Co-Curricular Activites

Environment Olympiad

Aliganj Campus II bagged second prize in Soft Board Decoration In International Environment Olympiad.

26th January 2018

Our performance on 26th January was awarded second amongst top participating schools of the city on Republic Day and was awarded a trophy at the Beating Retreat Ceremony at Vidhan Sabha.

International Inter Faith Week Competitions

Amrita Singh of class 2 won second prize in ‘Small Minds, Great ideas' in International Inter Faith Week Competitions organized by City Montessori school, Asharfabad Campus.

Lucknow Mahotsav 2018

Our students have participated in group song competition in junior and senior category at Lucknow Mahotsav 2018 and bagged first prize in both the categories.

International Benchmark Test

The International Benchmark Test (IBT) is an internationally administered program of assessments which allows students from all countries to be compared fairly in terms of student’s progress with local, national and international benchmarks. The IBT allows schools to compare student performance internationally overtime.

S.No Name Grade Subject Category Country Percentile Rank International Percentile Rank
1. Maitry Singh 3 English High Distinction 96.8 90.4
2. Avneesh Singh 5 English High Distinction 96.0 91.3
3. Shubang Sharma 5 English High Distinction 97.8 94.3
4. Oaj Gupta 5 English Distinction 91.5 83.3

S.No Event Name Student Name Class Prize
1. Talent Hunt Singing Competition (Artist Sound Association Uttar Pradesh) 18.09.16 Shreya Srivastava III-C 3rd Prize
2. JDS Academy 11.09.16 Aanya Khetan Nur-C 1st Prize
3. Karate Championship DIstrict Level (06.09.16) Shreyansh Singh IV-C Gold Medal
4. Animation Workshop Primary Group (WPA Academy - Vodafone ) 06.09.16 Manas Gupta, Atharv Aryan and Akshita Singh Primary 1st , 2nd and 3rd Prize
5. Animation Workshop Junior Group (WPA Academy - Vodafone ) 06.09.16 Parastish Dubey, Ashmit Srivastava and Om Singh Junior 1st , 2nd and 3rd Prize
6. Group Dance Bal Utsav (01.09.16) Junior Group Junior Consolation Prize
7. Folk Dance Bal Utsav (01.09.16) Junior Group Junior 2nd Prize
8. Duet singing Bal Utsav (01.09.16) Junior Group Junior 3rd Prize
9. Senior Group Bal Utsav (01.09.16) Senior Group Junior 2nd Prize
10. Junior Group SInging Bal Utsav (01.09.16) Junior Group Junior 1st Prize
11. Inter Branch Football Tournament(27.08.16) Football Team Juniors 2nd Prize
12. International Bench Mark Test(Science and Maths) Snehil Chaturvedi and Siddharth Yadav V Country percentile 98.2 & 93
13. Ground Water Week (Regional Science City) Aishwarya Misra VIII 1st Prize
14. Ground Water Week (Regional Science City) Bhramry verma VII 2nd Prize
15. Ground Water Week (Regional Science City) Alaukik Bajpai VIII 3rd Prize
16. Ground Water Week (Regional Science City) Tuba Fatima VIII Consolation Prize
17. Drawing Competition (Amar Ujala) Soumya Sonkar IV-A 1st Prize
18. Traffic Congestion(Regional Science City) Debate Sarthak Singh VI Consolation
19. Poster Making Competition(Regional Science City) Safoora Fatima VI-A 3rd Prize
20. Inter branch Tennis Competition Snehil Chaturvedi VI- B 3rd Prize
21. Nukkad natak(Regional Science City) Snehil and team IV,V and VI Consolation Prize
22. National Boxing Championship Neha Misra VII 1st Prize
23. Bhartiya Sanskriti Gyan Pareeksha

Osama Mahmood & Animesh Tiwari

VIII 1st Prize
24. Inter Faith Harmony organized by CMS Asharfabad(03-03-16) Yashya Bhardwaj VIII 3rd Prize
25. Sanskarshaala organized by Dainik Jagran(02-03-16) Apoorv Singh IV-B 2nd Prize
(Nikon Digital Camera)
26. International EXSPO Sport Olympiad for World Unity (800 meters Race) Ahmed Raza VIII-B Gold Medal
27. International EXSPO Sport Olympiad for World Unity( 4 X 100 meters Relay Race) Ahmed Raza VIII-B Silver Medal
28. ZeeQ Kahani Express Storytelling Competition Aadhya Srivastava IV-C 1st Prize
29. 7th Annual Lucknow City Run(10 Kms.) Ahmed Raza VIII-B 10th Position
30. Cyclothon 2015 Aman Rai VIII-A 3rd Prize
31. Bal Utsav organized by Search Foundation (Folk Dance) Anwesha Banerjee IV-C 1st Prize
32. Mind Game(Kids Bonanza) Shivansh Dey Mont. B 3rd
33. Mind Game(Kids Bonanza) Pratahm Srivastava Mont. A 3rd
34. Inter Branch T.T Competition Piha Sharma VIII-A Gold
35. Bal Utsav(Solo) Shweta Yadav VI-A III
36. Bal Utsav(Solo) Vaibhav Maurya VIII-A III
37. Bal Utsav(Solo) Harsh Vardhan Singh VIII-A III
38. Group Singing Khyati Srivastava V-C III
39. Group Singing Harsh Vardhan Singh VIII-A III
40. Group Singing Vaibhav Maurya VIII-A III
41. Group Singing Nehal III III
42. Group Singing Khushnuma VI-A III
43. Group Singing Shweta VI-A III
44. Group Singing Shristi VII-B III
45. Group Singing Vartika VII-A III
46. Group Singing Palak Agarwal VIII-A III
47. Group Singing Shreya Gautam VII-B III
48. Group Singing Prakhar Gupta VII-A III
49. Group Singing Prakhar Singh VII-A III
50. Group Singing Pratham Agarwal V-B III
51. Group Singing Animesh Tiwari VII-B III
52. Group Singing Ashmit VII-B III
53. Group Singing Shreyansh VII-B III
54. Sunfeast Group Divyansh Dwivedi VIII-B All Rounder
55. WIZMIC-2014 Individual Round Harshita Agarwal VIII-A III
56. WIZMIC-2014 Individual Round Palak Agarwal VIII-A III
57. WIZMIC-2014 Group Round Harshita Agarwal VIII-A II
58. WIZMIC-2014 Group Round Palak Agarwal VIII-A II
59. WIZMIC-2014 Group Round Divyansh Dwivedi VIII-B II
60. WIZMIC-2014 Group Round Himanshu Modi VIII-B II
61. Inter Branch Sports Meet Ahmad Raza VII-B II (100 mt)
62. Inter Branch Sports Meet Ahmad Raza VII-B II (800 mt)
63. Inter Campus Maths Olympiad Rahul Jain VII-B I (Team Round)
64. Inter Campus Maths Olympiad Paridhi Rastogi VII-B I (Team Round)
65. Inter Campus Maths Olympiad Aditi Verma VII-A I (Team Round)
66. Inter Campus Maths Olympiad Rahul Jain VII-B III (Indiviual Round)