Principal: Ms Roli Tripathi     Classes:  Montessori to Class VIII ICSE Syllabus    Address: 2-A, Jopling Road, Lucknow, India   
Telephones : +91 522 - 2207747”

Principal's Desk

Radiant and passionate Ms. Roli Tripathi has been touching lives as an educator with a purpose. Through her years in the institution she has been committed to encouraging global learning that is facilitating educational experiences that allow students to appreciate diverse perspectives.

Ms Roli Tripathi

Principal, CMS Jopling Road

Campus History

CMS Jopling Road has a voice that resounds loud and clear even near the busy Hazratganj, the heart of Lucknow, where this little branch is located. Nestting like a wren's nest amidst tall high rise buildings that have come up here used to be old Kotis,' and bunglaws, the Jopling Road Campuses is a heaven for pre-primary, primary and junior class. Children whose eloquence is well expressed through speeches, poems, songs and dances. It is a place where studies mean not only exams and books but also learning from nature, environment, discussions, thinking and innovative ideas.


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International Events

International Innovation Day

Organized by: Family Building, CMS, Jopling Road Campus, Lucknow
Focus: Encouraging Creativity and Innovation

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Jopling Road Campus

Principal -Ms Roli Tripathi

Address: 2-A, Jopling Road, Lucknow, India
Campus:Family Building
Classes: Montessori to Class VIII ICSE Syllabus
Phone: +91 - 2207747
Fax: +91 - 2638008, 2635497