Principal: Mrs Aditi Sharma     Classes:  Montessori to ISC-XII    Address: Opp. Kali Charan Degree College, Hardoi Road, Lucknow-226003, India   
Telephones : +91 522 - 2254778”

Principal's Desk

As an ocean is filled with the bounties of rivers, Mrs. Aditi Sharma has gems of ideas of inestimable value and pearls of wisdom. She is a beacon of light whose very presence ensures success, generosity, wisdom and a continuous flow of talents. Students of CMS Chowk Campus find in Mrs Sharma an inspiration, a pillar of strength and a friend in need. Teachers look up to her for guidance and parents feel secure to have their children placed in her care. It is Mrs Sharma's insight into human nature which draws the best out of each child. She organizes the International Science Festival QUANTA and Astronomy Olympiad with so much efficiency and a driving enthusiasm that children feel an awesome pride in being a part of these much awaited events and several countries line up for participation.

Mrs. Aditi Sharma

Principal, CMS Chowk Campus

Campus History

Started in 1961 with a modest enrollment of 250 students the school today has a strength of 3500 students who are being imparted not just academic excellence but moral and spiritual grooming to help them take their place in society as responsible citizens. Sprawling over five academic blocks the school has two large fully air-conditioned laboratories with 183 computers and two Wi-Fi connections and 18 Tata class edge white boards from std. IX –XII and 18 Interactive boards from Primary to nursery and 15 Pre-Primary fully air-conditioned class room to make learning a pleasant activity for the little ones!


Who's Who

Mrs Aditi Sharma
Mrs Weqar Bano Shamama

International Events

International QUANTA

Organized by: Integration Building, CMS, Chowk Campus, Lucknow
Focus: Developing a flair for Science

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Chowk Campus

Principal - Mrs Aditi Sharma

Address: Opp. Kali Charan Degree College, Hardoi Road
                 Lucknow-226003, India
Campus: Integration Building
Classes: Montessori to ISC-XII
Phone: +91 - 522 - 2254778
Fax: +91 - 522 - 2254778, 2635497