Ozone conservation Day (September 16, 2016)

Ozone is the protective layer of gases which helps maintain heat and temperature in the median range in the earth’s atmosphere. Depletion of this leads to excessive heat accumulation which in turn has detrimental ramifications of the ecology and environment of the Earth which happens to be our home and abode.

We as educators have a responsibility to teach the children about the urgency and emergency to be conscious about the environment. With this Idea in mind we in the Pre Primary Section of City Montessori School Gomti Nagar 1 celebrated “Ozone conservation Day“ on September 16th 2016 by visiting National Botanical Research Institute .The children did a long nature walk and even tried their hands on gardening. They were amazed how comforting it is to reside in the Green Nature’s Belt.

The students in the class room were told about the importance of the day. A special assembly was organized talking about the day and doing relevant rhymes and songs e.g. “Walking in the Jungle”.

Once again it was a fun filled day, full of information and knowledge for the children we love to serve and serve to love.