Co Curricular Activities

Special Felicitation Ceremony for Parents and students

The Proverbs states “Direct your children onto the right path, and even when they are old they will never depart from it.” A drop of tear is more expressive than a thousand sentences and a simple sentence of a mother when she embraces her child and says “I am proud of you” unfolds the saga of the sacrifices, hard work and sleepless nights of her devoted love when she worried about her child while he felt loved and cared for and slept a peaceful sleep.

The prime selfless desire of parents is to feel pride in the accomplishments of their children, and their joy knows no bounds when the achievements of their child makes them stand on a pedestal of glory and enables them to meet the world right in the eye as it fixes it’s eyes in awe at their children.

Recognizing this intense emotion of altruistic love that parents carry for their children in their hearts the Respected Founder Manger of City Montessori School, Dr Jagdish Gandhi inspired the campus to felicitate and honour the Parents of those students who performed exemplarily in their Half-Yearly Examinations through a felicitation Ceremony on 28th October, 2015.

The day commenced with a special prayer assembly to thank God for his grace and invoke his blessings on the proceedings of the day. Students from classes I to VIII were recognized and awarded certificates and books/cash as remuneration for their industrious efforts and their praiseworthy academic achievements. The campus hall was full to its capacity with parents who brightened the day with their appreciative comments and beaming contented countenance.