Mother's Day

Mothers are the greatest gift of God to humankind and motherhood to womankind. The voice of a mother soothes the heart beat of an infant who though does not understand words but feels the tangibility of the comfort and the love that the presence of his mother brings. The word ‘Mother’ epitomizes love, compassion, selflessness and sacrifice and rings in an inundation of emotions at the very mention of its name. The title itself elevates the persona of the bearer and adds an awe-inspiring aura to them, be it Mother Teresa or Mother Mary.

The campus celebrated this day with the world on 7th May, 2016, with great zeal and enthusiasm by organizing a special event to honour mothers, the most important and inseparable person who partners in the growth and development of a child.

Respected Mothers were invited to the Pre-Primary wing of the campus to participate in an event specially organized to acknowledge their conjunctive partnership with the school. The Mothers sang songs, danced and recited poems and marked this day special for the campus.


It is next to impossible to imagine a world without colors and a life without their presence because colours are symbolic to existence and verve. The pastel colours denote tranquility and serenity while the bright ones send a message of vigor and dynamism. The color orange is a one of its kind which carries with it a characteristic of joy and a mood of exhilaration that warms the heart. Our campus celebrated Orange Day on 4th May 2016, to educate the children to appreciate something special in everything around them.

The day was made extraordinary by the children and teachers all dressed in orange. The children were also part of cutting, pasting and colouring activities which were organized to enhance their cognitive and applied skills. The students of the Pre-Primary wing were each treated with an orange bar ice-cream, which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Partnering with the world, the CMS Anand Nagar family celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April, 2016. The founder of Earth Day, late Senator Gaylord Nelson had promulgated and instituted his idea of bringing the importance of the Environment in the political lime light once and for all in 1970. The idea grew, nurtured with the element of time and thoughts and culminated to balloon beyond the boundaries of one nation.

The campus whole heartedly participated to commemorate the significance of this day and had organized various events to instill in the young minds of the students a consideration of conserving planet earth and it’s abundant resources. Activities like coloring, impression painting and collage making are a few of the many to name.


The Anand Nagar campus is a Pioneer in bringing to introduction the Bharat Scouts and Guides programme in the CMS Extra Curricular Activities. The campus further on took another step in its promotion among children by organizing a 3 days Scouts and Guides Camp from 19th to 21st April, 2016. The fundamentals of the Bharat Scouts and Guides correspond with the essence of the philosophy of our institutions as this movement is based on the Principles of Duty to God; Duty to others; and Duty to self.

The three days camp saw an enthusiastic participation of students who registered for this programme.

The various activities were initiated and supervised by the students as to how to be a true scout guide/cub. The Scouts and Guides taught that loyalty, trustworthiness, courage, agility are the actual virtues that assist us to lead a life of Pure thoughts and words and deeds.

The campus was visited by Mr. Subodh Singh Mrs. Suman and Mrs. Reena, the official trainers, working under the flagship of the UP Bharat Scouts and Guides, Head Quarters. They shared their learning with the students.


City Montessori School Anand Nagar is an ardent believer of the thought of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ given by the Upanishads, meaning the Earth is one single family and further believes that the environment, cultures and religion, history and monuments are not one person’s or country’s possession but must be shared with the whole world. Living this thought the campus celebrated the World Heritage Day on 18th April, 2016 and implanted awareness that catechized the students to understand the significance of monuments and heritage sites and the part they play in marking a civilization. A special assembly was organized for the students of classes III to VIII, where a quiz based on world built monuments was held to record the importance of the day.


A special workshop was organized at the campus on 9th April, 2016, presided over by Dr. Sohayl Mohajer, renowned psychologists and educationist. The session was held to elucidate ‘the Principles of Maria Montessori and to facilitate the teachers to understand the substance of her theories and their application in order to enhance the learning process of the students.

Dr. Sohayl Mohajer encouraged the teachers to adopt the Montessori Method in the true essence of its actuality where she has stressed upon the thought that the teaching pattern of a teacher should not be conformed to the dogmatic and age old ways of leading children to understand but rather to allow them to learn things by doing it themselves.

The session was very informative and was greatly appreciated by the teaching faculty of the campus.


The Anand Nagar Campus had organized CELESTIA the campus Open Day and Art & Craft exhibition on 6th April 2016 at the New building. The event was organized to commemorate the beginning of the new session of 2016-17 and to exhibhit & unveils the acquired learnings of students in the field of art and craft.

Classes from Montessori to VIII had displayed their handiwork and were greatly appreciated and lauded by the visitors.

Respected grandparents and parents were enthralled to witness the work done by their ward. The campus was blessed to have the benign presence of respected founder Director, City Montessori School, Dr.(Mrs.) Bharti Gandhi and respected Mrs. Manju Nautiyal, Principal CMS Jopling Road and respected Mrs. Nishi, respected Principal, CMS Rajendra Nagar campus.

The event was a grand success, all owing to the hard work put in by the students. The topics taken up included the Aquatic World, Maria Montessori’s dream, Best out of waste and the Scientific Wonders of the world. A music and dances studio setup was structured where students presented a myriad variety of songs and dances. The event was heartily appreciated by the onlookers.


Education is a reciprocative process between the teachers and parents, home and the school and should be balanced in such a way that the development of the child in channelized for the best.

City Montessori School Anand Nagar realize the importance of this parent and teacher association and ensures that every parent gets the opportunity to be part of the mental, physical and Academic growth of his/her child. Taking the initiative to a higher level the campus organized a Parent teacher orientation program from 26th March 2016 to 1st April 2016 to brief the parents about the new session and the pattern to be adopted and implemented by the teachers for the better learning of their child.


The 22nd of March was marked special with the world celebrating the ‘World Water Day’. Truly called the elixir of life, water is the sine qua non commodity necessary for all species of the living to survive. Unfortunately negligence and ignorance have been the two devastating key factors responsible for the depletion in the purity and adequacy of this indispensible nectar.

The campus organized a special assembly wherein the children were told about the importance of water and the various ways we can adopt to use it judiciously and in a proper manner.


The entire country wore a festive look and every face was covered with colors of happiness this Holi festival. Holi festival is celebrated around the country by different names and people of different states celebrate this festival of colors with enthusiasm and gaiety.

Keeping this age-old tradition and the festive spirit of merriment alive the students of the campus celebrated the festival on 22nd March, 2016. The joy of the festival was passed on by putting a ’tika’ of ‘Gulal’ on each other’s forehead and wishing all a ‘Happy Holi’.


Forests cover a third of all Land on Earth and provide vital organic infrastructure for some of the planets densest, most diverse collection of life.

City Montessori School Anand Nagar Campus celebrated this day with the world by organizing a special assembly to educate all about the importance of forests and the part played by them in keeping the eco-system balanced.

The campus also observed the World Planting Day to make the world a greener and cleaner place for all to breath and live in.


From songs to ballads and elegies the Sparrow has be similized and personified with tenderness and warmth. It has never lost its beauty to the immenseness of its surroundings but of late the world faces the looming danger of its extinction as the species is slowly vanishing from the face of Earth.

City Montessori School Anand Nagar Campus, along with the ‘Awadh forest ‘ department raised a clarion call to create awareness about the importance of the sparrow to the ecology. The World Sparrow Day was celebrated at the campus with children participating in interactive sessions to support the cause and were distributed Sparrow houses to be placed in the school and their homes to encourage and promote the ‘Rise for the Sparrow’ drive.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela Believing in the words of great people of yester years and the present time the Anand Nagar Campus marched in another academic session on 17th March 2016. The students were welcomed by teachers on their first day of the new session and together celebrated the ‘Vidya Ka Parv’ or the ‘Festival of Education’. Ms. Reena Soti, Respected Principal of the campus showered her blessing on the children and motivated them to acquire and to be filled in with meaningful education which would build their future on the frame- work of high ideals and moral values.

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