International Environment Olympiad

Children of class 9th Kaustubh, Sakshi, Palak, Aishwarya and Mehal Raj received 1st prize in courtroom drama and Aishwarya, Mehal Raj received 2nd prize in clay moulding in international event conducted by Gomti Nagar 2.

Cleanliness Drive

Primary section children of Gomtinagar campus I done cleanliness drive in Lohia Park and made people aware to keep surrounding clean.

World Animal Day

It was celebrated on 4th oct by primary section.The main theme was"Respect animals.We have more to learn from them

Environment Project at CMS 2017 Report

Name of Campus: Gomti Nagar - I
Report for month of August 2017
Number of Eco-Club members: 80
Environment coordinator at campus: Era Singh
Please send one report copy by email at environment@cmseducation.org and keep one copy for your school record.

  • Send the selected photographs with name i.e. abcd.jpg/abcd.png through email attachment.
  • You can also take help from your IT coordinator for sending the report and photographs.
Summary of report (About 100 words): This month, the students of the senior section made an effort to make the city polythene free. The students of the junior section celebrated the Elephant Day. The solar panels at the campus started functioning. The United Nations Youth Day and the Humanitarian Day was also celebrated. The Raksha Parv was also celebrated. The primary students celebrated the Bees day. A visit to the NBRI was also done.

Inauguration of the Solar Panels

On the 18th of august, 2017 about 30 solar panels were inaugurated at the campus. The students were given demonstrations and explained how the panels work. We were told about how this step would help us save large, amounts of electricity. We thank Mr. Roshan Gandhi Forouhi and Principal Mrs. Abha Anant for providing us with such facilities that aim at the making the school better.

Activities done by ECO Club Members on 10th August

Members of eco club celebrated 'WORLD LION DAY' by speaking about dangers faced by lions these days in the school assembly. They also explained the ways to save and preserve the endangered animals. They had made rakhis for trees and tied them to the plants in the Science park of the school. They had also made posters which were displayed on soft boards in school. They had also made paper bags which were distributed to the vendors in the market outside the school, which included food stores, stationery shops and in the school canteen.

Celebration of World Lion Day (junior section)

The World Lion Day was celebrated today (10th of August) in the assembly to educate and create awareness among the younger generation about the plight of the Lions in the contemporary world, as they're declared one of the endangered species. Students put up the whole show with the help of a powerpoint presentation followed by a quiz based on the majestic animal with the theme "KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND HEART STRONG". Afterwards they gifted beautiful lion masks,written quotes on lion on it.

Rakshabandhan Celebration 2017

Rakshabandhan is a festival to celebrate a sacred bond between brothers and sisters. On this occasion when millions of sisters will tie rakhi to their beloved brothers, we are tying the thread of love and affection to the beloved brother trees and vowing to protect them...and make our bond stronger!

Science Experiment Day

Instilling scientific knowledge and logical acumen in the children should start at the earliest possible age. It will help children question and understand various processes around them and their environment in an intelligent fashion.

Keeping this thought in mind, we the Pre Primary section of City Montessori School, Gomtinagar 1 observed and celebrated “Science Experiment Day” On July 2nd 2017. This day kicked off with a usual dedicated board on the said theme, put up in the lobby. Later it unfolded by setting up various experiments in the lobby to sensitize the children with real world scientific information. To name a few the following experiments were performed in front of the children, which made the children awestruck and spellbound.

Creating a Glass Harmonica with water in bowls.Showing the concept of -heavy items sink and light float using a coin and a thermocol respectively.

Air pores help in floating was shown by using an orange that floats when it has the peel and sinks when it is unpeeled.Air has weight was shown by deflating a balloon hung on a stick which causes it to tilt.

Filtration was shown by using a filter paper.The concept of primary colours was also demonstrated and how they mix to give various shades of secondary colours.Vinegar and baking soda when mixed evolves Carbon dioxide which was used to inflate a balloon.

All the experiments were very eye-catching and made an indelible mark on the tiny brains of the students, which was precisely what we wanted and strived towards.

Global Tiger Day

To create awareness and a sense of responsibility for the conservation of ecology among the children and society, the Pre Primary section of City Montessori School, Gomtinagar 1 observed and celebrated “Global Tiger Day” on July 31st, 2017, although it was scheduled for July 29th, 2017, but that being a day off for the students it was celebrated today i.e. Monday July 31, 2017.

Tigers naturally exist and thrive in the forests and jungles. If their habitat is protected and conserved it will naturally translate into their well being  .Therefore the children were educated about conserving the green cover on  earth which would subsequently transform into conservation and preservation of the wild life on the whole and tigers in particular. Poaching and killing of tigers for their skin for aesthetic purposes was also brought forth as a concern and the students were told to mitigate that as much as they can by  boycotting goods made directly from tiger skin and other body parts.

The children made tiger masks in the class as part of their activity of the day and coloured on the sheets specifically designed to mark the day. A dedicated board stood tall in the lobby to assert the message it conveyed. The assembly as well reverberated with the theme.
As always we were able to pass on a socially relevant message in a picture perfect manner which is what CMS is known and stands for.

Van Mahotsav

Van Mahotsav celebrated in CMS Gomti Nagar Branch.Planting of trees done by principal ma'am & ecoclub members.

Earth day skit – our experience

Because of the shortage of time, we couldn’t perform our skit also on 24th April (Earth Day- 22nd April), so we had performed our skit on 25th April in the morning assembly!

It was really a good time while we found the matter for the skit, practiced it, and fought funnily for getting longer parts to speak in the skit. We arranged for some flower pots, some props to use and many more things which made our skit more interesting.

It was really good to experience the feeling of not only speaking but also enacting on stage, and we enjoyed a lot speaking about our BEAUTIFUL NATURE!

Our skit was all about telling people to save their environment, by not cutting trees, saving animals and not overusing fossil fuels. So actually we spread the message of “Saving the Nature”.

Air Pollution Analysis

How would you rate the overall air quality in
your city now compare to last year
Are you also contributing to
air pollution
What kind of air pollution are you
more concerned about?

What do you think are the main causes of
air pollution in your city?
Have you ever suffered ill health that
you believe was associated to air pollution
How have you contributed to
lessening air pollution

How do you take care of your vehicle to reduce air pollution
Do you think creating awareness among people will help reduce air pollution