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CMS Annual Report, 2015-16

by the President

Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon
The progress and achievements of CMS students in 2015-16 have been very pleasing. It has been a glorious year with significant heights scaled in academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular areas, and the school has joyously strivento expand opportunities for students. It has been a privilege to arrange a high quality experience for our students, and to further raise standards across the board. The areas of particular achievement are highlighted in this brief report.
Expanding international opportunities
2015-16 has been a year of considerable expansion of the international opportunities offered to our students. This year CMS affiliated with the Cambridge International Examinations board to offer the exciting international secondary and higher-secondary qualifications (IGCSE and A-Level) to our students from April 2016. Secondly, we expanded the German language offering at CMS, with the number of students opting for German reaching about 3,500 this year. Thirdly, apart from a secular year on year increase in the number of students taking the SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) exams at our SAT exam centre (the only one serving the whole of Uttar Pradesh), we gave greater counselling and support to our students for study abroad with scholarships at the top universities of the world. The results have been very encouraging (see below the section titled ‘CMS students selected in top foreign universities’).

 Academic Achievements 

Unparalleled results in the 2015 ISC and ICSE Board Exams
The major leap in board exam success of CMS students in 2015 led to euphoria, as quality was achieved at impressive scale: Of the 5,187 CMS students who appeared in the2015 class X (ICSE) and class XII (ISC) board exams, 2093 students (or 40.3% of all CMS students) obtained 90% or higher aggregate mark; of these, 654 students (or 12.6% of all CMS students) obtained 95% to 99.25% marks. 164 CMS students (3.2%) got marks between 97 and 99.25%, and 44 students (0.8%) obtained marks between 98 and 99.25%.
In the ISC exam, ShreyaSrivastava of CMS Mahanagar II and Pragya Mishra of CMS Mahanagar III both secured 99.25% aggregate mark, winning the top rank in Uttar Pradesh and All India 3rd rank. PragyaPandey of CMS Aliganj Campus and Kanwal Nain Kaur Kohli of CMS Kanpur Road Campus secured 2nd position in the state with 99% marks followed by Aditya Vikram Srivastava, Mohak Jain and SalviVerma of Aliganj Campus, Shubhi Jain of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus, Sanyam Gupta of CMS Chowk Campus and Anubhuti Gupta of CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus securing 3rd position in Uttar Pradesh and 5th in All-India, with 98.75% marks. ICSE (Class X) board achievers include Ananya Shukla of CMS Aliganj Camps who secured 2nd position in Uttar Pradesh with 98.60% marks and Aman Tiwari of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus secured 3rd position in the state with 98.40% marks.
12 CMS students made it to the All-India merit list of the top 5 ranked performers in India in the ICSE and ISC Council board exams 2015. From the 3rd to the 5th position holders at the ISC level are 10 CMS students, with marks between 98.75% and 99.25; and from 4th to 5th position holders at the ICSE level are 2 CMS students with marks between 98.4% and 98.6%. While overall 46% of ISC students obtained marks between 90 to 99.25%, in several CMS campuses, this percentage was especially high: 72% of CMS Gomti Nagar I, 65% of CMS Mahanagar students and 56% of CMS Aliganj students obtained 90% or higher aggregate marks.
Separate analysis of ISC and ICSE results
In ISC, 1014 CMS students (i.e. 43.7% of all our ISC exam-takers) secured 90% and above aggregate marks while in ICSE, 977 CMS students (i.e. 34.0% of all our ICSE exam-takers) secured 90% and above aggregate mark. We are particularly proud of this result because CMS draws its student body from across the socio-economic spectrum rather than exclusively from privileged homes. We offer extensive fee concession schemes for economically weak children, which is further extended to free education for children of CMS support staff.
CMS ranked National First for ‘Academic Reputation’
CMS Gomti Nagar I has been awarded first prize for Academic Reputation at the All-India level by the Education World Magazine in its India School Rankings 2015, September issue. Senior Principal of CMS Gomti Nagar, Ms Manjit Batra and Principal Mrs Abha Anant received the Certificate of Commendation at a grand award giving ceremony at Hotel Taj Vivanta, New Delhi on 26 September organized by Education World on a national level. On this occasion, CMS Gomti Nagar I Campus was also awarded first prize for being the Best Co-Ed Day School in Lucknow as well as in Uttar Pradesh.
CMS campuses among top 25 ISC schools of India, with CMS Gomti NagarI being first
In a national school ranking of all ISC schools of India (based on the number of students of a school scoring 90% or more aggregate mark in English plus the best three subjects) in the 2015 ISC board exam, CMS Gomti Nagar I was placed first, i.e. as the very best ISC School in India, with 308 students out of the total 435 ISC examinees obtaining 90% or higher aggregate mark, in March 2015. Thus nearly 71% of ISC examinees at CMS Gomti Nagar I obtained 90% or more aggregate marks. CMS Mahanagar and CMS Aliganj are the 2nd and 3rd ranked nationally, with 218 and 181 students respectively obtaining above 90% marks. CMS Rajendra Nagar is 8th ranked nationally and CMS Kanpur Road 11th ranked with 109 and 100 students respectively having an aggregate mark above 90%.
11 CMS students selected in National Talent Search (NTS) Scholarship, 2015
Government of India pays for all fees and expenses of education of 1000 NTSE scholarship awardees each year. Of these, 20 students were selected from Lucknow and, of these, 11 (55%) were from CMS alone! At the state level NTSE Examination, a total of 166 students were selected from all the schools of Lucknow taken together. Out of these, 96 students were from CMS, i.e., (57.83%) of all NTSE successes from Lucknow were from CMS!
Entrance to Engineering / Medical and other Professional Courses, 2015
A record number of 389 CMS students qualified for admission to various Engineering, Medical and Professional Colleges in India and abroad in 2015.
IIT-JEE Selections
69 CMS students cracked IIT-JEE in 2015, an unparalleled achievement. CMS students secured the top 8 positions in Lucknow.
Shivam of CMS Kanpur Road tops in CPMT in Lucknow
Shivam of Kanpur Road Campus secured the 1stposition in Lucknow and 6th in Uttar Pradesh in the CPMT Entrance Examination. Shivam secured 96.25% marks in ISC Board this year and had secured 95.60% marks in ICSE (Class X) Board Examination in 2013.
11 CMS Gomti Nagar I students clear the CLAT Exam
11 students of CMS, Gomti Nagar (Campus I) cleared the Common Law Aptitude Test (CLAT) with two of these students, Abhishek Kumar and Simarpret Kaur, securing positions in the All India Top Ten Merit List. They will now study at the National Law Universities of Benguluru, Kolkata, New Delhi, Lucknow, Jodhpur and Patiala for the elite five year law degree course. These 11 students of CMS Gomti Nagar (Campus I) are Abhishek Kumar (2nd Rank), Simarpret Kaur (10th Rank), Vishal Vansh (29th Rank), Asmita Verma (57th Rank), Anant Pratap Singh (163rd Rank), Ruchir Agarwal (268th Rank), Vinay Tripathi (568th Rank), Swarnika Suryavanshi (589th Rank), Priyanka Rai (699th Rank), Archita Singh (879th Rank) and Aakash Mishra (987th Rank).
IAS 2014-2015 (Civil Services Examination)
11 ex-CMS students were selected into the Civil Services of India in 2015 and three ex-CMS students in 2014. They are: Neelabh Saxena (12th Rank in India; 1st rank in U.P.), Arpit Verma, Sonal Singh, Srishti Gupta, Dr. Garima Tripathi, Swati Agarwal, Kritika Jaiswal, Arnika Yadav, Ashutosh Gupta, Aisha Khan and Anant Aakash.
CMS students admitted to top foreign Universities
CMS students scored brilliantly in the SAT exam, which is the gateway to admissions in US universities, and which also helps students to signal ability in an international context and thus helps to secure admission in universities around the world. A total of 24CMS students got admissions in universities in USA, U.K. Canada, Hong Kong, Germany and Singapore. Several of these students got 100% scholarship. They are as follows:

  1. Aditya Dwivedi got a 100% scholarship to study engineering at Cornell University, an Ivy League US University

  2. Anuja Trivedi secured an offer of 100% scholarship from the New York University at Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  3. Himadri Pandey has joined University of Cincinnati, Ohio for a Co-op Program on nearly 50% scholarship

  4. Harshit Mishra has joined Drexel University, Pennsylvania, on a Co-op Program on almost 100% scholarship.

  5. Shashwat Pratap Singh has joined University of Waterloo, Canada and is getting 80% scholarship

  6. Anukarsh Singh is also at University of Waterloo, Canada

  7. Ritika Ghose has joined University in Germany on 100% Tuition Grant.

  8. Anmol Mishra has joined the National University of Singapore on 100% Scholarship

  9. Sanjana Gautam has offers of scholarship of $100,000 from the Illinois Institute of Technology and of $90,000 from Seton Hall.

  10. Arbaz Qamer has secured HK $186,000 scholarship from Hong Kong University for the academic year 2015-16.

  11. Vaibhav Narain has the Presidential Scholarship valued at $19,000 from Xavier University per academic year.

  12. Anukriti Verma has been offered Presidential Scholarship of $19,000 from Xavier University of Illinois at Chicago and a scholarship of $23,000 from Seton Hall at Xavier's University, Ohio.

  13. Ritik Singh has been offered 40% scholarship by New School of Drama, New York to pursue BFA programme.

  14. Shakshi Singh has been selected by university of Leeds, UK

  15. Mallika Baudh has secured scholarship of $23,000 annually from Ohio Wesleyn University.

  16. Deepshika Rahi has secured 80% scholarship from Ritsumeikan University, Japan

  17. Ananya Priyadarshini is selected for University of Melbourne, Australia.

  18. 7 CMS students selected in Asia Pacific University (APU), Japan on scholarships. Avantika Pandey, Ishtha Verma, Sagarika and Sahil Bhalla have been offered 80% scholarship, Deviena has got 65% scholarship, Debika Ghosh and Abhay have secured 50% scholarship.
National Merit Scholarships
67 CMS students of class XII in 2015 won a total of Rs. 2 crore 56 Lakhs as Govt. of India National Merit Scholarship to pursue higher studies in Science. Each of these students will be getting a total of rupees four Lakhs as merit scholarship (Rs. 80,000/- per year for five years) from the Department of Science and Technology. The Government of India awards this National Merit Scholarship to the top 1% students in the All India ISC Merit List each year, and 67 CMS students were in the top 1% of ISC students in the country as a whole!
Kishore VaigyanikProtsahanYojna (KVPY Fellowship Award)
18 outstanding students of City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar (Campus I) and 1 from Aliganj Campus (I) have been selected for the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna (KVPY Fellowship Award) of the Government of India. These students are entitled to receive a scholarship of Rs. 5000/- per month and an annual contingency grant of Rs. 20,000/- per year of graduation. For postgraduation, they will receive a monthly stipend of Rs.7000/- per month and annual contingency grant of Rs. 28,000/-. The meritorious students awarded with KYPY fellowship are Aditya Dwivedi, Akshit Srivastava, Ashutosh Kumar Verma, Divyanshu Saxena, Krishna Chandra, Manan Bhatia, Pranjal Singh, Rajat Kumar Singh, Sandarsh Gupta, Shristy Kapoor, Shubhendu Narayan Tripathi, Suyash Sinha, Utkarsh Rai, Vinayak, Vishal Singh, Suprabhash Sahu and Samridh Joshi of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I and Ayush Kumar Mehrotra of CMS Aliganj Campus I
Prakrati Chandra wins Miss Teen India Contest
Prakrati Chandra of CMS, student of Class XII, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus was crowned Miss Teen India Personality 2015. The finals were held at Talkatora Stadium where a host of film personalities were present. Prakrati till date has, created awareness for eye donation to over 4,50,000 people and taken written pledge of eye donation from around 48,000 people. Her name is listed in the Limca Book of Records 2008 and 2009.
Garima Singh wins DBT Biology Scholarship of Government of India
Garima Singh, a bright student of CMS Station Road won the prestigious DBT Biology Scholarship of Government of India. She was awarded a gold medal, a certificate and a cash prize of Rs 20,000/- by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology for exceptionally high achievement in Biology/Biotechnology in the ISC Examination 2015.
Career Counselling at CMS
In 2015, the CMS Careers Day for senior students from Classes X to XII brought eminent personalities such as Dr Vikram Singh, Vice-Chancellor Noida International University; Mr V.N.Garg (Retd. IAS), Mr Rajan Shukla, (IAS),Dr Amrita Dass, Renowned Career Counsellor, and Mr Jayant Krishna, Principal Consultant at TATA Consultancy Services, to guide our students. Several other experts who guided the students include officers from the Indian Army and Indian Navy, Ms Aastha Virk Singh, Education USA, Mr. Nakul Goel, Sheffield Hallam University- South Asia office, Ms Aarti Natarajan Sharma, University of Warwick, Mr Sankar T Narayanan; NIFT-Raebareli and many others.
On 20th July 2015 the Career Counselling webpage ( was launched by the Chief Guest Mr Chandra Prakash, IAS.
Study Abroad awareness-raising sessions were held in July and November 2015 at the Meritorious Students' Felicitation Functions, where representatives from different universities informed our students about the opportunities for study abroad, including from the Asia Pacific University Japan, University of British Columbia, University of Portsmouth, and Ashoka University Delhi.
Best CMS Teachers of the Year
Prizes worth Rupees One Crore were given to deserving teachers on Teachers’ Day on 5th September 2015 in cash and kind. Mr Avneesh Srivastava, Computer teacher of CMS Gomti Nagar (Campus I) was declared the best teacher of ISC, while Ms Binita Tripathi, Hindi teacher of CMS Mahanagar (Campus I) was declared the Best teacher of ICSE for 2014-2015. They were awarded with cash prizes of Rs. 81,071/- and Rs. 36,055/- respectively. Besides these, Mr Sudhanshu Gaur, Physical Education Teacher of CMS Aliganj (Campus I) and Mr Vinay Kumar Singh, Physical Education Teacher of CMS Kanpur Road were also declared the best teachers and awarded cash prizes of Rs. 58,666/- and Rs. 10,733/- respectively. Mothers of all these teachers were weighed in fruits and flowers and fathers were honoured publicly with shawls in a ceremonial way on teacher’s day.
CMS students collect over Rs 3 lakh for charity
Students of various CMS campuses collectively contributed a sum of Rs 3,24,000/- for charity, half each of which was donated to SPARC-India(NGO for welfare of the disabled) and to Animal Ashram(an NGO for helping street animals).
International exchanges
Nearly 200 CMS students and staff, went abroad in 2015 to attend various events, such as the Quality Youth Initiatives Summit in Mauritius; Educational Tour to NASA, Washington DC and New York; China International Mathematics Competition in Changchun; Primary Mathematics World Contest in Hong Kong; International Mathematics and Science Olympiad in Thailand; Japan Super Science Fair in Kyoto; International Super Science Fair in Melbourne, Australia; Children's International Summer Villages (CISV) Camps in Germany, Norway, Sweden and USA; teacher workshops in Bandung, Indonesia; conference for school principals in Japan; and a meeting with jurists in Mongolia.
Video-Conference for international dialogue between students
CMS’s active presence in the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s (TBFF) “Face to Faith” project was further consolidated during the year. High quality and engaging video conferences with international organizations like Peace One Day marked a qualitative rise in using technology to build bridges across countries and cultures. The Face-to-Faith project brings together students of different countries using international video conferencing via digital technology, blogging, celebrating special days etc. By learning about and from one another, students tackle misconceptions and prejudices head on. Students from most of the CMS campuses have participated (several times) this year in meaningful dialogue with their counterparts schools in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE , Pakistan, Italy, Ukraine and the UK International exchanges.
Sports at CMS
There were numerous sporting triumphs, several of them major, in football, basketball, cricket, badminton, lawn tennis, athletics, judo, taekwondo, karate and swimming at the State, National and International levels. CMS students also excelled in Indoor sports such as chess and table tennis.
Utkarsh Shukla of Class 11 of CMS Aliganj-I Campus was among the 5 students selected for Football training in Spain from India by National Sports Talent. He has been awarded with a scholarship for further studies as well as training in Football in Spain.
Ardnav Srivastav of Class 9 of CMS Aliganj-I won a Gold and a Bronze medal at International Indo-Sri Lankan Karate Championship held at Goa.
A brilliant All-Round Cricket Player Atul Kumar Jaiswal, a student of Class 12 of CMS Kanpur Road Campus was selected as part of the 15-member Indian team for the Cricket Tour to UK where he played at the prestigious Lords Cricket Ground, London and Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester from 5th to 20th April 2015.
CMS students won gold medals in badminton (Singles & Doubles) in national level tournaments held in Bangalore and Gorakhpur. They also secured a gold medal in Karate tournament held in Kolkata.
The Under-14 and Under-16 team of CMS won the Silver medal at the International Concord 2015 Football Tournament. CMS students won several gold, silver and bronze medals in the ASISC Nationals and State Level tournaments in Cricket, lawn-Tennis, badminton, football, swimming and athletics.
CMS Mahanagar Campus-1 celebrated the International Yoga Day in its true spirit on 21 June 2015 for all age.
Sports Day was held by various CMS Campuses in the months of November and December 2015. CMS students got an opportunity to exhibit their physical prowess and sports talents in different arena such as March Past, Yoga, PT, Drill displays, Field and track events. CMS Anand Nagar Campus has surged ahead taking active part in Scouts and Guides.
CMS Gomtinagar Campus–I introduced a bagpipe band in 2015-16. Both the CMS Kanpur Road Campus’s band as well as Gomtinagar I’s bands proudly participated in the 26th January 2016 Republic Day Parade.
Various major sporting events at the International Level were organized by CMS Campuses such as EXSPO by CMS RDSO Campus, Concord an International Football Tournament by CMS Mahanagar Campus II and International School Cricket Premier League (ISCPL) by the CMS Kanpur Road Campus. In addition, students in various campuses were given training in self-defense and road safety rules.
Training camps for Physical Education Teachers (PETs)throughout the year kept them abreast of the latest developments in sports and games.
Moral Education
Morning Payer Assemblies at CMS have included devotional songs, hymns, prayers and energizers, and moral concepts were taught via co-operative games and co-operative learning. The CMS Tableau – prepared for the Republic Day parade on 26th January 2016 - was displayed for 8 days at CMS Kanpur Road Campus and every CMS student visited it during these 8 days, in order to view the Tableau and learn about its messages. CMS also conducted the World Unity Satsang at its Gomti Nagar I campus every Sunday throughout 2015-16.
In 2015-16, all junior classes of CMS across all campuses got brand new blue and grey furniture, replacing their older dark brown furniture. A gym was constructed at the CMS Kanpur Road campus to promote the fitness of our students at a campus that hosts the CMS Cricket Academy. At our World Unity Convention Centre, 15 new rooms were constructed in the Kaizen Phase II building and rooms in two floors of the CISV guesthouse were upgraded. The year also saw major construction projects at the Anand Nagar, Mahanagar and Asharfabad campuses of CMS.
Environment Project
In 2015-16, Eco clubs were formed in all CMS campuses to make a significant contribution to the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources by engaging students, alumni, parents and employees. Children took initiatives and organized activities on World Forestry Day, Earth Day, UN World Water Day, Van Mahotsav and Ground Water Week, International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, World Wetland Day, World Sparrow Day and World Food Day. Awareness Marches were organized for a pollution free Diwali and for water conservation. In March, Ajita Singh, student of CMS Gomti Nagar-II campus bagged 1st prize in the Janeshwar Mishra Horti-fair2015. A short documentary film made by three students of Station Road Campus won the ‘Veerbhadra Mishra Award’ on 23rd August 2015. In December, CMS Kanpur Road Campus was awarded with the Wipro Earthain-Paryavaran Mitra Award 2015 on Biodiversity.During the entire year, street plays (nukkad-natak) on various environmental themes were presented by CMS Jopling Road students to sensitizethe people of Lucknow. Many students and campus teams won environmental prizes. Visits to the Zoo and nature parks such as NBRI & CIMAP were organized for pre-primary, primary and junior children. Children prepared newspaper bags and distributed to the shopkeepers surrounding school areas. They also distributed paper bags to the people visiting the Zoo to dissuade them from using polythene bags. Environment softboards in all campuses displayed various articles, news clippings and tips on energy and water conservation. CMS hosted the 2nd International Environment Olympiad in collaboration with United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan from 9th to 12th December 2015 with about 450 participants from 43 cities of India and five countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Iran, Nepal and Sri Lanka), focusing on the issues of sustainability, solar energy, organic farming, water conservation, depleting natural resources, climate change, and alarming air pollution with eminent speakers such as Mrs. Kiran Mehra Kerpelman, UNIC Director, Padamashri Dr. Janak Palta McGilligan and Mr. Abid Surti.
Junior Youth Empowerment Programme (JYEP)
The Junior Youth Empowerment Programme (JYEP) has been running in five campuses of CMS for over three years now, and in 2015-16 it expanded to two more campuses – CMS Station Road and Rajajipuram.
This programme has provided a unique opportunity to empower and nurture the capacities of thousands of junior youth of CMS. Volunteers from classes 9 – 11 animate their junior youth groups (in classes 6 – 8) within their respective campuses, by studying JYEP books together and engaging them in creative activities to understand the concepts better. The pillar of this programme has been the service projects undertaken by the different campuses. For example, this year, junior youth of CMS Gomti Nagar II campus identified a slum area just beside the school and decided to do a Soles for Souls project – donating their old shoes and clothes to poor children in the neighboring community, and teaching them moral values through songs, prayers and drawings, as well as giving them lessons in numeracy, literacy, public health and hygiene. Other service projects in other campuses include making assembly presentations and hosting radio shows to address certain issues that the junior youths face; engaging in peer-tutorials to help their friends who are weaker in certain subjects; teaching literacy to campus support staff and moral values to students of the primary section.
When the animators gathered for an Animators’ Conference on 18th October 2015, many of them shared that this programme has taught them virtues such as patience and selfless service, because when they meet their JYs to discuss problems and share ideas, they are always ready to learn from one another. As a result, they have been able to build strong bonds of friendship through the years.
It is inspiring to see how the animators have been able to balance both their academic lives and service to their fellow students, showing a change in the culture and behavior of students, wherein they are able to balance their spiritual with material life and academic life – affecting their all-round development.
Integration of Technology
CMS has striven to harness the power of educational technology to enhance students’ learning experience. Since technology can be successfully integrated only when teachers are trained and confident in its use, CMS did three things: (a) created an e-Learning department with expert trainers;(b) established a dedicated IT Training Centre at Gomti Nagar Extension campus; and (c) placed 27 new IT experts for teachers’ IT training at CMS campuses.
In Nov. 2015, CMS bought 611 new Class Edge licences, so that now 878 CMS classrooms are equipped with internet-enabled smart boards along with Class Edge content from Tata Interactive Services. Secondly, our ERP system has digitised student attendance and sends automatic SMS to parents when a child is absent, as well as producing computerised student exam report cards etc. In addition, a new staff IT Portal has recently been developed for sharing information across staff.
To ensure that all technologies are well-supported, CMS Computer Department’s engineers ensure that all smart classrooms’ hardware is functioning, and in 2015 they have also provided high speed internet via a CMS-dedicated leased line. Great emphasis was laid on staff’s IT training in 2015-16, to ensure they are adept in using the various technologies.
We are very proud that reforms in the past year have expanded the opportunities for our students – whether through the extension of the Junior Youth Empowerment Programme, the significant scaling up of the Face-to-Faith international video-conferencing programme, the expansion of German language teaching to nearly 3,500CMS students, the scaling-up of career counselling and Study-Abroad counselling, becoming an Advanced Placement and Preliminary SAT exam centre of Collegeboard USA, providing better sports infrastructure and better facilities, transacting better pedagogies via increased in house training of teachers, or through the CMS Environment Project as a channel for the creative expression of social concern among our students. With all the opportunities before them, it is not surprising that our students seize them, use them for their personal development, and perform well across the board!


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1 School Prayer & Songs Website conceptualized and developed by Dr Sunita Gandhi, Hon. Chief Academic Advisor, CMS and Team.