically engages older youth (ages 16 to 30) as animators of younger peers aged 11 to 15 to help them develop their powers of expression, capacities for moral reasoning, and release their capacities for service. The program combines study, mentorship and social action.

The program aims to assist youth to:

  1. Enhance comprehension and language skills
  2. Be able to articulate ideas with precision, clarity and eloquence
  3. Recognize the moral issues underlying the choices they make
  4. To discuss ideas and form a strong moral identity
  5. Contribute to the betterment of their community
  6. Carry out service projects in their community

  1. Junior youth are in a period where many changes are occurring in their lives.
  2. Junior youth are very susceptible to influences from the world around them: advertising, music, television, movies, other media, and peers.
  3. They need to be helped to overcome the negative aspects of their environment.
  4. They need to be helped to overcome the negative aspects of their environment.
  5. Junior youth like to belong to and work in peer groups without the fear of being ridiculed
  6. They are energetic and like to contribute to the common good.
  7. They are inquisitive and have a thirst for knowledge. They have potentialities and capacities which are often not recognized and developed

In our work with junior youth we use a set of texts that are concerned with developing language skills and the power of expression. Some in the first category also address mathematical concepts and social issues, while others seek to prepare young people to approach the investigation of physical, social and spiritual reality in a scientific manner.

Breezes of Confirmation
Glimmerings of Hope
Thinking About Numbers
Walking the Straight Path
Learning About Excellence
The Human Temple
Drawing on the Power of the Word