Singing Competition

Anushka Srivastava (Peace House) 8E
Vaibhavi Patel (Unity House) 7C
Atharv Parihar (Peace House) 6D

World Sight Day

On 12 October 2017 The WORLD SIGHT DAY was celebrated with great enthusiasm by Pre Primary Section of Kanpur road Campus.The children were involved in various activities related to Eyes.Health tips were given to them regarding the care of the eyes and the importance of a good sight.

The major attraction of the event was an awareness march where the children took out a procession carrying placards and a donation box urging everyone to donate their eyes to give sight to the sightless.

Cotton Painting

Learning of Shapes

International Day Of The Girl Child
(Organised By Primary Section, Cms Knp Road Campus)

International Day of The Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations. It was observed on 11th October, 2012 for the first time. It supports more opportunity for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by the girls worldwide.

Students of Primary Section, Kanpur Road Campus celebrated the event with full fervour and enthusiasm. Students were familiarised with the significance of this day and the importance of educating the girls as it can changes the world. Miss Kakul Sachdeva elaborated this in her speech and Kavya Tripathi of class II F recited a heart-touching poem ‘Save Girl Child’

Tiny tots of class I and II expressed their aspirations by writing and pinning them up on the board.Thereafter they marched in a procession in the school campus carrying their favourite dolls and placards. They went around the campus spreading the messages “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD”, “SHE CAN DO ANY THING”, “STRONG GIRLS, STRONG WORLD”, “LITTLE GIRLS WITH DREAMS BECOME WOMEN WITH VISION”, “CELEBRATING THE POWER OF GIRLS”

Principal Dr (Mrs) Vineeta Kamran blessed the students and appreciated their endeavour.

Junior Section students visited Old Age Home on 31th August 2017

Inter House Yoga Competition

“Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind and soul.”

‘Inter House Yoga Competition’ was organised by Primary section on 26.07.17. The participants of each house performed Surya Namaskar comprising of twelve asanas. They also explained the benefits of each asana.

Surya Namaskar is a complete workout for the physical system- a comprehensive exercise form without any need for equipments. It is an important tool that empowers human beings to break free from compulsive cycles and patterns of their lives. The performance of participants with flexibility and discipline was praiseworthy.

The judges for the event were Mrs. Durgesh Singh and Mrs. Kumud Sharma.




1. First Love House
2. Second Peace House
3. Third Unity House
4. Consolation Hope House

Senior Section Investiture Ceremony

The investiture ceremony for the swearing - in of the new student council members was conducted on 15th July, 2017 in the school auditorium. The vice principal gave the badges to the new members. The new head boy administered the oath to the new office bearers. The new office bearers promised to discharge their duties with full commitment and dedication and will work for the betterment of the school . the vice principal Mrs. Rupam Saluja called upon the new office bearers to strengthen the house system and be role model for the entire student body, followed by Ms. Mudita Kumar (house co ordinator and teacher in charge) delivered a vote of thanks.

1st Position - Surya Yash Vaibhav(Love House)- 7C
2nd Position - Shashwat Singh(Love House)- 7G
3rd Position - Harshit Bajpai(Unity House)- 6D

CMS Kanpur Road (Junior Section) Organised Declamation Inter House Contest On 15th July(Saturday Activity)

1st position-Adya Srivastava(Hope House)-8A
2nd position
Bhavni Singh(Peace House)-8B
3rd position
Ishita Kapoor(Unity House)-8B

On Saturday, 15th July, CMS Kanpur Road (Junior Section) witnessed a grand Declamation Contest in which students immaculately and aptly dressed as famous personalities, delivered the original pieces, reproducing its power afresh. Set part of public speaking skill , the purpose of the activity was to have the students directly experience the power of masterfully crafted language. The House Masters trained the students in learning the skills of combining eloquent language with equally eloquent delivery.

From Class VI

1st position Shristi Yadav (Hope House) 6B
2nd Position Aneri Gupta (Peace House) 6B
3rd Position Suhani Sehgal (Love House) 6D

From Class VII

1st position Yashvardhan (Hope House) 7C
2nd Position Trisha Jaiswal (Peace House) 7H
3rd Position Shreyashi Gupta (Love House) 7D

From Class VIII

1st position Adya Srivastava (Hope House) 8A
2nd Position Bhavni Singh (Peace House) 8B
3rd Position Ishita Kapoor (Unity House) 8B

Independence Day

1st Unity House
2nd Hope House


SUPW Activity of class IX and X held at CMS Kanpur Road Branch on 3rd, 4th and 8th August under the supervision of class teacher and the SUPW incharge Dr D.K Trivedi.

Swimming Interhouse Competition

Special Assembly in CMS Kanpur Road(Junior Section) on 6th July by Respected Founder Director Sir(Dr). Jagdish Gandhi

Dr Jagdish Gandhi
Founder Manager - CMS

Dr (Mrs) Vineeta Kamran
Principal - CMS Kanpur Road

A Special Assembly was held in CMS Kanpur Road (Junior Section) on 6th July ‘2017. Our Most Respected Founder Manager Sir (Dr) Jagdish Gandhi gave his blessings to the children and motivated them to follow the right path of spreading peace, happiness, brotherhood and harmony in the world. Influenced greatly by leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi - an idealist stresses that “Education is a powerful weapon to prevent the conflicts in the world”. He spoke with the same undiminished zeal towards multiplying his mission for peace through education.

CMS Kanpur Celebrated Vidya Ka Parva on 1st July

City Montessori School, Kanpur Road Branch (Junior Section) celebrated Vidya Ka Parva on Saturday 1st July, 2017. The students were warmly welcomed by the Respected Principal Ma’am Dr(Mrs).Vineeta Kamran, followed by Saraswati vandana “He Sharde Maa”. Students of Unity House Conducted the assembly chanting ‘shlokas’ and ‘hymns’ seeking the blessings of Almighty God on this auspicious occasion.

‘Vidya ka Parv’ was celebrated in Primary Section of Kanpur Road Branch on 1st July, 2017. The school reopened on this day after the summer vacation.

The classteachers applied ‘Tika’, as the children entered the classrooms, to mark the auspicious beginning after the vacation.

The morning assembly started by invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. Even though the weather was hot and sultry, the children were brimming with laughter, joy and enthusiasm.

Respected Principal Dr (Mrs) Vineeta Kamran welcomed the children and showered her blessings on them.

Master Medhansh Saxena, student of class IV A, was felicitated by the Headmistress, Ma’am Mala Yadav, as he is going to represent India as a chess player in the Common Wealth Games in Delhi.

House Meeting

Inter House Sparrow House Making Competition (Primary Section)

A large number of sparrow houses were made by the students of Primary Section in Kanpur Road Campus on 1st May, 2017. The excitement of students knew no bounds. Prior to the activity they were acquainted with the significance of house sparrows as well as other common birds. Sparrows have been companions of humans for centuries but are fast disappearing due to adverse human activities. The objective was to empower students to work together to save the house sparrow.

Students of class II made sparrow houses as part of activity whereas in Classes III-V it was an Inter House Competition. The healthy competitive spirit motivated them to showcase their creativity at its best. The result of the competition is as follows-

Class - III

1st - Tejas Chandra
2nd - Swastik Saxena
3rd - Radra Jaiswal
Consolation Prize - Astitva Chauhan


Name of Student




1. Tejas Chandra III G First Unity
2. Swastik Saxena III M Second Peace
3. Rudra Jaiswal III F Third Unity
4. Astitva Chauhan III L Consolation Love

Class - IV

1st - Supreet Kaur
2nd - Vaishnavi
3rd - Yashdeep Singh
Consolation Prize - Kritika


Name of Student




1. Supreet Kaur IV C First Unity
2. Vaishnavi Saxena IV C Second Unity
3. Yashdeep Singh IV I Third Peace
4. Kritika IV L Consolation Love

Class - V

1st - Amogh Singh Bisht
2nd - Shreya Maurya
3rd - Vidushi Singh
Consolation Prize - Arushi Singh


Name of Student




1. Amogh Singh Bisht V L First Peace
2. Shreya Maurya V A Second Peace
3. YVidushi Singh V D Third Hope
4. Aarushi Singh V C Consolation Peace

Special Assembly - Earth Day

On the occasion of Earth Day a special assembly was conducted on 22nd April 2017. The Head boy Shreyansh Shukla of class V-L gave a short speech on History of Earth Day Celebration and its significance today. He emphasised on following few simple steps to make our earth a cleaner and happier place. Eg, plantation of trees, stopping the usage of plastics, following the three R s , i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. A small presentation on “Mission- Go Green” was put up by thestudents of class V-A. The emphasised on saving paper, water, forests and electricity for a better future.

Students doing Band Rehearsals

English Language Day

23rd April is celebrated as English Language Day all over the world – the day, tradition says, William Shakespeare was born.

A special assembly was held to celebrate English Language Day by the Primary Section of Kanpur Road Campus on Monday, 24th April ’17. The tiny tots of class I joyously recited the poem ‘Bunny in a Hurry’ to mark the occasion. They won everyone’s heart and were appreciated by all.

Orientation Programme

A parent orientation programme was organised by the ICSE section of CMS Kanpur Road Campus on the 22nd of April 2017.

Speakers Mrs. Shipra Bajpai, Mrs. Pooja Behl, Mrs. Shashi Kanti, Dr. Pratiksha Srivastava, Mrs Madhumita Mitra and Mrs. Gargi Ghosh welcomed all the parents. They reminded them of the rules and regulations of the school and the objectives for the session 2017 - 2018.

Discipline, regularity, uniform, send off and many more were explained by the school faculty.

Mrs. Rabekah Dubey, the counsellor apprised the parents about the psychological aspects of child rearing and gave a presentation on spending quality time with children. Ms. Chhavi Srivastava of class X- C gave a beautiful rendition of the song “ O Ma…..” before parents. The song was about glorifying the role of the mother in the life of the child.

Mrs. Siriya Kanivaranon, the head of delegation of teachers from Bangkok, Thailand, addressed the parents and congratulated them on having admitted their wards in such a prestigious school as CMS.

Inter-House Football Championship

Interhouse Football Championship was organised in Primary Section in the month of April. Knockout matches were played on 8th April 17. The first match was played between Love House and Peace House. LoveHouse won this match. The second one was played between Hope House and Unity House. In this Hope House was the winner. Students of all houses cheered for the players of their respective houses enthusiastically.

The final matches were played on 15th of April. The winner teams of the previous matches i.e. Love House and Peace House played the final match. Hope House was declared the champion while Love House grabbed the second position. Unity House and Peace House played for the third and fourth position in which Unity House won.

The final result is as follows

1. First Hope House
2. Second Love House
3. Third Unity House
4. Fourth Peace House

Global Voting For The World’s Children’s Prize-2016

It was a happening day at CMS, Kanpur Road Campus. The students of class V participated to vote for the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child on 7th April 2017. Students were briefed about the contributions of the three amazing Child Right Advocates -Rosi Gollmann, Manuel Rodrigues and Molly Melching, who were nominated for the World’s Children’s Prize in 2016. Students’ response was overwhelming as they participated wholeheartedly in the voting process.

Diwali Celebrations

World Food Day

Special Assembly 7th April 2017
Special Assembly