Principal: Ms Reena Soti     Classes:  Montessori to Class VIII ICSE Syllabus    Address: Jail Road, Alambagh, Anand Nagar, Lucknow, India   
Telephones : +91 522 - 2455332, 2458714”

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The academic session 2014-15 has been one of great achievements and forward movement in many positive directions. Be it improvement in academics, infrastructure or co-curricular activities, CMS, Anand Nagar has marched ahead. With the firm belief that ‘Know thyself’ is the key to any school’s journey to achieving high quality internationally accredited education standards in April, 2014 we undertook a five day long Adhyayan Quality Standard test and were awarded the State Gold. The process borne out of the School Self Review diagnostics provided reliable external validation which will enable us to gauge one’s effectiveness and assist on the school improvement journey.

Ms Reena Soti

Principal, CMS Anand Nagar Campus

Campus History

If one were to choose a garden of talents blooming and blossoming spreading their fragrance and making the world more happy, then the best place for this would be the Anand Nagar Campus of City Montessori School, 'Anand' or happiness, and 'Anant' or everlasting combine to give it a new meaning of everlasting happiness that is for children savour and parents to behold and be proud as their younger ones grow up in this haven of delight.


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Eureka International

Organized by: Service Building, CMS Anand Nagar Campus, Lucknow.
Aims and objectives: EUREKA International is organized with the basic objective of promoting, encouraging and building unity and peace amongst all people irrespective of their nationality, race, colour, creed, gender or faith.

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Anand Nagar Campus

Principal -Ms Reena Soti

Address: Jail Road, Alambagh, Anand Nagar,
                 Lucknow-226003, India
Campus:Service Building
Classes: Montessori to Class VIII ICSE Syllabus
Phone: +91 - 2455332, 2458714
Fax: +91 - 522 - 2638008, 2635497