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CMS Annual Report, 2014-15

by the President

Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon
How to sum up the harvest of achievements by CMS students and staff in 2014-15?  It has been a glorious, triumphant, year with numerous significant heights scaled in varied areas – from academic to co-curricular to extra-curricular. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to arrange a high quality experience for students, and to further raise standards across the board. The areas of particular achievement are highlighted in this brief report.

 Academic Achievements 

1.  Euphoria over the 2014 ISC and ICSE board exam successes
  The major leap in board exam success of CMS students in 2014 led to what can only be described as euphoria. 2014 witnessed record breaking success in the ISC and ICSE Board Examinations. What is particularly significant is that quality was achieved at scale. Out of the whopping4905 CMS students who took the 2014 ISC and ICSE Examinations, 1,638 students i.e. one-third of all students secured 90% to 99% marks. Shruti Agarwal of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I was in the national ISC merit list with her 99% aggregate mark, securing 2nd rank in ISC in India as a whole. Tejaswini Narayan of CMS Mahanagar Campus I was in the national ICSE merit list with her 98.2% aggregate mark, securing 3rd rank in ICSE in India as a whole.
2. CMS among the top schools of India
  According to the September 2014 issue of the Education World magazine (page 226) in the objective national school rankings based on the average aggregate mark of students of a school in the ISC 2014 exam, among all 866 ISC schools nationally, CMS Gomti Nagar (campus I) is ranked 2ndin the country as a whole, with students’ average aggregate mark being 89.7%, immediately below the top ISC school of the country – Mayo College Girls, Ajmer, which had an average aggregate mark of 89.8%. In the same magazine’s perceptions-based rankings 2014, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I tops in Uttar Pradesh among all schools, of all exam boards taken together (page 106).
3.  CMScampuses among top 50 ISC schools of India, &CMS Gomti Nagar placed 1st
  In a national school ranking of all 866 ISC schools of India (based on the number of students of a school scoring 90% or more aggregate mark in English plus the best three subjects) in the 2014 ISC board exam, CMS Gomti Nagar was placed first, i.e. as the best ISC School in India, with 246 of its ISC students securing 90% or more aggregate mark. CMS Mahanagar ranked 3rdin the country, with 154 ISC students securing 90% or more mark and CMS Aliganj was placed 4thin the country with 115 ISC students securing 90% or more mark, out of the entire 866 ISC schools of India (see  All CMS campuses were ranked in the top 60 schools out of the entire 866 ISC schools of India. This shows that CMS produced quality on a large scale; in a country with a huge and growing child population, it is important for schools to deliver quality in large quantity, rather than to produce quality for just a few students!
4. CMS tops among all the 76 ICSE schools of Lucknow
  CMS Indira Nagar secured 1st rank in the city, among all the 76 ICSE schools, on the basis of the average aggregate mark of students in the ICSE 2014 board exam (in English plus the best four subjects). CMS Gomti Nagar ranked 3rd and CMS Aliganj ranked 5th ( All other CMS campuses were within the top 25 positions among all the 76 ICSE schools of Lucknow. However, each and every one of the CMS campuses was in the top position among all schools in its own locality/neighborhood.
5. Short analysis of ISC and ICSE results:
  In ISC, 831 CMS students (i.e. 37% of all our ISC exam-takers) secured 90% and above aggregate markswhile in ICSE, 807 CMS students (i.e. 30% of all our ICSE exam-takers) secured 90% and above aggregate mark in the Board Examinations. In ISC, 197 students (9% of all our ISC exam takers) secured 95-99% aggregate mark while in ISCE, 172 students(7 % of all exam-takers) got 95-98.2% aggregate mark. We are particularly proud of this because CMS draws its student body from across the socio-economic spectrum rather than exclusively or mainly from privileged homes only, because of our extensive fee concession scheme for disadvantaged children and because children of our support staff study in CMS almost free of tuition fee.
6. Success in the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)
  Government of India pays for all fees and expenses of education of 1000 NTSE scholarship awardees each year. In the national level NTSE exam, 15 students were selected from Lucknow (out of the 1000 from the country as a whole); out of these fifteen, 12 were from CMS, i.e. 80% were from CMS alone!  At the state level NTSE Examination, a total of 146 students were selected from all the schools of Lucknow taken together. Out of these, 98 students were from CMS, i.e., 67% of all NTSE successes from Lucknow were from CMS !

 Entrance into universities and professional courses   

1. IIT-JEE Selections
  An unprecedented number of 64 CMS students were selected into IITs through the IIT-JEE Examinations. Pankaj Kumar of CMS Gomti Nagar topped in Lucknow. The top eight positions in Lucknow were bagged by CMS students.
2. Rupees 2 crore 68 lakh won in National Merit Scholarship in 2014
  67 CMS students were selected for the National Merit Scholarship of the Government of India for higher studies in science. The total amount of scholarship money earned by these students was Rs 2 crore 68 lakhs, with each of these 67 students getting Rs 4 lakhs (Rs 80,000 per year for five years). The Government of India awards the National Merit Scholarship to the top 1% students in the All India ISC Merit List each year, and 67 CMS students were in the top 1% of ISC students in the country as a whole!
3. Ambedkar National Merit Awardee
  Ankur Verma of CMS Kanpur Road was honoured with the Dr Ambedkar National Merit Award by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.He was awarded a certificate and cash prize of Rs 40,000/- for his high performance in ISC Exams in which he scored 95.5% marks.
4. Success in the Civil Service examinations
  Three CMS ex-students qualified in the IAS Exam in May 2014. In 2013, six CMS ex-students qualified for the IAS and 1 for the PCS.
5. Admissions to top Universities abroad

CMS students scored brilliantly in university admission tests and inthe American SAT exams, and won many scholarships to attend top universities in USA, U.K. Canada, Hong Kong, Germany and Singapore, as well as in prestigious colleges and universities in India. From CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I, the following students made it straight to foreign universities of repute. Saubhagya Vardhan got admission offer at Stanford University, USA with 100% scholarship, Tanmay Jha in Cornell University, New York also with 100% scholarship. Other students received admission in the University of Edinburgh, Hong Kong University of science and Technology, University of Toronto, Canada, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Purdue University, Imperial College, London and University College, London. Sheivin Goel in the University of Waterloo, Canada, with 100% scholarship. Pranav Mishra in the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA on $5000 scholarship per annum, Kaustubh Kapoor in University of Waterloo, Canada on $2000 scholarship as well as University of California, Los Angeles, Boston University, US and North Western University, USA, Sarvagya Vatsal Singh in University of California, Irvine, University of California, Davis and University of Colorado Boulder, Harshil Kapoor in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Shambhavi Mehrotra in the UK at the Universities of Manchester, Nottingham, Warwick and Lancaster; Apoorva Srivastava in the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA, Ujjwal Yadav in the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA.

Among those selected for admission in Germany are: Adarsh Tiwari and Sahil Nair of CMS Mahanagar Campus II and Umesh Verma of CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I. Umesh Verma received admission offers from the Universities of Munich, Heidelberg, Bremen, Cologne, Keil and Dusseldorf (he chose Munich University), and Manoram Agarwal of CMS Mahanagar Campus got selected into the Saarbrucken University, Germany.

Similarly, 8 students of CMS Chowk Campus were selected for admission to top Universities in UK and USA. They are as follows: Rishabh Mehrotra for Computer Science at University College London, Manas Puri in University of Torvergata, Prateek Sinha in Columbia University, USA, Diwakar Shukla for Chemical Engineering in MIT, Stanford University, USA, Prakhar Mehrotra for Aeronautics in California Institute of Technology, USA, Shivam Tandon in U.K., Mohd. Naved Siddiqui for Business Management in Glamorgan University, U.K. and Mohd. Adnan Siddiqui for Business Management in the University of Wales, U.K. 

 International exposure of CMS students and staff   
1.  International exchanges

6CMS students of Kanpur Road Campus participated in the Super Science Fair in Russia in 8th to 12th August 2014; 36CMS Students participated in various Maths and Science Olympiads in Hong Kong, Korea and Indonesia of Rajajipuram Campus I, Gomti Nagar I, Mahanagar Campus III, Aliganj Campus I and Mahanagar Campus II in the month of July, August and October 2014; 32 CMS students participated in International Quality Circle Convention in London, U.K. of Gomti Nagar I Campus and Kanpur Road Campus held in July 2014; 8 CMS Students of Gomti Nagar I Campus,Mahanagar Campus III and Rajendra Nagar I went to  CISV Camps in USA and Sweden in the month of July 2014.    11 CMSStudents’ delegation of Mahanagar Campus I and II visited Indonesia for participation in International Maths and Science Olympiad (IMSO) in the month of October 2014, 3 CMS students of CMS Mahanagar I Campus participated in the Super Science Fair(JSSF) in Kyoto, Japan in the month of November 2014.

Divyika Yadav of CMS Mahanagar Campus II won the Bronze Medal at the International Science Olympiad. Nazar Ali, a bright young student of CMS, Mahanagar (Campus III) bagged the bronze medal in International Mathematics Competition (KIMC-2014) held in South Korea. 24 CMS students participatedin the Quality Youth Initiatives Summit in Mauritius In May 2014 and won 12 prizes and the Overall Championship.

17 students of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I and 16 students of CMS Aliganj I campus went for an Educational Tour to NASA, Washington DC and New York.

2. CMS accorded NGO status at the United Nations, New York
  The school was accorded the status of an NGO associated with the United Nations, by the Department of Public Information (UN-DPI) New York, only the 15th organization from India to be awarded this prestigious status since the establishment of the UN nearly 70 years ago. The NGO association was awarded for the numerous peace activities conducted by CMS all the year round and for promoting the ideals of the United Nations. The letter received from the UN Office read-“I am privileged to officially announce that your school i.e. the City Montessori School, Lucknow has been accorded NGO status by the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN-DPI). This recognition means that your efforts and contributions in building a better future for the children and people of the world have been universally acknowledged and appreciated.” The significance is that this permits the voice of CMS students to be raised in the NGO forum at the United Nations, enabling CMS students to be part of international Civil Society.  CMS enjoys a working relationship with UN organizations in India, particularly the UN Information Centre (UNIC), UNESCO and UNICEF. In June 2014 CMS was privileged to co-organize a conference on Sustainable Development in Lucknow jointly with UNESCO Delhi, and has been fortunate to receive the Director of UNIC at CMS events during 2014-15.
3. Video-Conference for Cross Cultural and Inter-religious dialogue between students
  CMS participated actively in the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s (TBFF) “Face to Faith” project, which bringstogether students of different countries using international video conferencing. The TBFF has affiliated schools in 19 countries, giving our students of age group 12-16 years a unique opportunity to interact ‘face to face’ with students in these countries via digital technology. By learning about and from each other, they tackle misconceptions and prejudices head on, developing negotiation skills. Students from the following CMS campuses have participated in meaningful dialogue with their counterparts schools in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, Pakistan, Italy and the UK: CMS RDSO (Once), Mahanagar Campus II (Four times), Anand Nagar (Four times), Chowk (Twice), Mahanagar Campus I (Five times), Rajendra Nagar Campus II (Twice), Asharfabad Campus (Thrice), Gomti Nagar Campus I (Twice), Gomti Nagar Campus II (Once), Mahanagar Campus III (Once), Station Road Campus (Once), Rajajipuram Campus I ( Once) and Aliganj Campus I (Twice).
 Significant Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities   
1. CMS celebrated UN Days like the International Women’s Day on 8 March, World Water Day on 22 March, International Day of Non-Violence on 2nd October etc.
2. CMS Gomti Nagar organized the Commonwealth Day at their campus on 10th of March 2014, in which the 15th Commonwealth Youth Festival and Poster-Making contest was held.  
3. The 6th International Children’s Film Festival was organized by the CMS Films Division from 7 to 15 April 2014 with films from 38 countries. Renowned film personalities graced the festival, including child film stars and celebrities. Over one hundred thousand (one lakh) children of Lucknow and surrounding areas flocked to watch children’s educative cinema.
4.   The International Festival of Music and Dance (CELESTA 2014) was organized by the CMS Aliganj I Campus from 26 to 29 April 2014 at the CMS Kanpur Road Auditorium.
5. On 30th June, we celebrated Vidya Ka Parv and the “Classroom Chalo” March at Gomti Nagar Campus II, with Hon’ble Home Minister Mr Rajnath Singh as the Chief Guest.
6. A 13-member musical band of Oxford University students ‘Out of the Blue’ presented ‘A-Cappella’ music in live concerts on 6th and 12th July at CMS Gomti Nagar and CMS Kanpur Road auditoria respectively. From 3rd to 16th July, they gave short workshops on a-capella singing at all the CMS campuses.
7. Van Mahotsav and Groundwater Conservation Weeks were celebrated at all CMS Campuses in July with tree plantations, collages, quizzes, posters and group discussions.
8. CMS Mahanagar Campus II organized an International Mathematics and Computer Fair ‘Macfair 2014” from 2 to 5 August with participation of young scientists from Qatar, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh and India. The honourable Governor Mr Ram Naik inaugurated the fair at a grand ceremony held at CMS Gomti Nagar II auditorium.
9. A three-day International Conference on promoting Inter-Faith dialogue in multi-religious communities was organised by CMS Asharfabad Campus from 10 to 12 August 2014, to help teachers create pro-unity attitudes within our multi-religious classrooms.Religious scholars and educationists from USA, Canada, Egypt, South Korea and various parts of India attended the Conference and shared views with CMS teachers on promoting the concept of religious harmony among students.
10. The 5th International Media Conference was organized by the CMS World Unity Education Department on 13 August 2014 on the topic ‘Freeing women from violence’.The conference brought together leading journalists and gender activists (such as Honble Dr Justice Adel Omer Sherif, Dy. Chief Justice,  Supreme Constitutional Court, Egypt; Mr. Prabhu Chawla, Editor-in-chief, The New Indian Express, New Delhi; Ms Subhashini Ali, President, All India Democratic Women’s Association, New Delhi; Dr Ranjana Kumari, President, Women Power Connect and Director, Center for Social Research, New Delhi; Mr Rajeev Chandran, National Information Officer, UNIC for India & Bhutan; Mr Shailesh Kumar, Editor-in-chief, News Nation, New Delhi; Mr Brajesh Mishra, Editor, ETV, Lucknow; Mr Javed Naqvi, Senior Journalist, New Delhi; Mr Prabal PratapSingh, Senior Journalist, New Delhi; Mr Rohit Gandhi, International Correspondent, South Asian International News Service, New Delhi; Mr Shripal Shaktawat, Bureau Chief, India News, Rajasthan; Ms Sonali Mukherjee, Acid attack survivor, Bokaro, Jharkhand; Ms Shamina Shafeeq, Member, National Commission for Women, New Delhi; Mr Sabu George, Women’s Rights Activist, New Delhi; Mr Sanjay Jha, India Bureau Chief, ITV News, London; Mr Naveen Joshi, Senior Journalist, Lucknow; Ms Kitty Tawakley, Deputy  Director, Press & Communications, British High Commission, New Delhi; Ms Farida Vahedi, Director, Office of Public Affairs, National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is, New Delhi; Ms Shweta Bajaj, International Correspondent, CCTV, China, New Delhi; Ms Malvika Hari Om, Women's Rights Activist; Prof. Rooprekha Verma, Former Vice Chancellor, Lucknow University and Social Activist; Ms Preeti Chaudhary, Assistant Professor, Lucknow University; H.E. Michel de Salaberry, Former Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Canada; Mr David Risley, Attaché, United States Department of Justice, Cairo, Egypt; Dr. Hoda Mahmoudi, Bahá’í Chair for World Peace, University of Maryland, USA) to exchange views with CMS teachers on promotinggender equality attitudes within schools. 
11. The International English Language Festival “Odyssey” was organized by CMS Mahanagar (I) from 23 to 26 August 2014.Around 700 students from all CMS campuses, other prestigious schools of Lucknow and from all over India, as well as from USA, South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and Australia eagerly took part in the debates, quizzes, dramatics and other exciting literary competitions. 
12. A ‘Literary Fest’ was organized by the CMS Quality Assurance and Innovations Department on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd December, 2014 in Gomti Nagar Campus Iin which students ofVI, VII and VIII of all the CMS Campusesparticipated and won gold, silver and bronze medals and certificates in competitions such as Spellathon, Extempore, E-magine: Express Your Imagination and Declamation.
13. CMS observedthe UN International Day of Non-Violence on 8th October with a huge 'Ahimsa March' at the Gomti Nagar Campus II in which over 3000 CMS teachers and staff participated. It was also an occasion to celebrate the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi and Valmiki.
14. A 37-member CMS delegation from Gomti Nagar Campus I and Aliganj Campus I visited US Space Agency NASA at Cape Canaveral, Florida USA on an educational tour in Oct-Nov 2014. They also visited New York and Washington DC as well as the Niagra Falls.
15. 'WIZMIC-2014' the International Mathematics Olympiad was organized by CMS, RDSO Campus from 18 to 21 October 2014 to promote excellence in mathematics. Around 500 young mathematicians from top schools of Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, France, Nepal, Sri Lanka and various states of India participated in this International Mathematics Competition. The world famous mathematician Dr Simon Chua from the Philippines conducted the competitions. 
16. The talents of pre-primary children blossomed at 10th Kids Bonanza of CMS Station Road. Over 1500 little ones from 38 schools of Lucknow participated in a series of exciting contests especially designed for the tiny-tots like Folded Glory (Origami), Easy Craft (Tearing & Pasting), Photo Montage (Collage), Expressions (Skit), Resonance (Percussion), Whizkid (Quiz), Createk (Computer activity) Kaleidoscopic Hues, Thumb Printing, Rhyme Zone, Traditions, Elocutions, Health Zone and Kids Parliament.
17. The International School Cricket Premier League ISCPL 2014 was organized by CMS Kanpur Road was organized from 19 to 23 December in which famous cricketing world personalities such asIrrfan Pathan, Chetan Sharma, Rajiv Shukla were present to inspire upcoming cricketers. 18 school teams from across India and South Africa, Oman, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal took part.
18. International Human Rights Day was observed by CMS Aliganj Campus II with a series of competitions and prizes given on 28 December alongwith the Annual Sports Day.
19. The Children’s International Summer Village (CISV) Camp "Ek Mein Anek" was organized by CMS from 28 December 2014 to 24 January 2015 in which 12 countries participated. Each country was represented by 4 children (2 girls, 2 boys, all aged 11) and an adult leader. This is the 21st continuous year in which CMS has hosted this annual camp.  Through hosting this, it becomes possible for CMS teams to participate in CISV camps hosted in other countries every year.
20. CMS Republic Day Tableau on 26 January 2015 based on the theme" Prayers of all religions under one roof" was a great draw among the public at the Republic Day Parade.  
21. CMS introduced the Model United Nations in a big way during 2014-15 . After going through 3 sessions of exhaustive training organized by the school in collaboration with the United Nations (Delhi), the students put together their first Model United Nations at the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World in Dec. 2014. The presentation was highly appreciated by the elite audience comprising of the former Presidents of 4 countries and by Chief Justices and Judges from 60 countries of the World. Certificates were issued to all the participants jointly by CMS and the United Nations Information Centre, New Delhi.
22. As every year, 2014-15 also saw the celebration of festivals of all religions, Mothers Days, Parents Days, Sports Days, Peace Days, Yellow Day, Red Day, and Sunday Satsangs.
23. Prizes worth Rs 51 lakhs were given away to the most deserving and dedicated CMS Teachers on Teachers day. The Best CMS Teachers of 2013-2014 were: Mr Gladston David Innes, Computer Teacher, CMS Mahanagar (III), and Mr Mohammed Hasan, Physical Education Teacher, CMS Mahanagar(III) in ISC section and Ms Arpita Singh, Computer teacher of CMS Indira Nagar in ICSE section.
 Sport at CMS   
Sport at CMS got a great fillip with the provision of two Astro-turf playing grounds at the Gomti Nagar I and Rajendra Nagar I campuses. Mr Bhaichung Bhutia, the former captain of Indian football team, PadmaShree and Arjun Awardee, inaugurated the newly laid astro-turf on 9th Sept 2014, adding a new chapter to sports education at CMS.  There were numerous sporting triumphs, large and small. A few are listed below.
1. Football: CMS Aliganj footballers performed a hat trick winning the championship in all three categories-primary, junior and senior at the inter-campus football tournament.
2. Cricket: CMS Anand Nagar team participated in cricket tournament organized by JK Tyres and YMCA Cricket League at Sat tal, Nainital. Saurabh Singh won the award for Best Batsman of the series while the Best Bowler award was bagged by Piyush Raj. Desh Deepak and  Akash Saxena of CMS Chowk won Gold for under 19 ASISC National Cricket in Bangalore and Gaurav Saini and Mohd. Adil won Gold for under 16 ASISC National Cricket in Bangalore. CMS Kanpur Road won Gold (All Team) in ASISC Zonal, Regional and National Cricket in under 16 years and under 19 years category.CMS Cricket Team participated in 4th International School Cricket Tournament, Corfu, Greece and stood 4th. 
3. Athletics: At the ASISC Zonal Athletics Championship,CMS students participated actively and won several gold and silver medals.
4. Karate: Aaman Bahadur student of CMS Aliganj I won the Gold Medal in the National Championship in Tamil Nadu.  Students of CMS RDSO Campus Saksham Singh and Arpita Goyal won Gold, Astha won Silver and Arpit won Bronze in the State Level Karate Championship conducted by the Lucknow District Karate Association.
5. Swimming: CMS Kanpur Road won the championship in both boys and girls Categories at a Swimming Tournament organized at CMS Gomti Nagar Swimming Pool on 22 and 23 august in which 200 students of 10 CMS campuses participated.Student of CMS Chowk Chesta Jaiswal won Gold in 50 Mt Brest and Bronze in 100 Mt. Brest, Malyaka Arora of CMS Kanpur Road Campus won Silver in 100 Mt Butterfly, Yash Bajpai of CMS Station Road Campus won Silver in 100 Mt. Back, in the ASISC National, in Bangalore. Aman Khan of Kanpur Road Campus won Gold in 100 Mt. Butterfly, Gold in 50 Mt. Butterfly, Bronze in 100 Mt. Back, Silver in 200 Mt. I.M, in the ASISC Zonal. Shantanu Mishra of Kanpur Road Campus won Sliver in Relay in the ASISC National, in Bangalore.
6. Mountaineering: Gaurav Singh of CMS Mahanagar II won a gold medal in mountaineering competition organized by Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand.
7. Girls’ self defense:CMS girls learnt the tricks of self-defense in all 20 campuses at training programmes organized by the voluntary group, Red Brigade.
 Environment, Social Service and Empowerment Projects   

Environment project


In the year 2014-15 CMS strives to make a significant contribution to the protection of the environmental and conservation of natural resources, through its students, teachers, alumni, parents and employees. CMS moves forward its environmental awareness programme in all its campuses with a key objective to educate and aware our children about conservation of environment and nature.

To sensitize CMS students about environment, various campuses joined eco-clubs programme, being implemented by the Directorate of Environment, Uttar Pradesh in 250 schools in Uttar Pradesh under the national programme of National Green Corps (NGC) of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India.

CMS proudly takes initiatives and organised activities like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, UN World Water Day, International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, Pollution Free Diwali Campaign, Ground Water Week, Van Mahotsav and Clean Gomti Awareness March. Water and Energy audit teams of students actively participated in Water and Energy audits. Students were provided an opportunity to explore nature through various excursions like visit to Sandi Bird Sanctuary; Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary; Jim Corbett National Park; Jurassic Gallery, NBRI, and CIMAP, Lucknow.

From 23 to 25 June 2014, a three-day National Teacher Training Workshop on Introducing a Multiple Perspective Approaches to Biodiversity was jointly organised by UNESCO New Delhi; City Montessori School and Society for Environment Education and Development (SEED), India for the teachers of our country at City Montessori School, Kanpur Road Campus where experts on environmental issues and many prominent speakers awared people to save earth, environment and the lives here.

On 21st March 2014, four Campuses of City Montessori School were awarded State Level Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar in various categories at ceremony held in Lucknow. CMS RDSO was awarded for the State Level Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar for Best School Award; Abhinav Srivastava student of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus-I was awarded with the State Level Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar for Young Leader for Change Award while CMS Gomti Nagar Campus-II and CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus-III were awarded with an 'Appreciation Certificate' under the Best School Category of Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar.

On 14th October 2014 CMS RDSO Campus Shortlisted For Best School at National Level for the Paryavaran Mitra Puruskar.

On 30th December 2014, City Montessori School, Kanpur Road Campus was awarded with the Wipro Earthain-Paryavaran Mitra Award on water and Sustainability.

In September 2014, a six-member team of City Montessori School, Mahanagar Campus II brought glory to the institution by winning the prestigious 'Veerbhadra Award' for best presentation at Environment Innovation Fest organized under the joint aegis of social organization 'Swayam Siddha' and Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India. Naman Tiwari, a member of this prize winning team was honoured with the Best Actor Award.

CMS students of all campuses also launched a massive Cleanliness Drive. Taking the broomstick in their hands, the children along with their teachers swept the streets and school campus with unbounded enthusiasm as a socially useful and productive activity. CMS Founder Manager and the campus Principals joined the students in creating awareness among the public regarding the importance of clean surroundings. 

Social Service Projects

  CMS students and staff enthusiastically participated in a range of social service projects such as the ‘Each One Teach One’ literacy project, visits to orphanages and old-age homes. They also made monetary collections and donated Rs. 1,12,500 each to a disabled persons charity (SPARC-India) and to a animal welfare charity (Animal Ashram), as well donating Rs. 9 lakhs to the Chief Minister’s relief fund for flood victims in Jammu and Kashmir. Many CMS teachers also nobly sacrificed one day’s salary for the flood relief cause in Jammu and Kashmir.

Junior Youth Empowerment


The Junior Youth Empowerment Programme has been running at 5 CMS campuses in 2014-15 (Gomti Nagar 1, Aliganj 1, Gomti Nagar 2, Rajendra Nagar 1 and Kanpur Road) and is expected to expand to two further campuses in the next school year. Under this programme, about 250 students of classes 9 and 10 have volunteered to study together and reflect on the two-fold moral purpose of transforming self and society and to sharpen their vision for their own role in the construction of a better society. The materials they study focus on the immense potential and capacity of youth and junior youth and the imperative need of empowering them to arise in acts of service for the betterment of society. Among other things the materials dwell on identifying and analyzing the positive and negative forces of society; of building moral structures for making responsible and constructive choices, and on excellence in all things. As part of their service to others, the animators have also been serving as facilitators of moral education for students of classes 6 and 7 (the ‘junior youth’). As part of the programme, the animators are encouraged to reflect on the impact of mentoring these junior youth on their own intellectual, spiritual and social capabilities as well as on their powers of expression and eloquence.  The programme has had a tremendous impact on volunteer students, in terms of the development of their service-leadership qualities and the honing of their powers of expression.

 Integration of Technology   

CMS added 250 new Interactive White Boards to its existing stock of 267 IWBs. This total tally of 517 IWBs means that there are IWBs in more than 50% of our classrooms, which helps teaching by clarifying concepts through the visual presentation of complex materials, engaging the more passive students, and making learning fun.  The IWB content expensively purchased from Tata Interactive Services (TIS) has been augmented in 2014-15 with Test-Edge, a test-bank for teachers for preparing good assessments.

2. All CMS campuses have been equipped with Wifi internet access in 2014-15. This has increased the learning opportunities of students by making available to teachers the vast free-ware learning materials dwelling on the worldwide web, such as Khans Academy, Teacher Tube, etc. which have helped teachers to prepare richer lessons.
3. To support the preparation of lessons on the Interactive White Boards, dedicated server rooms with dedicated teacher terminals have been provided exclusively for teachers to plan their lessons.
4. E-Learning partner ships in 2014-15 with prestigious companies such as Cybernetyx, TATA Interactive Services and Smart Technologies have helped CMS to harness the power of technology for enhancing learning. They have continued not only to provide computer technologies for learning but also to train CMS teachers in the judicious use of these technologies.
5. In 2014-15, CMS officially partnered with Google India by taking its Google Apps for Education. Google Apps for Education was launched in CMS in December 2014, to help teachers to communicate and collaborate to enhance student learning.
6. CMS maintained a high-quality dynamic website making available the information needed by parents, students and teachers.
7. Other innovative e-Learning programs are in the pipeline which will be piloted first to ensure they are benefiting the students before being introduced.
8. Teachers’ IT- training programs have run throughout the year to help staff become adept with Educational technologies. There is also a more basic digital Literacy program for teaching and non-teaching staff to train them on basic IT skills.
9. A state-of-the-art new IT Training Centre was constructed and inaugurated in Gomti Nagar campus II on 23rd August 2014, for the continuous professional development of staff members in Information Technology.  The dedicated e-Learning and IT training team of CMS ensures that staff are assisted and supported in their use of technologies within the class-room.
 CMS Alumni Association   
  CMS further strengthened its official Alumni Association (established in 2012) this year by connecting to more and more former students. The Association organized its first Alumni Meet outside Lucknow, in New Delhi on 27th September, 2014, bringing together CMS alumni, right from current college-goers to established and leading professionals. Almost 16,000 former students are today connected to this exclusive community. If you are a CMS Alumnus, please join the Alumni Association by registering yourself at
 Infrastructural Improvements   

2014-15 continued the theme of major investment in our school furniture. This year we have already purchased new furniture for 1500 pre-primary children, 6000 KG to Class III children and 7600 Class IV and Class V students, and are expecting the delivery of new furniture for 8000 students of Classes VI to Class VIII by March 2015.

Astro Turf was installed in the playgrounds of Gomti Nagar I and Rajendra Nagar I campuses, and was inaugurated by Mr. Bhaichung Bhutia (former captain of the Indian football team and Arjun awardee) on 9th September, 2014.

The CISV and Kaizen guest houses were upgraded to enable us to cost-effectively accommodate guests and thus attract eminent educationists, trainers, event-judges and head-teachers from India and abroad.

We upgraded school toilets at all CMS campuses in 2014-15. Land has also been bought this year to create better facilities at Asharfabad, Station Road, Anand Nagar and Mahanagar Campuses.


The sheer scale and pace of improvements has kept our students and staff so occupied, the year has flown by.  The mighty achievements of the pupils have amply rewarded our staff’s efforts. We are very proud that reforms in the past year have expanded the opportunities for our students – whether through the extension of the Junior Youth Empowerment Programme, the significant scaling up of the Face-to-Faith international video-conferencing programme, the introduction of German language teaching to 800 CMS students of class 8th, the scaling-up of career counseling and Study-Abroad counseling and becoming an Advanced Placement and Preliminary SAT exam centre of Collegeboard USA, providing better sports infrastructure or through the CMS Environment Project as a channel for the creative expression of social concern among our students. Success has its own unstoppable momentum – as it keeps us buoyed with high spirits and ready to undertake fresh challenges.  Richard Branson, inventor and businessman, said: “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough”. At City Montessori School we have been dreaming big for our students, and we will continue to do so ad infinitum.


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