Academic Achievements

No stones were left unturned by CMS Asharfabad Campus to march ahead on the line of excellence and attain the goal the school has set for itself. As the students gained full knowledge of their prescribed syllabus, they also won prizes in different competitions. Besides providing the students with the best of academic education, emphasis was laid on their all-round development through classroom activities. Various inter-house competitions were held throughout the session and Model class presentations enhanced the students' self confidence and improved their oratory skills. Different events made children strive hard for showcasing their talents, abilities and skills. Khushi Saxena of Class VI secured 24th rank in the State in Allen's Talent Encouragement Exam, Tallentex 2017 organised by Allen Career Institute.

The tradition of achievements was carried forward and the students excelled in every genre of schooling because of the hard work put in by them and their teachers along with the active cooperation of their parents. Spoken English is given a lot of importance as it is the global link language. The teacher-child ratio at the campus has always been advantageous ensuring individual attention and care to each child right from Montessori to Class VIII.