The Roza Iftar party held at the campus was attended by people of all religions. They displayed a spirit of togetherness while sharing a variety of dishes.

Our students of classes 6-8 visited La Martiniere College, to witness an Exhibition “Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability”organized by an NGO Bharat Soka Gakkai International on Earth Day. They also performed a Street Play “Dal roti Khao, Prabhu ke Guun Gao” in the La Martiniere Premises. The play highlights the health, nutrition and sustainability benefits of pulses. it also aims to sensitise the students towards the consumption of junk food and health hazards thereof. Pulses are also climate smart crops.

A workshop was organised by HOPE foundation conducted by Mr Jaideep Dhondiyal and Ms Arti Mishra. Children learnt tips for a healthy lifestyle. There were warm up exercises for children on World Health Day and demonstration of hand washing tips by Hope Foundation.

A Nukkad Natak titled “Dal roti Khao, Prabhu ke Guun Gao” was performed by our students at various strategic locations in the city like CMS, Gomtinagar I and City Mall.

Our campus celebrated International Year of Pulses-2016 as a part of the 11th International Innovation day. Our campus had organized many activities for the students to promote the awareness of pulses.

The eco-club members of our school very excitedly and carefully planted seeds of Urad dal sabut under the supervision of our school gardener and teachers who imparted them the required knowledge for the activity.

The Principal, staff and all the students took the pledge holding the flags of International Year of Pulses with its logo by Food and Agriculture Organisation.

The students also prepared a display board highlighting the IYP Key messages and giving information on different kinds of pulses defined by FAO and attributes of pulses.

The children further recited a very interesting poem on the importance of pulses "Pulses, The Magic Wand In Your Hand!".

Our Principal wanted the parents of the children to be a part of IYP. Hence a letter was forwarded to them enclosing some valuable information on pulses and also requesting them to donate pulses for the poor and the needy. Our parents generously donated for this noble cause.

The studentsof Jopling Road campus observed Hiroshima Day to mark the 71st anniversary of the devastation of Hiroshima due to the deadly attack by America during World War II and joined hands with millions of people of the world in this prayer to make a nuclear free world. Our Respected Principal Ma’am, teachers, support staff and the students came together to fold 1000 cranes in memory of the Japanese girl. The students further took this opportunity to raise awareness about the threat of nuclear weapons by reading the “Hiroshima Appeal” launched in Hiroshima Japan in 1985.

On 27th July our campus observed the 1st death anniversary of Dr. A. P. J. Kalam. Teachers and students paid floral tributes to the great leader. Students of class 5, 6, 7 & 8 spoke brilliantly on Kalamji. Sarah of class VI beautifully shared a brief life sketch of the Scientist. The children further spoke on our Annual Event IID. They shared a few snippets bringing out the personality of this great visionary. His passion for books, His faith and love for the youth, His love and respect for his parents and teacher/mentors were highlighted by the children. The tribute finally culminated with a powerful poem "Song of the Youth" delivered by class VIII. Bhavini Bahuguna administered the OATH OF THE YOUTH to every one present on the occasion.


A Kaleidoscope of School Activities
Van Mahotsav celebrated by students on 16th July

Environment related activities performed by students and staff members